Friday, January 30, 2009

Once upon a time..

Once upon a time there was a very lucky girl who fell in love with a wonderful boy. They were both from poor families, and they struggled to go to college and get ahead in life. Both of them sacrificed for many years to obtain earthly treasures, and spiritual blessings. Life was not easy for them, but they always maintained to stay the course and do what was right as much as possible. Many times they were tempted to stray away from their goals, but they stayed true to the promptings they were given in their hearts and minds and knew that the sacrifices would be worth it. So they held hands and faced life's trials with smiles and their armour of love for each other.

One day the lucky girl was enjoying her laptop. She spent the day listening to her music with the use of her ear buds attached to her computer. The sound was heavenly and she was lost in her dream world. It was soon time for her to prepare the evening meal for her family and the love of her life. In a hurry to accomplish this task she neglected to unplug her ear buds from her laptop. Without thinking about the danger to her laptop she left them on her chair.

Later that night her sweet husband walked between the laptop and her chair and broke the earbuds off, leaving the little metal piece still inserted into the laptop. The sweet man spent many hours trying to pry the little metal piece out but never found success. With the metal piece in the laptop no sound could now come from the computer.

The lady didn't mind,because her sweet husband replaced the the speakers with external speakers that plugged into a USB port. The sound was wonderful and served the lady for many months.

But the computer had a mind of it's own. Soon the computer didn't like the new speakers, so it found other reasons not to work. It would not recognize the server when the lady turned it on. She loved her laptop, and did all she could to fix it. She sent it to a computer brain surgeon who spent many hours working on the laptop. He deleted many programs and installed new ones, but it still didn't fix all of the faults of the laptop.

The dear husband felt so bad about the frustration of the lady. He watched her day after day as the lady struggled with the computer. He loved her too much to watch her be in such anxiety every day.

The dear husband spent his day off and went to many stores and shopped and shopped for the best deal to replace the faulty laptop. That night he talked to his love and told her his desire to make her happy. He shared what he had learned about the new laptops available. His wife smiled and hugged her husband, as she knew she had made the right choice many years before when she chose him for her husband. She showed her gratitude to him, and allowed him to drive her to the local Sams Club and demonstrate to her what he had found.

The lady appreciated her husband so much for his efforts on her behalf. They held hands as they walked to the checkout stand to purchase the new laptop. Her eyes sparkled at her husband with joy and appreciation for his love and his thoughtfulness. She recognized how hard he worked every day to provide the many earthly things they enjoyed each day together.

Now the lady can hear the music, get on line and once again join in the technology of the land in which they live.

The lady and the man love each other with all their hearts, and show that love often. Their children appreciate the example of the love of their parents. They are blessed and express their love to their parents every day.

The lady and the man and their many children lived happily ever after. The End.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Good thoughts vs. sad thoughts

A random list that gives me joy. Good thoughts in just a few words.

1. I love to read.
2. I love to crochet.
3. I also love to create hand made books.
4. Sudoku is a favorite I like.
5. Playing games, cards, board, darts, etc.
6. Scrapbooking is right up there.
7. I even love my job.
8. My family, I love unconditionally
9. Oh, and my dogs...yes! I love them.
10. Good quotes, I have books and books of them.
11. Thrift stores.
12. Used book stores
13. Chick flicks.
14. Cookie Dough Ice Cream
15. Clean Sheets
16. Unloaded dishwasher.
17. The smell of my husbands pillow
18. Giggling children
19. My Faith
20. Rolling Pins
21. Graniteware
22. Rain, thunder, lightening
23. Jam I make
24. Gifts from my friends, who really know me.
25. Monsoon storms
26. Sourdough waffles
27. Pantry with labels forward
28. Old typewriters
29. Old sewing machines
30. Photos

Then the thoughts that don't bring me smiles

1. Missing Madisons games
2. Not hearing Jacksons laugh
3. Varcel traveling without me
4. My children hurt.
5. My children far away from me.
6. To worry.
7. Forgetting to count my blessings
8. Wanting to see my parents, and can't
9. A second bowl of Cookie Dough Ice Cream
10. Not being patient
11. Time wasted
12. Having no idea what to fix for dinner.

I am so glad my good thoughts out number my sad thoughts.
I am glad I recognise blessings, even knowing trials are blessings.
As long as I have trials, I know the Lord hasn't forgotten about me, and I know Satan is threatened..... He is trying harder to turn good things into bad things. And when those trials are the hardest...means I am worth all of his attention, so I must be worth that much more to my Heavenly Father! Today, if only for today (and I take it one day at a time) I am strong. I am very strong. And I will be strong tomorrow.

Monday, January 19, 2009


I got a comment on my blog from someone who informed me that I can not use the Cardinal logo without permission. Am I a threat to National Cardinal Logo Police????
So I used a shower curtain from Target.... I wonder if I have broken the National Cardinal Logo Law with this one!

I would think all security should be busy today..................

E- Ointment

My dear sister, Vicki told me about this ointment. She gave me a bottle to try, and I love it!! I have found it at Osco in the pharmacy. They don't put it out on the shelf, but they have it behind the counter. I can't remember if it was $3.99 or $4.99 but it was less than she had found it for. I went on line and found it at
But I am not one to pay the higher shipping costs, so I got mine at Osco. Just tell your pharmacy about it, and they can order it for you.
It is great for chapped lips, incisions that are healing (my knee scar) sore muscels, dry skin, wrinkles and stretch marks!!

Thanks Vicki! I love it!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Super Bowl! Or Bust?

And the other wonderful "good news" for today, I finished my book. If any of you book lovers out there want a joy to read may I suggest "The Gurnsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society". It is FAB!! Can't wait for Book Club to talk about it. It is right there with "These Is My Words"!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Another of lifes lessons

Scripture to Ponder
Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding. [Proverbs 17:28]

Thanks to a wonderful example of love and understanding I am trying to do just this.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Rock Band

A few days before Christmas I still hadn't found "the gift" for Varce. I try to really surprise him each year, and this year I was struggling. Then my visiting teachers came, and with their wisdom they helped me..... and I got so excited.

It has always been a dream of Varce's to have a drum set. Well, this year he got one.... so the last few days before Christmas I kept telling him "I have found the best gift for you, and I am so excited to give it to you."

His response was "You got me drums!!!". I had to think fast and not let my face give it away. But I have to admit I was stunned that he would guess that. (How did he know?) He is just a good tease and this time he was a good guesser.

Anyway, enjoy the photos of Christmas day with "His drums".

Now the drums are moved to a room upstairs, where he can close the door and play all he wants. And when no one is home, I can go and sing all I want!

My visiting teachers are the best!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

One week into 2009

Resolve to Keep Resolutions by LDS Living Staff Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The fear of failing (again) to not reach our goals is the only thing that holds us from making them. But, as former Relief Society General President Barbara B. Smith put best, goals are stars to steer by, not sticks to beat yourself with. Here are some tips for effective steering:

1. Set realistic goals. It is easier to set a goal than execute one. Start small, and once you achieve your goal, you can extend it by adding another level.

2. Share goals with your spouse or a close friend and help each other follow through with your resolutions. Set a schedule for checking in and reporting your progress with each other. This will help you stay motivated and give you something fun to do with your friend!

3. Make a short list of resolutions. You’ll be overwhelmed enough with one resolution; you won’t need twenty to keep you busy. Sometimes people set numerous goals, hoping to achieve at least one of them. Instead, they usually put a little effort into all of them and don’t achieve any. Set one or two realistic goals, and follow through with them.

4. Even if you don’t completely reach your goal, recognize the progress that you have made in working toward it. Feel proud of yourself for your accomplishment, and reward yourself accordingly!

On paper it seems so easy..... just getting from lunch to dinner is really really really hard!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Years Resolution

"Regardless of your present age, you are building your life; it will be cheap and shoddy or it will be valuable and beautiful; it will be full of joy and happiness, or it can be full of misery. It all depends upon you and your attitudes, for your altitude, or the height you climb is dependent upon your attitude or your response to situations" (The Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball, p. 161).

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