Monday, January 24, 2011

10 Things I Love About Winter

1.  It stays dark longer in the morning.  I love getting to sleep in until 7:30 a.m.

2.  The quiet of the snow.  All the traffic sounds are absorbed in the snow, and it is QUIET.

3.  To see wildlife in the snow.  Nature doesn't stop, not even if it is dark or cold.

4.  The world slows down.  People hibernate and there is less traffic. 

5.  To stay home and bake.  The house smells good.  The oven helps to warm the house.

6.  Everyday is different.  Fog, freezing, thawing, snowing, cloudy, crisp clean air.  A variety!

7.  The early sunsets give us extra time in the evenings to put on jammie's and watch movies.

8.  Inviting friends and family over for dinner.  Playing games and snacking.

9.  It isn't dark at night.  The snow reflects the city lights and the light of a full moon.

10.  Time slows down.  There are extra hours to read, relax, have a nap.

Yes, I am loving winter.  Everything about it.  To wear warm sweat pants and hoodies everyday.  Eating soup for dinner twice a week.  Hot bread from the oven twice a week and sharing it with neighbors and friends and family.  The crunch of snow under my feet.

And it is great having an extra the garage!
Sodas are cold.  Apple juice is cold.  Left overs are cold.

Yep, I love winter.

Next year I hope to join DH as we take a run down the ski ski hill....................for old times sake.

Yep, I love winter.

Friday, January 21, 2011

More Deer Sightings

It has become a bit of a tradition for DH and I to go "sight seeing" after my Physical Therapy.  Although, we prefer sunshine and clear skies, we will go most any time.

A couple of days ago we had the perfect clear skies and sunshine so we trudged across the snowy roads in hopes of seeing some deer again.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves.....ENJOY!

There are many more photos, but that is all for today.

I could show you 100 more, but let's try to break that compulsive behavior okay?

As the sun set the sky turned orange and the sage brush was breath taking with the snow and ice sparkling in the setting sun.

Then the most fabulous Full Moon came up, over the of that later, as well.

Love to you all.......

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Let's Get Physical

I am not sharing any photos today.

If I did you would vomit on your keyboard.

But I want  to tell you about my "wound".

It is gross!

If have wrinkles in my knee where the staples were removed. 

The swollen skin is tight and an ugly red.

And now it is starting to itch.

I am not having much fun!

And now I have started "out patient physical therapy".
Varce is related to my PT.
He is a great guy.
He talks to me about the relatives, while he brings tears to my eyes.
I even hollered "Uncle" one day, and he didn't care. He just kept talking.
He is such a strong nice man. But he has no regard for my pain.
I haven't had a straight leg in 3 or 4 years, but he thinks he can get it straight in 3 or 4 minutes.
I honestly have to tell you........If he wasn't so nice I would take him brownies with x-lax in them.
The guy is great!  He is getting my knee to bend!  He is working miracles.


Monday, January 17, 2011

No Pheasant Under Glass

I have eaten Pheasant Under Glass.  It was very good.

My mom used to have earrings made with Pheasant feathers.  I would cut off my new surgically replaced right knee to have some of those earrings now.

My dad let me drive his car in the fall when I was still too young to drive, while we hunted for Pheasants.

My eye was trained at a young age to look for the dark spot in a field.  Dark spots mean Pheasants (sometimes).  That training has never left me.  Every time I get in the car or truck I look for dark spots.  They can be in ripe grain fields, or frozen snow covered fields.....I always look.

It pays off.

A couple of days ago my DH and I went for a drive up north.  We saw such sights......
As we got back into the "big city" where we live, I was still sight seeing.

I screamed, "Stop, there is a Pheasant".  DH didn't hardly move a muscle.  He slowed down, made a u-turn and took me back to where I had spotted the pheasant.

We pulled off the road into a shopping parking lot.  It was quite a distance from where I wanted to be, but we didn't want to scare them off.

We cut the motor and watched.

I said a thankful prayer for my zoom lens and my camera.

The rooster was still leery of us, even though we were a field away from him.  He must have heard the camera click, or something, because he headed for his "little lady" and to protect her.

She didn't move.  She didn't ruffle a feather.  She knew what it meant to stay put, and let her "man" protect her.  She did good.  He did really good.  What a team they made.

Can you see them hiding?

We drove away and left them alone.  We prayed they were making babies in their little nest.  So we can see more next year.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Them's Buffalo / Bison

We took a drive again today.
I just love having my DH all to myself and talk. 
This retirement thing is wonderful!
The winter landscape is always changing and to be in it and part of it is HEAVEN.

 Well, if you think heaven isn't going to have this kind of scenery, you might not be in the same heaven as me.
I find these majestic creatures stunning, powerful and breath taking. I want them in my heaven.  I want to pet them when they are in heaven and tame.

However, it is a little odd seeing them on the old highway going to Ucon, Idaho.  The little town where I grew up.  It is out in rural, rural, rural, Idaho.  Farmers, farmers, and a couple of school teachers and a few site workers lived there.  And the neatest teenagers that ever walked on the dirt of Idaho!

Way back then we went to church 3 times on a Sunday.  Priesthood in the early morning for the men.  Then Sunday School for all the families.  Then we went home, ate our dinner, and was back to church at 5:00 pm for Sacrament Meeting. 

After Sacrament Meeting all the teenagers would hurry home and change our clothes, and gather at the baseball diamond.  We only got to play about an hour, but when you are a teenager, an hour is all the time you need to do a little flirting.  Especially when you are 13 years old and haven't got a clue how to flirt.

But it is those few stolen hours during a week that teenagers could "practice" on our friends and not be laughed at.  We looked out for each other.  We knew we were just "practicing" and it was safe.

We all had moms looking out for us.  Even our friends moms looked out for us.  Sometimes, the moms of our friends knew more than we thought they did.

We were young and little and very inexperienced.  We didn't shave under our arms yet.  But we were shaving our fuzzy legs.  We were trying mascara, blush, and maybe a little blue eyeshadow.

In those days the girls wore dresses or skirts to school.  And they couldn't be higher than the top of your knee.  Even in the winter we wore dresses.  I was so glad when I was old enough to were panty hose to school.  It wasn't much, but helped keep my legs a little warmer.

But moms were always watching.

Marsha's mom.
Myrtle's mom.
Bonnie's mom.
Bill's mom.
Don's mom.
Spencer's mom.
Gary's mom.

Lots of moms knew what we were all doing.  We were always together.  And we were safe in numbers.

Some one was always watching, and caring, and loving, and encouraging, and supporting, and THERE.

So, just because the eyes weren't our own mom's, we were watched, and loved, and protected.

I am so filled with gratitude of all the mom's who kept on eye on me.

Thanks to all of you.

Your example has helped me be more aware of the friends of my kids.  And I watched them.
I loved them, I helped them, I encouraged them.
And just because I am not 13 anymore, and none of my kids are 13, I have a grandson who is. 
I hope his mom is watching, and when she isn't, I pray someone is.
Our dear kids need all the help they can get these days.

So, keep your eyes open.  Keep your kids' safe, and keep a few more with them safe.

I love you 13 year olds, and 16 year olds and 5 month olds.
May someone always be watching out for you.

And remember:  Mom's have eyes in the back of their heads.
If you don't believe me, just ask my kids........

DH Loves Snow Days

DH has access to our friends toys.  Therefore, DH loves Snow Days.

He loves to put on his fur lined warm gloves. 
He loves to wear his Carhart Coat, which, according to DH, is the best coat in the world for cold weather.
He adores his stylish hat....enough said.

He feels like "a man" with the keys to everyones garages in our cul-de-sac.  Especially since nearly every man is out of town.  And while they are "out of town" DH has full control of our "said friends" environment.

Now, if you have a conversation with DH regarding these "said friends" you might be surprised with the language he uses. 

For instance.
Yesterday, DH doned all the cold weather clothing he owns, except his winter boots and insulated coveralls.
He spent the better part of several hours outside, doing the "man thing".
He shoveled, by hand 7 driveways.  They are big sucker driveways, too.  I give him high 5's for that!

Then he gets out the "keys" and legally breaks and enters said friends premises, where he also has the keys for motorized toys.  He starts the engine.  He reves the engine.  No, not really.  He starts the 4 wheeler with the bad ____ plow on the front and pulls out of said friends garage.

Now, these friends.  They really are great friends.  They share everything they own with us.  They feed us, they go out to dinner with us, they celebrate birthdays with us, they give us their house keys.  They are great friends.....except.....they leave town when the tempuratures drop and the snow falls.  They are sissy frieinds.  I called them poopy friends.  DH said to blog about that name, and he agreed with me....they are poopy friends.

Our friends went to Arizona!  That is our "other home", and they left us here.  Alone.  On our first winter.  With record cold and record snow fall. With their keys and responsiblities of their homes.  We are incharge of watching for leeking basement windows, and frozen water pipes, and furnaces, and AND shoveling their driveways!  Aurgh!  And we love every minute of it!!!!

And what are they doing.....golfing.....decorating houses......going to Hobby Lobby with out ME!  Those poor friends of ours are suffering in polution, traffic, sunshine and heat....64 degree heat.  Those poor darlings.  They have it rough.  So we will continue to watch their belongings, and play on their toys, and shovel their snow. 

Cuz, that is just the kind of friends we are!  Have fun you guys!!!  All is well at home!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

The January Diet

We tried not to put on any extra pounds during December around here.
We all succeeded.  I am very proud of us all.

It wasn't easy.  Unless you have no food in the house.
We found ourselves eating like birds.....

As products of our genes, we all have round middles.  That is just how the apple falls from the tree, given our heritage.  We have short legs, too.  Something we wish we could change that fault.  But, I would bet there are a lot people who wish they could change something about their bodies.

Some don't like the color of their hair, and some do something about the color of their hair.
In our house, we do something about it.
That is what makes us feel better about ourselves.

So, I guess we will just have to be happy with who we are, or "fly the coop".

The end.

ps.  In case you are wondering about these birds...I took the pictures from my dining room window. 

pss.  These partridge come and visit us everyday.  There are 7 some times, but on this day only 4 came.

pss.  We threw wheat (yep, from our food storage) out side to them.  About every 3rd day we feed them.

psss.  I think they rival the mouse for the wheat.

psss.  I like the birds, but not the mouse so much.

The end, again.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter Surprises

Everyday in winter, is a new day.

What I mean is, everyday is a new experience.

Some days are cloudy and some days are sunny.

Some days we have deep snow, and other days the snow melts.

When the snow melts, we see evidence of "life" that we don't see everyday.

Can you guess what evidence of "life" this is?

Huh, can you?

This picture was taken from my living room window, looking down on the snow below the window.

This is the track of a mouse.

Just thought you might like to see that every living thing is well in Idaho :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Was Sprung From Jail Today

It has been 13 days since I had some guy with the same last name as mine, carved my knee like I was a baked turkey.  He cut, sawed, clipped, glued/cemented and stapled me back together.  Today, I showered, got dressed, put on make up, ate breakfast, and had a date with this guy who happens to have the same last name as me, only his first name is Doctor.

His nurse removed the staples.
Yes, it hurt! Thanks for asking.  Like 23 Bee Stings!!!!  There were 23 staples.
DH watched, and he didn't pass out.  I almost did!

I have to have out patient therapy now.  Crap!  I like having them come to my home and I don't hardly do anything but brush my teeth and hair for my PT.  Her name is Monica and I adore her.....even when she hurts me.  She is so dang cute, with funky red hair and the cutest scarfs I have ever seen.  I will miss her bright energy. 

So, in celebration of my new "out patient therapy" we went for a drive.

I am nearly giddy with excitement to tell you about it.  But, I think I will just share a few of the 200 photos I took.

We drove south on I15 and I realized what I was seeing,.... field after field of wild geese.
Out of 17 pictures, this one is the best.  It is hard to get a clear picture while going 75 miles per hour.

This is SOOC (straight out of camera) . No Editing.  I just love old barns.
Another 75 miles per hour photo.

You know how I love sunsets.
Another SOOC photo.
However, we were going slower.  DH decided to drive home on some back roads.

We exited I15 at Blackfoot and took some back roads all the way home.
We wished the sun would just a wait a few minutes longer for us to get some pictures.
When I say "we" you know I mean "me".
DH is such a good sport.

We were driving out in rural America.  I think the town was Goshen. 

And look what we saw on the side of the road. 
DH stopped for this!!!
We were so excited.
I fumbled for a few minutes until I got my camera out.
Another SOOC shot, with very little light, but I think you can see what we saw.

Finally, we drove just a little further.....
and we hit the gold mine.

It started with a few, and then we could see the line of Mule Deer coming towards us, and crossing the road, right through a farmyard.  The deer didn't seem to think anything of trespassing on private ground.  And I would bet the farmers wife didn't either.  However, the farmer may have something else in mind for his hay stack.  But, for tonight, I think the world stopped, and we just enjoyed nature!

I can't possibly tell you how glad we were to stumble across this herd.
The youngest daughter was with us, and she was in awe of the sight.
And we were about 10 miles or less from home.

We will try again to get out soon, a little earlier in the evening and get some more shots of these darling little Mule Deer.  The little ones, the bigger ones, the ones with antlers and the ones with big ears.

But you must know, I took over 200 bad photos with poor light, and I love everyone of them.  I watched the slide show.  What a story they tell.  I will try and get some edited for you, or just take new ones.........

Have I told you lately how much I love Retirement?

Have I told you lately how much I love Idaho?

Have I told you lately how much I love the snow and winter?

Have I told you it was 2 degrees this morning outside, and I didn't mind?

Yep, I am happy!

From A Tiny Bud, A Christmas Cactus

Some of my earliest memories are with my Grandma Walters.

I don't have many memories prior to age 8, but a few sneak in the deep recess of my mind, and my grandmother is part of them.

From the time I was a wee one, she has been a great influence on my life.

She taught me so many many things....I think I have shared some of them with you before.

As I have grown older, I still don't have a very good memory.

But, I think my facts are correct about this Christmas Cactus.

My darling Aunt Patrice was cleaning out her house this fall.  She called me and asked if I would be interested in a few things. Well, if you know me, I am always interested.  I have to go and look.  Then I get to see, and of course I want.

So, the story of the Christmas Cactus begins......

I think this Christmas Cactus originally belonged to my Great Grandmother, Grandma Johnson.  I remember her having one in the dining room, by the big window.  It was big and green.  I was fascinated with how the leaves really weren't leaves, and how they grew like sausages.

Anyway, as my Great Grandmother aged, she went to live with my Grandma Walters (her daughter) for a few years.  I think that Christmas Cactus went to my Grandma Walters house with her.  Now, I might be wrong.  Maybe, Grandma Walters already had one, but that is one of the things I can't remember.

Anyway, the Christmas Cactus came from Grandma Walters for sure.  Because, when my Grandma died, the Cactus then found a home at my Aunt Patrice's house.  She has had it for years.  But the plant grew and the "little white house" (which isn't white anymore) didn't grow.  The "little white house" is another story for another time...

So, last fall, my Aunt Patrice called me on the phone one day.....and she had this Christmas Cactus that she thought I might want to have.

MIGHT WANT TO HAVE!  Are you kidding me?

I was thrilled to have it.  She gave me several plants.  An Ivy, and others.  But the Christmas Cactus was my favorite.

I brought it home.  Sat it on a plant stand in my front window, watered it faithfully.
They like to be a little dry, so I checked the soil often, let it dry out, and watered it.
I talked to it.
I stroked it.
I told it to be strong and healthy, and that I loved it.

I first discovered the buds forming just a day after Christmas.
I was shocked!
I inhaled with shock so hard, that I think the oxygen that entered my body was from Wyoming.
I was speechless.
I was thrilled.
I screamed!
And then I cried.

Since then, the little buds have turned bright pink, and then they bloom.
Many have bloomed.
There are still small buds forming and growing.

I can not tell you how much joy I have had looking at this plant.

I sit in my living room, and stare at this plant.

As I have had many hours of little exercise or movement, I have been able to spend precious time with this Christmas Cactus.  It has been a wonderful companion to me as I  recover from my knee replacement surgery.  It makes me smile as I do my therapy.  It helps me to look at the bright pink blossoms and smile as I lift my leg and stretch my muscles.

I want to be as strong and beautiful as this Special plant is.
It is an inspiration to me.

All year long, when it is "just green" magic is happening in it that our naked eyes can't see.
It is storing up the nutrients and minerals and strength to get it through the Christmas Season.
It smiles, it glows.
It just plugs along, one day at a time.
Then the miracle happens.

How grateful I am for the previous women who cared for this plant.
Words can't express my emotion of gratitude, that I now get to enjoy this beautiful plant.

The heritage I have is priceless.
I am reminded of it in the smallest and most powerful ways.
Even by another Christmas Miracle,
                                    my Christmas Cactus in bloom.

Monday, January 3, 2011

We don't need no stink'n ice maker!

Hello my precious little blog friends and family.  Happy New Year!  Happy 2011!

Did you celebrate on 01/01/11.......what a neat date!

I kind'a slept through a few days, so I am not sure what today even is.

But, I have to share an experience we had today.  It is important enough to me to get on my computer and try to  type through my Narcotic Laden Eyes.  Life is actually pretty good right now, so I braved the computer on my lap table (which normally holds my meals) and I am going to try and share a cute experience with you.

Now, remember, I have recently taken 2 Lortabs, 7.5 mg. and I see pretty things when I do that.  So, this is really important to me, that you reach down deep in your sheltered life and try to project yourself to my state of mind.  Then you may see the sheer joy of the story.

OK... it is day 5 post surgery.  I am really doing great.  I am keeping my food down. 

To my knowledge, my blue nightgown (which DH washed today for me) is still blue.

It warmed up to a pleasant 7 degrees today.  The sun shinned all day for me.

My dear neighbor Diane brought us Hay Stacks for dinner, and a loaf of bread, and 3 big brownies.

My Physical Therapist came today for the first time.  (Nelly, lock the door next time!)

But, really I am doing very well...(except you should see how many typo's I have corrected and I haven't got to my story yet!)

DH has been doing wonderfully!  He sprung me from the Joint on day TWO!  We both perjured ourselves and said we would do everything the Dr. ordered!  So far, we haven't killed any dogs yet.... yet..... yet.....

Darling youngest daughter has gone back to work, and keeps a low profile in her "apartment" and we hardly know  she is here.

So, as you can one is in charge, and we are muddling through..... almost.....
Until, today.

DH has kept a stiff upper lip and put away all the Christmas decorations.  (only breaking one ornament this year.  He is improving.  The years of practice are paying off.)

So, this afternoon, after the PT (remember, Physical Therapist) left, and I was paralyzed in pain, we both decided we would rest the entire after noon.  No one was going to force us to do anything we didn't want to do.  It was an afternoon OFF.  We cheered each other on as we calmly crossed off the never ending lists which grow inside our heads. do laundry     sweep garage      wash dogs food dishes     read a book     write thank you notes     .  You know what I mean.    I just wanted to sit in the sunshine coming in through the window and day dream about my new body parts.   I visualized Bay Watch Women, with my face....smiling and gracefully running.....gracefully running....

Then I changed the channel in my head to Julia Child cooking.  I try to be realistic.

My daydream world lasted maybe 11 minutes and I realized  I  was in agony.  My knee was killing me.  With each penetration of a very big butcher knife that I had taken from Julia Child's cupboard I had too clench my teeth and hold back the scream!  So, calmly, softly I asked my DH if he would "pretty please, honey, would you mind getting me an ice pack  for my Right, Swollen, Throbbing Appendage, which used to be a knee?"

He was standing in the kitchen, and for the 305th time today he said, "What"?

So, I repeated myself.......Wait, this isn't how it really happened......I am rambling.  It must be the drugs.

I said, "Varce, I need and ice pack, NOW".

He said, "What"?

I said,.....(read above, I repeated what I had already said).

He said, "Sure, honey.  I will be so glad to serve you, I would do anything for you.  Just wait a minute.  I'm busy".  (Not really, but it sounds great if you are a man.....which I am Not!)

Really, he didn't say anything.  He never does.  He just looks at me, like I might be something new that he just noticed for the first time, and then does whatever he thinks I said.  He is amazing like that.  I always feel new and special.

So, now the story begins....I just gave you the first paragraph....well,  3 paragraphs, I don't want any of you to get confused.  I am on drugs you know.

So, tired, patient, tired,  patient,  hungry, tired, DH gets the ice pack...............(drums, softly in the background)...........walks, slowly to the refrigerator.........(drums...) ......he grasps the handle of the freezer door and, in one swift motion, opens it.  His forearms were bulging..( scratch that part)  His forearms were bulging...      He lifts the little door which houses the ice.  He stands there.  He looks inside the freezer, past the little door which houses the ice.  He steps closer.  He inserts his head in side the freezer, past the little door which houses the ice.  He stands there.  Unmoved.  No twitching.  Just stands there.

By now, I know what the deal is.  There is no  ice behind the little door which houses the ice, in the freezer.  I understand that he has a big problem on his hands.  He has to fix the big problem on his hands because he is a man.  And every man has to fix all the little problems they get on their hands.  And DH just needs a moment to himself to try and think about this little problem.

I could see the wheels turning in his head.  You can imagine it, too, huh?  He stands there.  Seconds passing.  I am debating with myself if I should just solve the dang problem.  I already had the answer, because I am a woman, and women know how to fix the problems men get on their hands.

Seconds continue to pass.  tick tick tick tick, (I have a few clock in my house and they all tick tick tick) tick tick.  Tension is starting to build.  DH hasn't moved.  Even though he is standing in front of an open freezer door, I think I can see him sweating.

Tick, tick, tick, tick......

"Honey, is everything okay?" I gently inquire.....(I don't want sweat on the ice that isn't there)

DH slowly turns towards me.  That look is back.... the one which says "are you something new in my house?????am I suppose to know you??????are you talking to me???????????"  It is something like a deer in the headlights of an oncoming speeding car.

"Honey, just put some ice in the ice pack, OK?"  I sweetly said, knowing he had no answer for me.

tick, tick, tick, tick...................the quiet was deafening.......tick, tick, tick

"Honey, since we live where it is 7 degrees outside, even though the sun is shinning, it isn't melting any of our snow.  Please, be a "deer" and put some snow in the ice pack.  Everything is okay.  But, will you look to see if the little metal bar is up or down inside the freezer?  If it is up, please, push it down, then more ice will soon be at our disposal".

Slowly, DH blinks.

Then he turns and looks  inside the open freezer.  Slowly he reaches in, and I hear a tiny little TICK, and the little metal bar slides down.

My DH blinks, again.

Then I blink (and struggle not to crack up laughing.....).

When I open my eyes I see my DH holding a big bowl and a glass.  He quickly disappears out the front door, (He was rather lively and quick, I knew at that moment, He must be St.....)

Only a few seconds later he returned inside the house with a "bowl full of jello snow"!

He had that ice pack filled with snow, and "he turned with a jerk". 

"And laying that ice pack to the side of my knee..."

Man, I love living where it is okay if your ice maker isn't making enough ice to keep up with the demand.  Ice is highly over rated.  And it is heavy on very sensitive new knees.  Snow, snow is light and fluffy and malleable.  It is easier to have on new knees.

Then, do you want to know what DH said?

He looked me straight in the eyes and said, "They can't do this in Glendale".  He has such a way with words.

The End.

Sorry, I don't have pictures to share.  I hope you could see the silent film in black and white, with the scratchy noise on the film, and hear a distant train whistle.............. and enjoy the simple things in my new life.

I gott'a go now.  My youngest daughter just opened my bedroom door and has a plate.  On the plate is a warm Giradelli's brownie, fresh from the oven.

This recovery might take longer than the Dr. expected.

Bye, for now.
Love to you all,,,,,and to all, a good night xoxoxoxoxo!

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