Monday, April 26, 2010

on the road again.

I will post pics later. For now I have to share our conversation held while driving past Nephi, Utah:

Mr. H said: How many times do you think we have made this trip?

Me: huh?

Mr. H: How many times do you think we have driven to If in the last 26 years?

Me: a few.

Mr H. I'll bet it has been at least 100 times.

Me: oh, really? That's a lot. Excuse me, I am going to go back to sleep.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Who Moves More, her or Peanut?

Isn't she beautiful?
Pregnant women are the most beautiful.

She is packing today. She is moving into a much larger casa.
She seems to move quite alot.
So does Peanut.

I got to feel him move.
He moves and doesn't change his address.

When I see him.... *oh, tears welling in my eyes* I will be in his casa.
I will hear him sigh, and cry.
I will see his eyes open.
I will put my little finger in his tiny wee hand.

He will melt my heart.
He already has.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Peanut" has Aunts Who Rock!

Tyia is an "Aunt Who Rocks". She has worked so hard on giving Kattie a wonderful baby shower. She has planned, bought, made, wrote, mailed, cooked, crocheted, created, included, remembered, and is simply The Best!

I, on the other hand planned, found, suggested, thought about, borrowed, remembered, lost, remembered, crocheted, sewed, bought, sliced, and served. I am smart enough to pass on what I know so others will do it. That makes me The Smartest! Why do I have daughters.... but to teach, instruct, teach, praise, and watch them soar!

Tyia transformed our home in to a "party place".

Tyia made the Diaper Cake.

Tyia made the Red Velvet Cupcakes.
Kattie, Nikki and Madison helped decorate the serving tower... isn't it just the best!!!
The green sprigs are Rosemary from my yard.
Tyia made the crocheted monsters.

Look at that little monster. Just sitting there. Waiting to be chewed on by some teething little boy. They will be best friends. They (possibly) will both be monsters. (hee hee)

Tyia and Kattie blew up the balloons. Yes, Kattie had to help, and boy are we glad she was here to help. It made it so much more fun. She made us laugh. She showed her appreciation, and added her artistic flair.

And Tyia wrapped boxes for her gifts. No gift bags for this shower from Tyia.

She had a method for her madness... who doesn't love gift bags?

Tyia wrapped boxes for her gifts......... because...................
She wrapped this onesie three times. Yes, you got it right. Three times.
She gave a onesie that said "My Aunt Rocks" in a 3 month size, a 6 month size, and a 9 month size. So in case someone doesn't know which Aunt she is, she's the one "That Rocks".

Now I don't want anyone to think I have favorites... The other daughters: #1 don't live with me. #2 They have children of their own. #3 Have to drive 6 hours to be here. #4 Work full time. #5. Know Tyia will do everything just fine.
Each of my daughters have many talents as well.

Kattie hung the balloons.

Kattie bought the flowers.

Kattie was a gracious "mother to be".

What would I do without my Nikki? Nikki took all the photos. 211 photos.
Now you know why this shower is so well documented. Nikki takes orders from her mom very well. Very, Very Well.

Nikki bought the gifts Kattie had registered for.

Nikki brought my darling grand daughter.

Nikki brought her mother-in-law Jan, and I was so glad.

Nikki photographed each gift.
She has a method for her madness, too. How easy it will be for Kattie to write her "Thank You" cards. She will look at the photos, and know just what each person gave her. Each photo is history in preparing Kattie to be a mom. To realize the gracious, unselfish women who attended her shower and gave so freely. To share in her new adventure ahead. To help Kattie become a Mother. Each photo is special. Each gift is special.

Nikki helped make the food look good. Any food tastes better if it looks appealing.

Nikki made the water server look fabulous...that's hard, try it sometime! Crushed ice, sliced fresh Arizona lemons. Shinning silver..... it is hard work. Those bags of ice are heavy. :)

I am so blessed to have 3 spectacular daughters. Daughters who I would walk through fire for. Daughters who enhance me, who help me, who brighten my life, who I depend on, who I laugh with, who I cry with, who know me, and who "get me". Three daughters who love each other, support each other, and do anything for each other.

Oh, I have a son, too. He wasn't here for the shower. He is recovering from a broken elbow he got a few days ago while golfing. Now, that brother, he is another story for another time. He is testosterone.... and today I am talking about estrogen.
And then I have the most wonderful friends. Mothers of my friends. Daughters of my friends. "Sisters" who are my friends. Friends I have had for 26 years in Arizona. They are so influential in my life. They "talk the talk, and walk the walk". I am so blessed.

A few years ago I lost a very dear friend to cancer. I miss her. I miss her. I miss her. I want to ask her questions. I want to hear her laugh. I want to share my deepest secrets with. I miss her. I want to play with her. I want to learn from her. I miss her.

She shared her family with me. Forever, will I be grateful for that! Her mother, I cherish. Her daughters I adore. Her husband I worship and admire. Her sons entertain me. Her grandchildren make me laugh.

But, her mother. Her mother knits. She is amazing. She does needlepoint. She scrapbooks. She sends cards. Get well cards, thinking of you cards, Happy Birthday Cards. She sends cards. And she knits. She irons. She cooks, and she knits.

Kattie is very lucky to have a beautiful blanket knitted by Jane. She is very very lucky.

Kattie is lucky to associate with such wonderful women in her life, and in my life. Some attended the shower just for me, as they had never met Kattie. And they gave. They gave the cutest, sweetest, charmingest, the mostest (I am sure that is a word )...... from their hearts. They showed their love and friendship to me by just being there, and then they went the extra mile and showed the wonders of womanhood to Kattie.
Others have known Kattie all of her Arizona life. They love her. They support her. And she loves them.

Here are just A Few of the darling gifts Kattie got. Each is special.

I see "Peanut" in them.

I can't wait.

Thank you dear friends.

And all these wonderful friends played games.

We guessed how big the "mother to be" was around. Many came close.
This is what 41 7/8 inches looks like.

Yes, Kattie was a gracious Mother To Be.

We played Baby Bingo.

Each guest had a Bingo card. Each guest had to fill out the Bingo card with items they thought would be given as gifts. As the gifts were opened the guests crossed it off their Bingo Cards. The first one with a Bingo won.

Friends are priceless. They share their love, and their knowledge. These sweet friends also did one more thing for Kattie.

Kattie was given a book. This book was passed around during the shower. Each guest wrote words of advice and help for Kattie. Hints in mothering. Suggestions for success. Words of Wisdom.

Those words will help her, when I can not. When I am far away. When it is late at night, or wee hours of the morning. Kattie can turn the pages of that book, and know that others have been there too. Discouraged, tired, and sore. I hope Kattie realizes how blessed she is to share the knowledge, the experience, the wisdom of those who were here at her shower. That they love her.

And finally. My gifts for Kattie. My love for Kattie kept me busy for a few evenings. And I enjoyed each moment. Knowing I was doing this for "Peanut" made it all worth while. I hope you think of me when you wrap that precious little boy up. Know that his grandmother loves him very much. I ache to hold him. To smell him. To kiss him. To love him. To share my life with him.

I can hardly wait to see "Peanut" wrapped/swaddled in his blankets.
Or have the sun out of his eyes because his blankets are protecting him.
And, just for you Kattie, my dear, I hope these burp clothes come in handy, and save your clothes occasionally. Every mother does not have to have spit up on their shoulders. Or the father for that matter. Enjoy them. Use them. I know I loved making them for you and Peanut.

I loved doing this afghan for you. May you enjoy it as well. Use it.
When I am far away, and you need your mom, and I can't be there, wrap up in this. Feel my arms around you as the woven threads of this afghan snuggles you. Let it hold you, and give you warmth and comfort. There will be times when you will need to cry. To be alone. To wonder what in the heck have you gotten yourself into. All of those feelings are normal. You aren't alone in this adventure.
Remember how excited you were on this day. The day of your shower. The good food. The friends. The love. May it carry you through the rough days, and may it bring you reasons to smile....
Enjoy the afphgan..... (it could be a leaper bandage... now laugh about that one! And those who don't know the story... you missed out!)
Thank you Kattie, Tyia, Nikki and all of our friends for a wonderful day. Thank you.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Goin' to the dogs

Friday was a beautiful day. The sun was shining. It wasn't too hot. So I spent some "down" time in the back yard.

I noticed the yard needed some attention. I looked at all that work.. All the dog poop. All the burned areas in the grass from the toxic dog urine. Well, I tried to look on the bright side of things, and just enjoy the beautiful Arizona day.

I laid down on the grass... I gathered my little four footed friends around me and we bonded.

Zoey layed on her back next to me. I counted her teeth as she smiled and sighed with pure lazy contentment.

I smelled Zoeys feet.

I looked into Ivy's eyes.

I rubbed their little ears.

I smelled their breath.
They smelled mine.

I knew I should be pulling weeds, or picking lemons or grapefruit. The cool deck could be hosed off. The dead buds on the roses should be clipped... and the list never ends. It will be the same tomorrow, and the next week.

But for today. I layed on the grass with my four footed friends. I looked up to the sky and gave thanks for all my blessings..... even the blessing of work.

The end.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our House Is A Very Very Very Fine House

16 years ago this became my house. It was the 2nd house built in our development. We endured all the trucks, lumber, hammering, workmen, nails, and construction of all the other 85 houses that were to built after ours.

1993 seems like yesterday to me. I had 2 kids in swimming on the high school team. Then one of them was a cheerleader and Home Coming Queen. I had a child going to the middle school, and I had to drive her everyday. I was working for an OB/Gyn and they were long days. I had a daughter who had moved home after living on her own and living back east. I had a husband who sacrificed much of his life to drive 60 miles to work~one way each day to provide our family with our wonderful life.

We had a little dog, Lacey, who lived here with us. I could leave the front door open and she would sit on the threshold all day and watch people drive and walk by. She waited for "her kids" to come home. She was quiet, and loving, and to this day I still miss her. She died in this house.

We have had many holidays, company, garage sales, ward parties, thunder storms, yard work, movies, popcorn, and Christmas' in this house.

All of our meals have been cooked in this kitchen. 3 different styles of dishes have come and gone from here. 2 dish washers and 2 stoves have served us here. The kids learned how to cook bread, rolls, pizza, cobblers, and oatmeal in this kitchen. Many ribs have been BBQ'ed and consumed around this kitchen.

This is the first room I go to in the morning when I wake up, and it is the last room I go to when I go to bed. It has changed over the past 16 years as well. A new tiled shower. 18" Italian tile on the floor, hardware added to the cabinets and a number of different towels and rugs. It is a great room to help daughters get ready for prom. A great room to soak in the tub on a chilly winter evening with the window open. It is big enough to do a cartwheel in and that has been done in there as well.

These stairs have felt the foot steps of each one of my family many many times. They have felt silk sleeping bags turned into bobsleds which slid down adventures children. They have stopped children who wanted to get up too early on Christmas morning. The children were required to stop at the top, and peek through the railing to see into mom and dad's bedroom and wake them up on Christmas morning. These stairs held my entire extended family for photos at my father's surprise 70th birthday party. My friends have walked up these stairs to enter my "studio" where we made art creations and memories.
The entertainment center houses our TV. Unaccountable hours have passed while we sat and stared at that TV. Also, many books have come and gone from those shelves. Many framed photos of loved ones, nick knacks, and lots of dust has been collected on those shelves.
This room is the central location for everything in the house. Talking, singing, dancing, exercising, reading, and day dreaming has been done in this room. I wish this room could talk. What would it say? Would it tell us of the love it has felt as we knelt in family prayer here. Would it tell us of the comfort it gave us when we were feeling low, or recovering from surgery, or protecting us from heat, or how it has been just to watch us all change so much over the last 16 years.

This breakfast nook has served us well! Homework, computers, family gatherings, games, and numbers unknown of meals. The table grows as needed and additional chairs are brought around the table as our family has gathered here. Christmas casserole, Easter ham, sourdough pancakes, PP&J sandwiches, bowls of cereal, cookies and milk, Japanese dinners made by exchange students, Sunday roasts, and midnight snacks have been consumed while sitting in this room.
Tucked around the left corner is a desk where Mr. H has spent many hours paying bills, surfing on his computer and doing genealogy work. There is a 6 drawer cabinet on the desk which Mr. H built many years ago. Each drawer was for a member of our family. Mail is delivered there, coupons are saved there, and love notes are left there.

Yes, Our House is a very very very fine house. With two dogs and a girl...... life at times has been real hard, but we are glad it happened in our yard..... or whatever the song is....

I will miss this house.. I love this house. But, it is time for a different house.

Thank you Fine House.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

White flowers turn "Orange"

In the beginning God created all manner of fruits and vegetables.
He created apples, lemons, peaches, pears, and oranges.
Now, which came first, the orange tree, the blossom or the orange?
I think the tree was created. Then it blossomed. Then the fruit was created.
Adam and Eve had to suffer through allergy season with all those trees in blossom.
But they didn't mind. Adam and Eve loved the fragrance of the blossoms.
The are was pungent with the aroma of the blossoms.
They watched the little buds form on the branches.
The buds burst into flowers, many many flowers.
And as the petals of the flowers fell to the ground, they saw tiny, tiny little green buds.
The little green buds were oranges.
The little green buds must grow, and grow, and will grow up to be big oranges.
Adam and Eve were happy.
I thank Adam and Eve for tending their garden. Now I tend mine.

I love February and March in Arizona, and the blossoms of all the citrus trees.
For that, I am thankful.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter.

May the Easter bunny bring you fun sugary surprises.

May we all remember the real reason for Easter.

Our Savior, his resurrection and his atoning sacrifice for all of us.

He lives.

I know that our redeemer lives.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

I don't suppose you need a lesson about the birds and the bees.... because you know how and why it all works the way it does, right? You know that the bees fly around, tasting all the nectar, and go from one flower to another... tasting.... ( they are a little trampy I suppose....)

And they taste, and taste........ (and tramp around..)

Well, I know that much as well. The bee part is easy...

I have a garden, a lovely garden, where ... you know the primary song....
I have the bee part in my garden... watching them go from flower to flower,
And I enjoy it. They enjoy my flowers, the fresh air, the sunshine....
I enjoy watching the bees be trampy...

But, what I don't get, is where do the birds come in...
They don't play with the bees. They don't land on my flowers.... well,
once in a while I will see a humming bird... but I can't include the entire
bird thing just from one little humming bird...
So, why is it we call it the "birds and the bees"?
I understand the bees... but not the birds????
Hope you enjoyed seeing what I am enjoying... Spring in Arizona... I love it!
Now sing with me... "I have a garden, a lovely garden, where......."

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Family is like desert.

Sometimes you want to eat first what you should eat last... my family is my desert! I can never save them till the last.

The past 2 weeks my dear brother Jeff and his sweet wife Lois, have been in Arizona. I have enjoyed spending some precious hours with them. We wait and wait to have visitors here and then when it happens it goes by much too quickly.

We were able to meet them several times for dinner and shopping and talking.

They are my desert.

Last night I did some cooking for them. And what a joy it is to cook for the ones you love.

We also had more loved ones join us. Jeff and Nikki were able to come. Our dear Tyia was with us as well. It was so special to have our adult family together. It isn't that I don't love my grand kids, because I do, with all my heart!! But it is so nice just to have the "grown ups".

As I prepared our food during the day, my heart was full with love for those who were "coming to dinner".... even my husband.... as he was at work and had no idea what was going on at the home front with me and Tyia in the kitchen.

The Menu: Fillet Mignonne, Twice Baked Potatoes, Steamed Veggies, Pistachio Pudding Salad, homemade rolls, homemade strawberry ice cream, and homemade Lemon Bundt Cake.

Is your mouth watering?

It should be!

I have fallen in love with a new blog site

She has helped me with the desire to cook, and has the best basic recipes. The Twice Baked Potatoes is a recipe I blog lifted. It was easy, and fast. It was a hit at the dinner. Jeff Ritter even ate two, and they are really big potatoes! I was so glad to see my brother Jeff clean his plate and went back for seconds on a few items... I will tell what they are later.

Yep, Jeff had more than one roll. Well, most of us already wear our rolls, so we were glad to see him eating up!

The rolls are my Potato Flake Rolls which I have shown you before.

We were planning on eating outside, but wouldn't you know it, we broke 85 degrees and it was just a little warmer outside than I was wanting.. so we ate inside. I had to turn on the air conditioner for the first time this year, (just for me) as the house seemed a bit too warm after being around the oven all day. Once the house was cooled down we were comfortable and enjoyed gathering around the table and talked, laughed, listened, ate, talked, laughed, ate, and ate.

My "chef's companion" stayed with me all day. She was the creator of the cake and ice cream. And boy were they good. We will be eating too much ice cream in the future I am sure, because we know how fast and easy it is to make it.

And then there is Tyia.

Isn't she beautiful....? I snapped this photo of her outside as we were looking at the flower garden. This January she planted flowers and has taken full responsibility to take care of them.. I love flowers, but I don't want to fuss with them. She has done such a wonderful job keeping them watered, weeded, and fertilized. They are almost as pretty as she is.

This is one of the many roses we have in bloom, because she fertilized them with "Coffee grounds". Yep, you heard me. She learned it from someone at Starbucks, so she brought some home and sprinkled them on the roses and the flowers. Boy, what a cheap way to have gorgeous flowers.

The sweet peas are some of the flowers she has been taking care of. They are so colorful and smell heavenly. My Tyia is a "sweet pea" .

So, as we waved good bye to our loved ones at the end of the evening, my heart was filled with joy. Spending some quality time with my family is the best. Family is EVERYTHING. There is nothing on this earth as precious as my family.

Thanks Jeff, Lois, Jeff, Nikki, Tyia, and Varce for making my day all worth it. I love you!!

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