Thursday, January 28, 2010

160 BPM

I heard "Peanuts" heart beat.

I am many miles away. I am home. I am not with Kattie in the Dr.s office. I get a text. The text said "check your email". I checked my email. I heard 160 beats per minute. It is Peanuts heart beat.

For 15 years I listened to that sound in other women's tummy's. I was thrilled for those women. I was amazed at the miracle of life. Every single tummy held a new baby, growing, developing, and dividing cells, and maturing, and becoming a human body, fully developed. It was always amazing. I never tired of hearting that quick pounding, that regular beating......

This time, the heart beat was "my Peanut". Mine.

My heart suddenly was the one growing, developing, dividing, maturing and becoming larger than I thought possible. My heart grew. It now holds more love, nurturing, understanding, and suspense.

Through the miracle of iPhone, and email, what sounds were heard in California only moments sooner, were suddenly available to me in my home. My ears got to hear. My heart got to jump with joy. My Peanut is growing and I got to hear!

I am going to be a grandma.....again.....for the first time........and I am glad!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Were you reading every word?

Yes. . . . . . About July 4th our family will be blessed with a new baby.

Thank you Kattie and Rich. Words can not express my joy!

Tyia took a copy of the ultrasound and printed it out in bright colors

for them to hang in their house.

Pretty cool!!!

Yes, we have known for a while, but like to keep secrets........

2010 begins.

But I just can't quit thinking about the wonderful Christmas we had.

New ornaments.... same tree

Kattie polishing my toes for my office Christmas Party
The fear of the dogs opening our presents forced us to flee to higher ground.
But the flood of gifts kept coming.
We should have just put them under the tree.

Yes, they are still engaged....and expecting....
We will have our first "baby" in July.
And Kattie's flu and cold is getting better..

Jeff, my only son in law.... for now....*look out, I hear footsteps*
Jackson won the dragon in the dart game on Christmas Day
This young lady just turned 15 years old... yikes!
Ivy, me and Tyia
Tyia made this picture of Nikki. The original photo was from our trip to Alaska.
Photo shop shrunk Nikki, and helped her grow wings.
Last October, on our girls trip to Maine, I found this "stunning" handbag.
It had MOM written all over it for Christmas.
I think she was very surprised I could part with it, but it was never meant for me.
Tyia got her fancy sewing machine.
The Huntsman grandchildren...
The photos you see are taped onto the glass,
and under them are traditional photos of these weird wonderful kids.
My dad, modeling his new jacket.
Look out GQ we have a star on the runway!
On Christmas Eve Santas sleigh broke down and he had to call 911.
We have a Fireman Chief, Troy Caskey in our ward, so he rescued Santa
and brought him to the church where his family was having a Christmas dinner.
Santa arrived on a fire truck, and visited with the children, and gave each one a gift.
Then he got a ride on the fire truck back to his sleigh and made his first stop at our house.
Tyia and Santa
Grams and Santa

Me and Santa
Santa brought/gave me everything I needed in 2009.
'I know him!'
I love him!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Favorite Things

As I say good bye to 2009 I am remembering...
I have been to southern California, to the New England states
and Tennessee.
I count my blessings of family, friends, and good health.
Here are a few of my memories:
Me and V in Tennessee

A sunrise at Silver Hawk, Idaho

Madison and Alaina
Darling friends for each other,
and granddaughters of mine.

Rich Peckham
He has so many talents, I simply can't name them all.

Tennessee Humidity
That should be the name of a song.

The team at Arrowhead Lakes Dentistry
What a great group of friends and co-workers.
Kelly, Varcel, Tawnya, Liz
Mom, Dad
Varce carved signs for their homes.
A labor of love for those we love.
Madison, my love, hurt her ankle playing volleyball,
so she decorated her crutches....
another use for Duct Tape.
She belongs to the Ritter family....and in my heart!

Tyia, Sadie, Kattie
The Three Angels
My son, my banker, my treasure, my joy...
my McDreamy!

My faithful truck.
It pulls loads to Idaho and my 5th wheel.
And it is paid for!
What's not to love about that?

Tawnya, Mom, Liz, Vicki
A wonderful trip to Maine.

Mom and Dad
I was blessed to be raised by them.
I love them with all my heart.

Tyia Jo
My buddy, my daughter, my everything.

Madison and Jackson
My loves, my dreams, my joys, my grand kids.
What a lucky Nana I am.
He legally belongs to Tyia.
He has stolen my heart and my house.
Ivy Ballerina
She loves me no matter what,
and I love her no matter what.
My cuddle bug, sock stealer, toilet paper eater.
My friend, my loyal companion, feet warmer.
My door bell, alarm system, and our Alpha dog
How I love her, with all my heart.
Sourdough Waffles.
A family favorite. No talking, just eating.
A clean bathroom.
That is always a blessing.
I haven't added my wonderful brothers and their special wives. Their families and so many more people who I love.
But it is getting late, 2:00 a.m. so I am going to bed.
I will save the rest for another day.
I love you all!

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