Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hi Lappy

My laptop died before Thanksgiving..... hence, I have not been online for what seems like forever. Kattie and Rich are hardware brain surgeons and they brought my lappy back to life. I love you Kattie and Rich!!!!! They put in aboaut 11 hours fixing my dear lappy. Then, they had the wisdom to FedX it to me. I got it yesterday. At first we thought that was a waste of money because Kate would be here one day later..... but she would be carrying Christmas gifts in her luggage and knew that she didn't need anymore "stuff" to worry about. So, it came yesterday. Now tonight I was SUPPOSED to get her at the airport at 11: 00 pm. However, if any one has seen the weather reports in Portland, Oregon you know we will be lucky if she is here by Thursday!! The airport is closed, and all flights are cancelled until further notice. Even the police were sent home. Stores are closed and employees were sent home. So she is there, enjoying the beautiful snow storm. And may be a white Christmas with Rich and his family. And not with us... bummer.

You can google Portland Oregon web cams and see the weather video on the TV stations there. It is marvelous....

You can also see Idaho Falls web cams.... it is 3 degrees there this afternoon....!!

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