Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fresh Eggs

I love fresh eggs.

In a perfect world, I would have fresh eggs every single day.
But in my perfect world, I would gather my own fresh eggs every single day.

But, I have to settle for someone else gathering the eggs and I get to buy them.

I have to admit I am so jealous of her adventure.
She gets to put her hand under a warm feathery creature and pick up the warm eggs.
She gets to wipe the chicken "poop" off the eggs...never wash them!
She gets to see all the pretty colors, as if the eggs were dyed special!

Fresh eggs simply taste better.
Fresh eggs are "meatier".
Fresh eggs have thicker shells.
Fresh eggs are desirable, by me!

"DH........oh my Divine eternal companion, who I cherish and love with all my heart....who was blessed with so many talents.....who loves me as much as I love you.....and would do anything for me, as I would do anything for you......Will you build me a chicken coop?"

Love, Me

PS.  (I will keep you posted on his may take a year or two before he says what I want to hear......)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Zoey The Snow Bunny

I live with a snow bunny.

She isn't a bunny, she is a dog.  But she hops like a bunny, and she runs fast like a bunny, and she poops.  Does that count?

And she loves living in the cold as much as I do.  We both embrace these snowy days.

She looks at me and says "Mom, come and build an igloo for me".  I ignore her.  She asks for that every time it snows.  And I just keep ignoring her.

I know I hurt her feelings.  But it can't be helped.  I want to build a snow fort.  It is something the two of us will never agree on.  Since she doesn't have opposing thumbs she will just have to pout.

Sorry sweetheart.  I will another day.  You are such a good girl, and I just have to spoil you.  And kiss you. And bathe you.  And smell your wet dog hair after you play out in the snow. Never mind.  I am not building you an igloo.  I am too busy.

Love, Me

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