Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day in Arizona has never been like this before! We took our 5th wheel RV up to the rim and knew we would have a few days of unsettled weather. Possible rain, much like the valley, and a possible skiffffff of snow. But just to be sure I packed food for cooler weather. Veggies and such to make soup, baked lasagna, that sort of thing.... and it is a good thing. We ate lots of soup, hot tea, hot cocoa, read books, watched it snow, played games, crocheted, watched DVD's, and watched it snow. It was AWESOME! We woke to this weather on Friday morning, and it didn't melt until Monday. Then it simply disappeared. No mud for the dogs to play in, and not a mess inside the RV. The RV kept us warm, and we opened all the blinds, and just enjoyed the handiwork of God. It was quiet, restful, and soothing. It wasn't what we thought it would be like, it was better, It was Christmas.
Oliver was in town for a few days, so he pitched his tent in the snow, ans stayed a couple of nights with us. Kattie was able to come for a couple of days, and she brought her dog, Sadie, and they enjoyed the sunshine in the valley with Nikki while we had snow, and she came up on Sunday evening and enjoyed the cool but drier weather. Monday, Nikki and her family joined us and we witnessed what paint ball is between sister and brother inlaw. Kattie has a few bruises to be proud of. We also had foil fry dinners and som'mores around the fire and loved the cool evening and warm fire. The chocolate wasn't bad either.

Thank you family for making the effort to be together. My heart swells with pride and love for each of you!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Where does the time go?

The last 7 weeks seem like a fog I have started to come out of. I have let pain, pain meds, therapy, sleep, therapy, meals, therapy, and constant thoughts of my bionic leg take over my life. However, tomorrow may be my last therapy at TOCA if Dr. Duhon gives me the OK on Friday. I have signed up at the Glendale Rec. Center and have started to go there to ride the bike, and work out on equipment. Little by little I am getting back the range of motion in my leg. I still need to ice my knee for a while after doing much, and it still swells, but I am not complaining, especially after going through what I have. This part seems almost, ALMOST easy!

Last weekend I was rewarded by a little trip to Lakeview, Oregon. Mom and Dad were there visiting my sister and her husband, so my sister Vicki, (from San Diego area) and I flew to Reno and we rented a car and drove the 4 hours to see my family.

I had a wonderful time and I am getting excited to do a little scrapbooking again. My sister took us to a scrap book crop in Klamath, Or. We stayed at the Shilo and had one entire day to work on our projects. I finally started to do the pictures from our family cruise to Alaska in 2007. I am a bit behind. It was fun to see the photos again and remember the wonderful time we had.

So as each day passes, I am grateful for my many blessings, my suportive family, and all of those who have helped care for me the last several weeks. I appreciate my mom coming and staying a week to help. No one can do what a mom can do. Tyia, she has been such a blessing. Every minute of everyday she has been with me, tended me, cooked and cleaned the house, cared for our pets, kept me smiling, and provided heat, ice, motion and so much more. Thank you. Varce, there are not words to say "Thank You". You have listened, rubbed, unplugged and plugged in all the things I have needed. During my recovery you have had more than any husband should have to bear because you not only cared for me, but you have worked 17 hour days during this outage at your work, 5 days a week. I am grateful for your sacrifice for me and our family all these years to provide for us. Thank you for laying next to me when you took a nap on your days off. I have needed you near. And to all my other children, thank you for your time to be here when you could be, calling to check in, and give me the courage to keep "bending" when I really didn't want to. The phone calls, the cards, flowers, fruit and meals are appreciated so very much. Thanks to all of you who have taken a moment and prayed for me, or thought of me. From my heart to yours...Thank You

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