Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Comments??? Anyone????

I just don't get it.

I write, erratically, I know, but why doesn't anybody leave any comments?

I think I will have a contest.

If you leave me a comment and suggest what I should do for a contest, you will automatically be entered. 

I am going to make something, like, ...knitted dish cloths, or a fabulous fabric book, or a gift card, or something like that.   I know, I am following in the footsteps of The Pioneer Woman, my BFF Blogger.

So, this is the deal.
Some have recently told me that they can't leave a comment.
My Web Browser Specialist is responsible for that.
Maybe this will get her attention and fix the problem.

If you want to email me...... tawnhuntid@yahoo.com

Then I will know if this is a broken comment section, or if someone is just tooooo shy to leave a comment.

Come on everyone!  Talk to me!

I will talk to you, too.



  1. Hi Tawnya! Don't let our lack of comments lead you to believe there aren't adoring fans of you and your blog out there in the world! I can tell you that there are at least two of us here in Juneau who read your posts on a regular basis! Me and my friend/coworker, Terra, who I introduced to your blog months and months ago. She might be one of your biggest fans actually. : ) Thank you for brightening our days with your wonderful sense of humor and beautiful pictures of family and home. Say hi to my dear, Tyia, for me! Take care! - Kelsey

  2. PS. I seemed to be able to get my comment to go through by relentlessly hitting the submit button until it saw no other choice but to accept it! : )

  3. Hey Tawnya, this is Terra. I look at your blog every day. Sometimes I force myself to wait until the end of the day to check your blog,just so I can end my day with a good laugh or a good feeling about life! Hope this makes you feel loved, because I LOVE you blogs!! -Terra

  4. Mom, I've witnessed the hours you pour into your blog. Sifting through just the right photo, sometimes altering it, and sometimes not. I LOVE to read your blog. It is you, so very you, and makes me feel like you're saying it just to me, and then I don't feel so far away from you - more like you're sitting next to me. Now that I've taken on this great challenge of a blog, I can totally relate to the "Where are the comments?" but please be assured... your blog is awesome, as are you. PS - I'd like my wash rags in brown and green please. hahah xoxox

  5. Hey Tawnya. I tried several times to leave comments but it wasnt working. So glad its working now. I love love love your new pictures taken by the barn. I wanted to tell you that you are a wonderful writer. You are funny and creative. Wish I had half your talent. Did you get my email I sent you?

  6. We read! Love your blog and the things you post! I haven't been able to get on for a while and you sneaked quite a few posts in! Love all the pictures of your family!!!

  7. I leave comments on occasion! : ) I love your blog. And don't worry--it's not just your blog, I rarely get comments on mine either...I think it's Google Reader's fault--you can read blogs without actually going to them, but the drawback is that you can't comment directly from Reader.

  8. Here is a comment from me to you. The end hehehe...oh and by the way...if people comment you should comment back cuz maybe we feel ignored too muahahaha...vicious vicious cycle


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