Monday, August 1, 2011

Why Today Is Extra Special

Why today is extra special.

1.  My husband got up when his alarm went off at 5:30 am.

     And I didn't.  I was sleeping, he was going fishing.

2.  It is pouring rain.

     There are few things in this life that I cherish more than a rain storm.

3.  I have a covered deck.

     I love to sit outside and listen to the rain.  Now, I can sit outside and listen to the rain and stay dry under our covered deck.  It has 2 sky lights in it, so I can see the rain on the roof, or lightening, or whatever might be on the top of the deck since it is see through.

4.  Norman fertilized the grass on Saturday.

     Although we ran a watering cycle on Sunday morning, and had a few sprinkles during the day, it was nothing to what we are getting this morning.  It is pouring, and has been for hours.

5.  I get to stay in my nightgown longer today.

     I am a much happier person when I get to lounge around in my nightgown in the morning.  Several hours is what my body requires.  When it is raining, and DH is MIA I can.  This is worth getting out of bed for.

6.  My cousins wife's MIL is in town. 

     That makes her my aunt, and I adore her.  She lives is Arizona, where rain is scarce, and it is hot.  She deserves a break today, so I am glad she gets to enjoy a down pour while she is visiting.

7.  I think the smell of baking bread and cookies is priceless on a rainy day.

     When it is stormy I will be in the kitchen, if at all possible.  The oven must stay on all day.  Today it is possible.  Raisin bread, white bread, oatmeal chocolate cookies, and a marinated pork loin.  If I can bring myself to go outside (that won't be hard) I will raid the garden and get fresh herbs and lettuce and spinach.  I need a salad to off set all the baked goods.

8.  Naturally curly hair loves rainy days.

     I have what it takes to look like I was living in the 1800's.  They didn't use hairspray, or mouse, or root lifter, or products like that.  They went natural.  On rainy days, so do I.  But, I refuse the corset.

9.  It is an easy day to take a nap.

     Somehow, rainy days make the time slow down.  The clock doesn't move as fast.  I have fewer deadlines in my brain.  I actually take the time to smell the roses on rainy days.  Naps usually find the time to arrive sometime during the day.

10. A good book is dusted off and opened.

     I love to read.  I don't take the time to read as often as I should or could.  I spend much to much time on the computer reading blogs, facebook, emails, news, weather reports, headlines, political trash and .....  I would rather read a good book on rainy days.  There is something liberating when you lick your finger and turn a real paper page.  I love to see the book covers get a little wrinkled and tattered from use.  That means they were loved.  The book is not new, it has been used.  It reminds me a lot of myself.  Yep, I love a good solid, fat, wrinkled and tattered book.

Hope you have a wonderful day, too.


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  1. You would look hot in a corset. Just sayin. And I just bought a pork loin for Friday's dinner... and we're making Oatmeal cookies tomorrow too! But it is sunny here, so wonderfuly sunny!!! :) I love you!


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