Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mesa Temple Lights

Tyia and Kattie

Nemo, Kattie, Madison

Kattie and Rich

Poppy and Nana

Jeff and Nikki

Although it was a cold night, we had a wonderful time, seeing the lights, hearing the story from Luke 2, drinking hot chocolate, and listening the the concert. Some were freezing and we found blankets under the seat in our truck to help the Arizonaites who had forgotten what cold desert temps were like. The spirit on the temple grounds is always so strong, and we loved taking the time to remember the story of Christmas.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve

I enjoyed all of my family being together for Christmas! If we didn't do anything it would have been ok, .......but we DID DO things.

We have a tradition of playing darts & we are a very competitive. I always buy about 30 small gifts, but things people would trade for. I usually take a part one of the Cost Co Bath Sets and wrap each individually. I get golf balls, pocket knives, watches, that sort of thing for the men, and I always something the grandkids would want. This year it was hand held games of Solitaire and Trivial Pursuit. So there is plenty to choose from. Oliver won the grand prize, a decorative serving bowl....very pretty.

Then we gathered around the table and enjoyed a Prime Rib dinner. It was fabulous. I was a little nervous to cook it, but it turned out so good. And of course we had the baked potatoes, Pistachio salad, green been casserole, rolls, and all the side trimmings. Dessert was pumpkin pie, or apple pie.

Then we cleared off the table and got the dishes done, and gathered around the tree and exchanged gifts. I am so grateful for my children. You are the best. Always so appreciative for each gift. You take the time to recognize the gift wrapping done with care and pretty bows. You are thoughtful when you get things for each other. A lot of thought goes into the gifts. I am so happy as your mom to watch you all enjoy each other, laugh, and tease, and love one another. The highlight was opening the package from Liz. We each got slippers, towels, & scrubbies. She couldn't let the box not be full so she included more wonderful hand made gifts for us. Everyone was anxious as the box was opened and the names read on each card for every person. How thoughtful you are Liz to do that for me and my family. A million thanks from each one of us.

Then more games and more snacks to finish off the evening. Oliver gave Nikki a game called "Things", or something like that. It was so much fun. We all laughed our makeup off and could hardly breathe we were laughing so hard.

Varce had to settle us all down to gather around the tree and read to us from Luke 2 the birth of Jesus Christ. And that is the greatest gift for us all from our Father in Heaven.

Then the Ritters headed for home, and the rest of us went to bed, with visions of sugar canes dancing in our head.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hi Lappy

My laptop died before Thanksgiving..... hence, I have not been online for what seems like forever. Kattie and Rich are hardware brain surgeons and they brought my lappy back to life. I love you Kattie and Rich!!!!! They put in aboaut 11 hours fixing my dear lappy. Then, they had the wisdom to FedX it to me. I got it yesterday. At first we thought that was a waste of money because Kate would be here one day later..... but she would be carrying Christmas gifts in her luggage and knew that she didn't need anymore "stuff" to worry about. So, it came yesterday. Now tonight I was SUPPOSED to get her at the airport at 11: 00 pm. However, if any one has seen the weather reports in Portland, Oregon you know we will be lucky if she is here by Thursday!! The airport is closed, and all flights are cancelled until further notice. Even the police were sent home. Stores are closed and employees were sent home. So she is there, enjoying the beautiful snow storm. And may be a white Christmas with Rich and his family. And not with us... bummer.

You can google Portland Oregon web cams and see the weather video on the TV stations there. It is marvelous....

You can also see Idaho Falls web cams.... it is 3 degrees there this afternoon....!!

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