Friday, August 26, 2011

We Have A New Baby

Nearly 40 years ago we started our family.  We were excited to try to make the babies, and even more excited to get the babies.  Well, I should say, I was more excited when the babies were about 3 weeks old.  My body parts had healed a little bit, and I wasn't pregnant anymore.  However, this is a family blog so I won't tell you about all that personal stuff.  I will stick to the topic I have in mind.

So, earlier this spring we got our first 4 wheeler.  I can't remember if I told you about it or not, so I am going to pretend that you already know this.  It is red.  It is fun.  And I have to share it.  I am usually the one on the back, except when I throw my body on the trail in front of the red 4 wheeler, then DH is a real sport and asks me if I want to drive.  He is so good to take little hints like that.

This week we found out our neighbor has/had 2 Polaris, 2 seater 4 wheelers for sale.  The best part is they are/were red, too.  The bad part is we have 3 really good neighbor friends who wanted/wants one of them.  We wanted/wants one of them too.

So, our neighbor Kenny went and saw them first.  He cheated.  Because the mommy of the red 4 wheelers called us first, but he went first.  Anyway, he bought one.  Then he busted his buns to our house to show us!  The courage that man has!  I should have shoved him off of it and pounced on top of him for getting there first.  But that would be immature, so I just said, "I wanted the red one!"

He answered, "The other one is red, too!"

He was very lucky.  I don't know if he realizes how lucky he was!

So, I pushed DH into his/our truck and we went to see the other red, 2 seater, 4 wheeler.

I kept telling DH that he has worked hard for his money.....*sing that song*.... and he deserves it and his life won't be complete unless he buys it, and he will never be my best friend ever again if he doesn't buy it, but it is up to him, because it is his decision and I know he will make the right choice. 

We each took it for a little test drive.  It had a little trouble with the idle, so we negotiated.  It wasn't hard.  We/he wanted it really bad.  It was red.  It has room for both of us.  And the best part (well, one of the best parts) is the back rack thingy is a dump truck type of bed.  Now, who wouldn't want that!!!?

So, the owner/seller said she would get the idle fixed, and we said, "Auhh, shucks.  That is so sweet of you.  Since you are willing to do that, I guess we will take it.  Just because you are so sweet."

So, the next day the seller's father, who is our friend, too, delivered the red, 2 seater, 4 wheeler to our house.

Kenny, the good friend that he is, was there to cheer us on, to give us pats on our backs, to encourage us that we had done the right thing, and that our children don't need no stink'n inheritance anyway.  He is a great friend for things like that.

So, DH tried it out, and said, "Thanks honey, oh, and bye the way....Happy Birthday to US!"

That is just one of the many reasons I love that man!

Then he showed me what it looked like on.  Isn't he happy?  Just look at that face!  I think he was whispering sounded a lot like, ........."I am the one who worked for 40 years and this is the best she can........"  I didn't catch the rest.  But I am sure it ended in a smile. :) 

So, now you have met the newest member of our family. 

He/she needs a name.  Does anyone have any suggestions?


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Copper Basin

About 6 months ago, a group of our friends met and scheduled a few adventures that we would be doing in the summer time.  We want more than just a few friends to be part of it.  Everyone we know are invited to join us.  We don't want to be just a few.  Our motto is the more the merrier!  So we have spread the word that we are going and want as many as the national parks will hold to gather and have a wonderful time.
We scheduled a short day ride to a place that is fairly close by.  We loaded up the 4 wheelers and packed a picnic and took off.  We had a blast.  We went up above Heise Hot Springs and rode and had a picnic.  It was just enough to wet our whistle to do more of the same.

Fast forward a few weeks, to now.  It is now time for us to go for more than a few days, and to farther away, and load up the 4 wheelers and lots more food, and our camp trailers and get outta town.

Because, well, it is now summer time, and we are adventuring now.

This past week we headed to Copper Basin.  I guess it got it's name from the copper mining that was done there many years ago.  While we were having our adventure there in Copper Basin we saw some evidences of mining to prove that I am right.  If I can find some of the photos I will prove it to you.

That might have to be another time.  Another day...

Because today I am just going to show you a few high lights of some of my favorite people.  The ones who went to Copper Basin with me.

This isn't one of my favorite people, it is one of my favorite sightings.

This is a coyote.  He lives in the wild mountains and high desert.  He eats birds and mice and whatever he feels like eating.  He is skittish and doesn't hang around long to have his picture taken.  But, he likes me so he just stood still until I had a photo of him.  Ain't he just the cutest?

Here are some other cuties.  This is (left to right) Sharma, Connie's back, and Joylynn. 
Connie belongs to Norman.
Joylynn belongs to Kenny.
Sharma belongs to Bob.
It is very important that you learn who these people are.  They are very special.  They are my friends.

Remember, we have been riding ATV's for miles and miles.  It is important you remember that.
In case you forget, our hair will remind you. 

Of course, you know my chauffeur.  My DH!  He has a Garmin and he put in the elevation of all the places we went.  Which, I might add, he was trying to keep me from oxygen most of the day.  The places we went were beautiful, and some were so high trees didn't even grow there.  Oxygen doesn't grow where there are no trees.  (Quick Science lesson for you.  You are welcome. )

Since I got onto school lessons, I want you to think of the kid that went to school with you, who just couldn't stay with the group.  They wandered off on every field trip, or day dreamed during class.  We all had one like that in our class.  And our "field trip" on this day was no different.

We were talking and laughing and realized that we were short one very tall man. 
He went for a walk.
Around the lake.
Up the side of the shell rock.
And found snow.
He threw snowballs at us. 
The snowballs didn't make it to the water.
He was too high!

DH didn't feel threatened at all!
His Garmin was more fun than snowballs in August.

This is Joylynn, who belongs to the tall missing hiker named Kenny.
Norman is getting a photography lesson from his wife Connie.
Sharma is asking Norman if he knows how to handle the expensive equipment.

Just as a quick side note....did you know that we are all grandparents?
Yet we think we are young, at least young at heart.

So, about that hiker. 
Every lake we went to he would come up missing.
He is in good, great, better than the rest of us, shape, so he hikes alone.

Yep.  This is Kenny, who belongs to Joylynn.
Who hikes and makes the rest of us look bad.
As if we didn't look bad enough riding the ATVs.

But he did bring us back a snowball.
Sharma wasn't as as impressed as I was.

But we sure had fun.
We got really dirty.
It was three long ATV riding days.
We were dirty and dusty.
But we ate great meals at night.
We slept cold.
And we were dirty, dusty and tired.

And I would relive every single minute over again.
It was THAT much fun.

Thanks good friends.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011


This time of the year the garden is going crazy, and so am I!

I do the "happy dance" out in the garden every single day.

The squash are growing, and the cucumbers and the herbs, and ..................

So:  Pesto is the cooking lesson today.

1.  Go outside and pick some Basil from my garden, or your garden, or at the farmer's market, or at the store.  You can get it any place you want, but I choose my garden.

It smells so good when it is fresh, fresh from the garden.

2.  Then you pick the leaves off the stems.

3.  You add some stuff to your food processor:  like the basil you just picked from my garden, and olive oil and rough chopped garlic and............. fresh pin nuts.

Sorry, the pine nuts are blurry and don't look like the $20.00 a pound that they are.  They are really nutty and yummy, but I just didn't see that they were blurry until they were already in the pesto.

4.  Turn on the food processor and let it rip all that food.  Just pulse it.  *dancing...just pulse it...pulse it.....*  If it seems a little thick add some more olive oil.  Just pulse it, and chop it, and ......*dancing* until you like what you see.  I add a little salt, too.  I forgot to take it's picture....  Sorry salt.

Then you put it in an air tight container and have it on hand.

I even freeze it.

Like ice cubes, or in small containers.

Your house will smell so good.

You food will taste so good.

You DH will tell you that "you are so good".

I promise.  I swear on my .......  Well, you get the picture. 


Have a wonderful summery fall day.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our Garden

Do you remember, last spring, when we were waiting for winter to go away so we could plant our garden?  It seems like yesterday to me.  The time is going so fast this summer.

I thought you might like to see a few up to date photos of our green thumb adventure.  I will give you a "spring mix" of random things..... "lettuce" begin...............

Please don't think I am "corny"......................

Well, anyway.  In the foreground are the red potatoes, and obviously the corn is behind.  It is starting to tassel.  It makes my mouth water!  This is in our community know, the one the 3 musketeers type guys made?  Yeah, them.....they are our community.

The strawberries are coming on.  I picked several yesterday, but I took pictures today of some that are ripening.  They are the first I have ever planted and grown.  It is so fun to put them on cereal, or eat right out of the garden.  I also love raspberries, but I haven't figured out where to plant them.  Maybe next year I will have a plan for raspberries, but for now, I am thrilled to have fresh strawberries.

Or maybe I will fly by the seat of my pants, again.....
This is in my garden.  The one next to my house.

Remember earlier this past spring, when DH worked so hard to build all the boxes for the garden?

Well, then we put in the railroad ties, and hauled in dirt to fill the boxes....

And I grew a small forest in my kitchen .... all from seed.....

And now it is ......


It is amazing to me how you can put a little seed in dirt, give it some water and presto.....

You have dill.  Ready to make pickles, and season good food, and fish and stuff like that....

But what I am waiting for the most is the tomatoes.
I want to make salsa and can it.
I want to make chili sauce again, and some other stuff.

So, in case you want to come and eat at my house, I would love to have you.  Just plan on staying on long enough to bottle with me.....

See ya soon,  like in 5 or 6 days.... I am going fishing for a few days, and 4 wheeling.... with the 3 musketeers and their wives and some more people.  I hope I can keep up with these people who are living their childhood all over again.


Jackson Hole, Wyoming

This is a very famous place, for rich people, poor people, tourists, skiers, hunters, fishermen, etc.

There are lots of wild animals in this area.  Bears, elk, bison, and all that sort of stuff.

One of the most famous landmarks in Jackson Hole is:

Right in the middle of the town is a park. 
There are two entrances into the park.
It is a grassy, tree filled, bench available, place to rest, eat a lunch park.
Both of the entrances have an arch like this one.
It is an arch made out of elk antlers.
It has been there as long as I can remember.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is where DH and I spent our honeymoon.
We stayed at the old Jackson Hole Cabins and Lodge.
We had a cabin.
It was rustic but clean, and I loved it!
They have torn it down now and put some modern motel there.
That makes me sad!

The town is quaint. 
Some places there are board walks, and other places there are sidewalks.
There are bars, sandwich shops, high end restaurants, and pizza parlors.

The best thing about Jackson in the winter is the skiing.
You can see the lift location, some of the runs, and left over snow nearly year round.
I have done some very fast skiing there.  I loved it.  Back when it was affordable.

Nearby there is an elf refuge. 
In the winter hundreds, maybe thousands of elk come down from the mountains and are fed by an organization.
They offer flat bed trailer rides, which are pulled by horses, to tourists to go out into the field and get up close with the elk.
They provide blankets and hot drinks while you are on this adventure.
I haven't done that, YET, but it is on my bucket list.

If you are ever in the area and want to see some elk, antlers and me, just give me a call.
We would love your company.


PS.  It isn't far from West Yellowstone National Park.  We could have a wonderful time! :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Teton Mts. Little Critters

I was recently reminded that I promised to show you some of the little critters we saw when we stopped to photograph the Grand Tetons.  We were on our way to Lander, Wyoming. That was a few months ago.  Gosh, how time flies.

So, because you are so patient and waited for me, I am just going to give you a show today, and tell you a story.

Ahem, ......
Imagine the clean cool air.  You can hear the water running in the river in the distance.  The sun is warm on your back, but the shade is cool.  The birds are chattering, and the bugs are flying around you.  There are only 2 other cars in the parking lot, so you feel alone and enjoy the privacy. A slight breeze ruffles your hair, and brings the fragrance of the sage brush to you.

Join me as we walk on the dry dirt path to the cabin below us, which is just a little way down a hill. 

It is a historical cabin, where early homesteaders tried to eek out a living.  It has been vacant for nearly 100 years.  Now it is just a shell of hand shewn logs, and a dirt floor.  The trail we walk leads us to the open kitchen area between the two bedrooms. 

There are furry guests inside the open area.  Possibly the dirt still carries the smell of bacon grease and fried eggs. 

Long ago, food would have been prepared in this open place.  Cabins were built this way to prevent kitchen fires from burning down the entire home.

But today, natures inhabitants  have taken over this cabin for a place of shelter and recreation. 

The little cabin is surrounded by little critters who live underground.  They curl up in their dens at night to sleep safely below the surface of the ground.  They snuggle close to one another and sleep soundly protected underground.  The cabin and the surrounding grasses and trees are left to the nocturnal animals. 

In the morning they awake hungry.  Carefully, they peek out of the ground, checking for danger.....

They listen.  They know to be patient and wait.

They look to the left and to the right, and they wait and they listen.

Yes, these little critters are hungry, and they have to use the bathroom real bad, but they are patient.
Carefully, slowly they wait, they listen.....
They slowly creep out of the hole that leads them out of their den.
There is a great big world out there, and they are pretty small.
Their lives depend on using caution.
If we will be very quiet we can hear the little ground squirrel talking.

Shhhh, shhh ......

They whisper to each other. "What do you see?", asks Paul.

"Just some big two legged animals.  I think they are the safe kind.  They have cameras.", answers Peter.

Paul asked, "Is one of them a lady?"

"Yes, how did you know?" questioned Peter.  He just never gets used to how smart Paul is.

"Because ladies are always the safest for us.  They take our picture, and our payment for being such good models is usually crackers or chips or bread.  Ladies always have stuff in their pockets or bags."

Peter was amazed at Paul's knowledge of the two legged animals.

Soon Peter and Paul could see their cousins in the grass.  They were just getting out of bed, too.

They saw Mary.

They didn't dare holler a good morning greeting to Mary.  They were still waiting and listening.

Mary must have to use the bathroom really bad, because she didn't show as much caution as Peter and Paul did.  She couldn't even hold still long enough for the two legged lady to take a good clear photo.  Mary had one thing on her mind, and she was taking care of business before she got into a conversation with her cousins Peter and Paul.

Mary took one good look around and came to the conclusion that the tall two legged animals looked pretty tame.  She was going to make a run to the bushes where she would be able to get some relief from her long night in her den.  She knew she had to hurry.  She was dancing and pinching with discomfort.

When Peter and Paul saw Mary running they gasp.  She didn't know if it was safe in the bushes, or if there was danger in the bushes.  Mary was running towards the the bushes without waiting, looking left and right, or listening.   They knew if Mary was in danger they must be nearer to her to be of any help and to save her.

Peter and Paul quickly ran towards Mary.  They ran as fast as their little short legs could carry them.  They were panting by the time they reached Mary.  Their hearts were pounding, and their lungs felt like they would burst trying to get in enough oxygen in this high altitude.  They didn't know whether to be thankful for their safety, or if they should give Mary a piece of their mind for her carelessness.

Mary turned and stared at Peter and Paul.  She was astonished by their hard breathing.  She thought to herself, "man, they are sure out of shape".  She smiled a quick flirty smile at them then turned to go in the bushes.  She couldn't wait much longer.

The other cousins in nearby dens heard the footsteps of Peter and Paul.  Not wanting to be left out of any activity they quietly poked their heads up above ground.

"Sure enough", they thought to themselves, "everyone is awake and getting up.  We better get outside, too."

All of the ground squirrels could see the sun getting higher in the sky.  They were wasting daylight by staying inside the den.  But none were in such a hurry that they would forget to do what their mothers had taught them.  They all stopped, looked to the left and looked to the right.  They listened.  They were patient.  They were all good little squirrels and never forgot to stop, look and listen.  They wanted to stay safe.  They wanted to obey their mama's.

One by one they left the den.  They were anxious to go see the tall two legged animals.  Especially the lady.  She had a bag and they were sure she would have some breakfast for them.  They weren't disappointed either.  She had crumbs from a sandwich and some chips.  They were so grateful for the lady to bring them some breakfast.  To show their gratitude they all stood very still until the lady had taken their pictures.  They liked the lady and the man, and the lady and the man liked them, too.  Then, knowing they were safe they all scurried off into the bushes to take care of business.  What good little squirrels they were. 

The end,

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Short Critters in Mackay

Have you ever seen a badger in the wild?
They are tough little critters and mean as hell  heck.
They have long claws and sharp teeth.
They scare the begitters outt'a me.

FYI: A male badger is a boar, a female is a sow and a young badger is a cub.
No: they are not related to pigs.  Pig babies are piglets.

Badgers can be fierce animals and will protect themselves and their young at all costs. Badgers are capable of fighting off much larger animals such as wolves and bears. Badgers can run up to16–19 mph for short periods of time.

A long time ago, I had some dumb cousins who caught a baby badger and tamed it. 
I never trusted that badger.  My dad said they were mean, and I believed him!
That badger would follow them all around Swan Valley, where they lived.
He would even go inside the Lodge and Cafe that my Aunt Carol owned.
I think that badger was pretty famous, because everyone knew about the tame badger.

Maybe my cousins should have been raised in the city?
I wonder what kind of trouble they would have gotten themselves into if they were.

I really loved those cousins.
Del, Gary and Garth.

I miss them.

When my baby brother took us on a ride, we he spotted a badger.  Maybe one of my off spring spotted it, I can't remember.  But, we pulled off the road and watched the little bugger.  All I can say is I was so glad not to be too close to it.

I have a fear of claws and sharp teeth.

My baby brother wanted to shoot it. 
I wanted him to shoot it, too.
I wanted him to shoot it really bad!

I would love to have one stuffed in my home.  That would be really cool.
I could give my cousins husband work.  He could stuff it for me.

But, no, my off spring didn't want to have him shot.

They pleaded, "No, Uncle Kelly, don't shoot him!"

They were in a fetal position on the seat of the truck when they said that.

The badger must have heart Kelly, or saw his gun, because he tried to hide.
He hunkered down and headed for the water.
The big chicken badger.
I would hide too if a gun was pointed at me.
However, Badgers are not as smart as me (I don't think).

They are smart enough to swim.
I can't swim. 
Dang Badger!

Did you know the dachshund dog breed has a history with badgers; "dachs" is the German word for badger, and dachshunds were originally bred to be badger hounds.  (I got this information for you from the Internet).

You are welcome.

The wet little chicken badger was headed for dry ground.

Do you want to know why he was running, (besides the fact that he was running for his life)?
Because, today badgers are commercially raised for their hair, which is harvested to make shaving brushes.   Yep, more Internet facts brought to you by ......ME. :) 

Aah, shucks, it was nothing.

However, who uses shaving brushes these days?  In Europe, I suppose.  That sounds like something those people would do.

This dude gave a sideways glance backwards and disappeared into the sagebrush.
Like I said, "Shoot him Kelly!"

But no, the little dude was left alone to live another day in the wild.
To eat grubs, worms, and whatever the little dude wants to eat.
He can eat a coyote if he puts his mind to it. (Just another little Internet fact for ya :)

Really, thanking me once was enough.
Oh, stop it.
You are so welcome.

Did I tell you that I am afraid of badgers.......?

Except for these.

Yuk,  shiver my timbers, they make my skin crawl......


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Critters Around Mackay

I wann'a share some sightings of critters around Mackay.

Now, don't ya 'all come moving here and ruin it all for us.

Ya'all just stay home, and I will send you the pictues, okay?

Two Elk.

They were pretty far away, but you can see them, can't 'cha?

Then we saw.....some Antelope.

Antelope love to live in the high desert.
They run really fast, and they don't stop anytime soon.
They are a little easier to spot because of the white butt they strut.

Now, I enjoy a good elk to eat.  Elk steaks, elk burger, elk LIVER, yeah, I like elk.
But an antelope, well, not so much.
They are gamey tasting.
No matter what you do with that meat it tastes like wild game.
I have tried all the seasonings in the world, all the onions, green pepper, herbs, anything and everything .
It still tastes pretty wild.
I will stick to elk. 

It might be that elk get to eat a healthier diet.
Antelope only get sagebrush and desert foods.
Elk get grass, tree bark, grass, and grass or whatever they want.

So in case you are thinking about inviting me over for dinner, please, serve me some elk.

Thank you, and farewell,

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