Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving week

This is the grateful week. My list:

1. My children, and husband
2. My extended family
3. My Savior, Jesus Christ
4. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
5. Living Prophets
6. Paper towels
7. Poop bags for dogs on walks
8. Hair dye
9. Automatic dishwashers
10. Christmas music

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sweet Goodbyes

We are experiencing a heart ache upon a heart ache. It seems the harder I try to do what is right, the harder life becomes.

I have a wonderful friend who lives in South Jordan who is fighting breast cancer. She just finished her 5th week of chemo. 2 weeks ago we had the funeral of one of my past bishops, with the fight against cancer. Bishop Black was the bishop who sent Oliver on his mission. My niece's brother in law is going through the anguish of cancer. It seems every which way we look there is some kind of disease inflicted on families. Some of those infirmities we bring on ourselves, and others we have no control over. But the cancer cells seems to be a common one we each have had a personal experience with.

Cystic Fibrosis is one which, thankfully, doesn't touch every family. Chrones Disease is not common in all families. But they are two diseases which our family deals with each day. Although we might not see it on a daily basis, it never goes away. It lingers in the shadows of our lives. We plan reunions, and menus and even trips to go eat Mexican food around these diseases.

Tyia has a way of putting into words my feelings as well as hers. She has the ability to say what I find hard to identify as what I feel.

I would like to refer you to " "and read one of the most heartfelt blogs I have read in a very long time.
As we pay tribute to our dear Becky, who lost her fight with Cystic Fibrosis (also known as "65 roses") we think of her brother who went before her, with the same disease. We think of the fabulous music her brother David plays on the piano. He is a concert pianist, and is sought after all over the west. He has sponsored a benefit concert entitled "65 Roses" for many years. A local florist, who is aware of the dedication this family has to research on this terrible disease, always donates 65 long stem roses which are placed across the stage for David's concert. It is a sight to behold.
As we remember the loving heart of Becky, her siblings and her parents Garth and Rochelle, I can only feel peace, knowing they will all be together one day.
Becky, thanks for your example. We will miss your earthly body being with us when we go for Mexican food at your favorite restaurant, but know you will be there in spirit! We love you... till we meet again.....

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Oliver

You are in New Mexico, doing just what you love to do. Hiking, camping, and outdoors with your friends. We sang to you today on your cell phone, and thought about you and miss you.
Hope you are safe and having fun.
Happy Birthday to you!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Welcome November

Nov. 7th meant the last trip to Idaho to put our things in storage. The trailer wasn't very full but we were able to get all of Tyia's belongings out of her storage as well, so off we went.

We arrived in the Salt Lake Area at the end of rush hour on a Friday night. It was a near death experience at least 5 times. I had white knuckles and knew we were going to die! I know one thing is for sure... I will never live in Salt Lake City!

We drove to Layton and stayed the night. It was cool weather and we loved breathing in the crispness of the autumn leaves that were still lingering on the trees.

Saturday we drove onto Idaho Falls and went straight to our storage. The above photo shows the last of our things tucked safely away in for the winter months. We spent the rest of the day resting. We ate dinner at Wendy's, because I forgot the electric fry pan which mom had asked me to bring so she could cook liver outside for our dinner. It smells up the house too much to cook it inside. That may sound gross to some, but liver and onions is one of my favorite meals.

On Sunday we were greeted by Ashley and Hagen and it was wonderful to see them! That little boy squeezed right into my heart! He loves to play "fetch" with his great-grandmother. They both enjoyed it.

Later that day Varce and I went for a ride to see my beloved foothills. We turned onto a country road and found this herd of sheep being driven to another pasture. The 2 men, one in front and one in back with the help of 4 dogs moved this herd with the only sound was an occasional whistle by the men to the dogs . It was amazing to watch.

Saturday evening we had Christmas! Dad said no packages could go to St. George, so they had to open them while we were there. This is a rocking roadrunner from Mexico that Vicki and I got for them earlier this year. It will look cute in their flower beds, and the grand kids will love to play with it. Dad reminded me of a gift I gave to him a few years ago..... "Just more crap from the kids"! That's right, I gave him a cow pie with a clock embedded into it, and attached in gold plate was the saying, "Just more crap from the kids". I can't help it if Vicki and I are so creative!

On Sunday morning we headed for home. We took an hour and more in South Jordon the visit Shirlene Seare and her daughter Shannon. Shirlene has been my mentor for years, and I miss seeing her often. But it was such a blessing for us to be able to spend time together and get caught up on each others families and trials, and blessings. I pondered our visit, and our lives since knowing each other as we continued our drive southward. I hope I have been a small light in her life as she has been in mine. Her example, her joyful smile, always positive, and never failing love for her family and the gospel and our Savior and Heavenly Father. She is courageous beyond words, and such inspiration to me. Shirlene, thank you for taking so much time with Varce and I when you had such a busy day to face. I love you!

This last photo is as the sun was setting in Southern Utah. I took dozens of photos as we were driving home, and it is nearly impossible to pick only one to share. As darkness fell, the moon peaked from behind the clouds, and soon we crossed the Arizona border. The sky cleared and the stars shone brightly. We saw numerous falling/shooting stars. What a wonderful end to a beautiful drive home. When we arrived we found all was well. More blessings were given to us this day..... and on this trip,....and I hope I never take for granted to notice each one of them.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

West Yellowstone

While I was in Idaho Falls last weekend, I spent a while with my mom teaching her how to add to our Webb Family Blog. So, she practiced on mine. The following is her entry. I am so proud of her to want to stay up on all the techno stuff. I love, love, love you mom!

While Liz and Rob were visiting Idaho Falls and to spend a week with us, we took a drive to Yellowstone Park. We saw many animals and we watched Old Faithful. We had a fun day in the part with natures beauty.
Grams and Papa

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I am grateful for so many things, but today, 2 stand out. And both of them were at my house this week.
This sign has been in my front yard for a couple of weeks.
I find a great comfort in our little blessings, and knowing our Father in Heaven is aware of our righteous desires.
He finds a way everyday to reach out to us and give us a warm reassurance that we are not alone, He hears our prayers, He knows us and is with us. Everyday.
This was a sun rise a couple of days ago. There are not many things more beautiful than an Arizona sunrise, or sunset.

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