Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What day of the week is it?

This past weekend I got my days mixed up.

Does that ever happen to you?

I don't know how, but on Thursday I got up and dressed and invited my sweet daughter to join me and visit some garage sales.  She was thrilled.  She hurried herself to make ready. She never questioned me.

We filled our water bottles, made sure we had small bills, a smallish purse (yes that is a word in my world) , out the door we went.

We didn't have any special place we wanted to go, but we knew we would see "yard sale" signs......

About a mile on the road I had a brain cell fire into place. It was quick, and painless.

I said "What day is it?"

Daughter, after a pause....."umm, Thursday".

Then we both cracked up laughing!!!


We couldn't believe we were capable of such a mistake!!

So, not undaunted, we decided to visit thrift stores instead....


The Desert Industries was our first stop, which I was so disappointed in.
I feel they over price everything.
Little glass dishes can be $2.00 to $5.00.
That is not acceptable to my budget.

On Friday we made it to the "yard sales".
I got this great wicker basket.....
and it was filled with Cross Stitch stuff...

No I don't cross stitch, but I do embroidery, and can always
use more embroidery floss, and hoops....

Yep, that makes me happy.

It was full of old permanent rods..
I dumped the rods in the garbage, and found the insides to be clean
and ready to hold my treasures or a "work in progress".
I like to keep something to work on while I watch TV..
Which isn't often these days, but it never hurts to be prepared.

It swings, plays music, is adjustable in height.
My "Peanut" will be here in September,
so this was a thrilling find!

$.50 cents for the board and glass cover.
It is for the studio.

The quart bottle was packed full of vintage buttons.
I cut the buttons off the paper cards (they were stinky).
I have some darling little jars with the cutest tops, so the buttons found
a temporary home in the little glass jars.

So I have started to sand the wooden pieces, and I am almost ready to paint.
I bought the paint, the sand paper, the tack cloths... just need an extra day in the week.

I think I will redo my calendar...
Make another day...
We all could use another day in the week...
A day, special, just for the day before yard sales...
Just to get in the mood,
to collect ones thoughts.
A day just to spend doing what we want to do, and not what we should be doing.

What should we call this new day...
This great special extra day....

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