Friday, January 30, 2009

Once upon a time..

Once upon a time there was a very lucky girl who fell in love with a wonderful boy. They were both from poor families, and they struggled to go to college and get ahead in life. Both of them sacrificed for many years to obtain earthly treasures, and spiritual blessings. Life was not easy for them, but they always maintained to stay the course and do what was right as much as possible. Many times they were tempted to stray away from their goals, but they stayed true to the promptings they were given in their hearts and minds and knew that the sacrifices would be worth it. So they held hands and faced life's trials with smiles and their armour of love for each other.

One day the lucky girl was enjoying her laptop. She spent the day listening to her music with the use of her ear buds attached to her computer. The sound was heavenly and she was lost in her dream world. It was soon time for her to prepare the evening meal for her family and the love of her life. In a hurry to accomplish this task she neglected to unplug her ear buds from her laptop. Without thinking about the danger to her laptop she left them on her chair.

Later that night her sweet husband walked between the laptop and her chair and broke the earbuds off, leaving the little metal piece still inserted into the laptop. The sweet man spent many hours trying to pry the little metal piece out but never found success. With the metal piece in the laptop no sound could now come from the computer.

The lady didn't mind,because her sweet husband replaced the the speakers with external speakers that plugged into a USB port. The sound was wonderful and served the lady for many months.

But the computer had a mind of it's own. Soon the computer didn't like the new speakers, so it found other reasons not to work. It would not recognize the server when the lady turned it on. She loved her laptop, and did all she could to fix it. She sent it to a computer brain surgeon who spent many hours working on the laptop. He deleted many programs and installed new ones, but it still didn't fix all of the faults of the laptop.

The dear husband felt so bad about the frustration of the lady. He watched her day after day as the lady struggled with the computer. He loved her too much to watch her be in such anxiety every day.

The dear husband spent his day off and went to many stores and shopped and shopped for the best deal to replace the faulty laptop. That night he talked to his love and told her his desire to make her happy. He shared what he had learned about the new laptops available. His wife smiled and hugged her husband, as she knew she had made the right choice many years before when she chose him for her husband. She showed her gratitude to him, and allowed him to drive her to the local Sams Club and demonstrate to her what he had found.

The lady appreciated her husband so much for his efforts on her behalf. They held hands as they walked to the checkout stand to purchase the new laptop. Her eyes sparkled at her husband with joy and appreciation for his love and his thoughtfulness. She recognized how hard he worked every day to provide the many earthly things they enjoyed each day together.

Now the lady can hear the music, get on line and once again join in the technology of the land in which they live.

The lady and the man love each other with all their hearts, and show that love often. Their children appreciate the example of the love of their parents. They are blessed and express their love to their parents every day.

The lady and the man and their many children lived happily ever after. The End.


  1. You are so weird. hahahaha. But adorable....and I'm glad that I got a cameo in there for all the hours I spent trying to fix it too....oh wait.....crap....oh well....I'm happy for the new lappy!!!! hahahahaha

  2. You are so weird. But funny :) And I like the cameo of me helping you all those hours...wait....ahh crap...oh well. I'm the most thankful for your new lappy :D. Thanks Dad!!!


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