Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wednesday before Thanksgiving

My wonderful husband and I awoke early on Wednesday morning.  We dressed warm.  We fixed our thermos mugs with hot cocoa.  We hoped in the car and headed up north.  Even with icy roads and the sun wasn't up yet, we were anxious to go on a drive. 

When you live in Idaho you are used to having bad roads.  You know that when big storms hit the state the snow plows do their best to keep main roads open.  When really big storms hit, the snow plows can't keep up, and roads are closed, and roads remain icy.  And, as a native of Idaho, I know all of this.  And I want to see it.  No matter what the conditions there are "stupid drivers" in every state....and in Idaho, I am one of them and so is my Darling Husband.

You see, we have to be up north to give my brother a ride down to our house for Thanksgiving.  We know that this may or may not happen.  My SIL and all of her family and all of the grandkids and All of them are going to California for Thanksgiving, but my brother may or may not be able to make the trip.  So, we are the back up plan for my brother.  I have had mixed emotions about this.  I want to have him with me, but I know he needs to be with his family.  So, we have prepared for both scenarios.  Guest room is ready, food is ready, and we are off for a beautiful early morning drive.

The roads are very icy.  The drifts are along the roadways.  The remnants of blowing snow is everywhere.  People who have to be up and driving are creeping along on the slick roads.  We all allow 10 car lengths between the car in front of us.  We are all cautious.  We are all taking our time.  Our lives are in peril if we don't.  No clock it going to be dictating to us what time we have to arrive at our separate destinations.  We are smarter than that.  We are doing our very best to stay safe and to keep those around us safe.  That is how you drive in the winter around here.  You take your time.  You plan for the unexpected.

We saw the sun rising in the clouds trying to break through.  We watched as the shadows give way to the different contrasts in the snow.

There is  world out there that doesn't get snow in the winter.  I moved from that world recently.  I miss many things about that world, but I am enjoying this new world so very much.  It is easy to love this if you don't HAVE to be out in it.  When one isn't running off to work at a set time each morning.  When we don't HAVE to fight the slick roads and the traffic. 

To be able to take your time, and look around to see God's beauty is truly a blessing.  This is one of the many things I am thankful for.  Thanksgiving  helps us to remember to take the time and count our blessings.  Thanksgiving is a time for us to remember other years and other people who have touched our lives.  I am filled with gratitude this year, as I have new and familiar experiences, and count my many blessings.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Prelude

I have been anxious about the Thanksgiving Holiday this year.  I have had so many unsettled plans and it has been hard to know where to start.

About Tuesday the gears started moving and we were into the preparations.

I began with preparing two guest rooms.  I was expecting my son to be here, from San Diego.  Also, my brother to be with us.  I cleaned rooms downstairs.  I washed sheets and got the beds ready.  I found extra bedding as the temperatures were plummeting for the holiday.  We had been getting lots of snow a few days prior to the holiday and wanted to be ready.

We moved boxes, unpacked boxes, broke down boxes and hauled the boxes away.  As soon as we would do 5 boxes, 5 more would magically appear.  I don't know who packed all this stuff, or what they were thinking, but the boxes are like rabbits and multiply daily.

We moved furniture around.  We moved book cases.  We moved sewing machines and boxes of fabric.  We turned storage rooms into bedrooms.  It was magical.  The matching bed skirt, comforter, pillows and lamps made the rooms look homey and welcoming.  The fresh towels were ready.  Bars of soap and shampoo were in containers to welcome our guests.

All the while we were downstairs working and preparing for our guests, mother nature had been just as busy.  She freely deposited many inches of snow.  She let the wind blow and blow.  She allowed the temperature to drop.

When the guest rooms were ready, we faced the dilemma outside.  My brave husband put on his snow clothes and started to shovel off the deck for the dogs to go outside.  He shoveled off the driveway, and the walk way.  Within 15 minutes the snow was covering all the surfaces he had just cleaned.  It was a losing battle.  But, he was not to be out done by Mother Nature.  Oh, no.  He had other ways to tidy up our property and those who live by us.

So, "Brave Husband" got on the 4 wheeler.  Our dear friend and neighbor, Norman, has a 4 wheeler with a snow blade on the front.  Our other neighbor, Kenny does too.  There is a snow blower that we all share as well.  "Brave Husband" was ready to fight Mother Nature knowing he had all these tools at his disposal.

Meanwhile, the temperature is dropping.  All roads within 5 counties are treacherous and dangerous.  The weather forecasters are telling everyone to stay home.  Stay off the roads.  The roads are too dangerous to drive on.  Don't travel.  The emergency crews can't get to stranded motorists.  The visibility is 0.  We have a White Out.  Mother Nature is working hard to ruin any holiday travel and plans for thousands of people.

Back home, "Brave Husband" and his 2 helpers are plowing through the snow and trying to find pavement and driveways.  They are losing the battle.  It is snowing hard and it is so cold.  The pavement and driveways are ice.  They can't get the ice to move. 

We have a few phone calls with our son.  We decide it isn't safe to travel.  We want him here so badly we start to check for airline flights that might be affordable and available.  But, we find flights from $1,986.00 to $462.00.  We aren't sure the airports will be open either....many flights are being cancelled and passengers stranded.  So we finally throw in the towel and concede to Mother Nature that she wins.  Our son won't be joining us for Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile, in San Diego, preparations are being made at our middle daughter home.  She is going to host Thanksgiving for her older sister and family.  We know our son can join them and they will have a wonderful time.  The weather there is great.  They can plan on going to 6 Flags and playing all weekend!

Back at our house I am thinking about moving my sewing into one of the guests rooms.  But I wisely save that idea for another day.  I still have a dinner to prepare for the 3 of us and my brother.  So, I get into the cooking and list making mode.

Turkey is thawing.  The holiday is coming.

This isn't the end.  This is wonderful.  I love the snow, the cold, the wind, the brisk air freezing my lungs.  This is Thanksgiving for 2010.

Monday, November 22, 2010

#3 Joins the Gang

I have introduced you to our neighbors Norman and Kenny.  While my DH has been MIA these two men have been watching out for me.  I showed you pictures of Kenny tilling up the community garden, while Norman watched him do it.  That is just how these guys are.  Always doing something.  Well, my DH is #3 and he has joined the "men's club".

You can tell I was spying out of my bay window at these two.  The blurry part is the blinds, sorry about that.  But it is the faces I want you to see.  Just look at my DH.  He is SO serious.  I think they were talking about the wind.  It is apparent that this day the wind was blowing.  We had gusts up to 40 mph.  That is enough to mess with your hair..

But these two guys had been in the "shop".  Kenny needed some plastic.  It seems he has a water leak in their basement.  Somehow the rain and melting snow is coming in and he is trying to figure out a way to prevent it from continuing.  So, these two buddies are solving the worlds problems...... and their own.  They are really discussing it with gusto. 

I love watching men.  They are so different from women.  They are men.  And they do things in a different way.  Even if it is just talking to one another.  They don't interrupt.  They listen.  While one is listening they give support and validation to the talker.  I enjoy watching men.  The way they stand, the hands in the pockets.  You know what I mean.....

So, I am glad #3 has joined the pack.  I know these 3 men will change the outcome of the world. (At least my world).  They will do great and marvelous things.  Kenny and DH are both retired.  Only good things can happen when men retire and have a buddy to hang out with.

Kenny fishes.  DH fishes.
Kenny works with wood.  DH has a shop and ever tool known to mankind.
Kenny likes to make things.  DH will make things, too.

The world will stay on its proper rotation now that #3 is here and joined the pack.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


When my middle child was here visiting me right before Halloween I made her a gift.

I made some fridge magnets for her, from some Halloween scrapbook paper.  They turned out so cute.  I want to make some Christmas ones, Thanksgiving ones, Valentines.....well, you get the idea...

Then I realized I was out of control! 

Imagine, that ever happening to me!

So, I decided to pick something else to make magnets out of.

I found this great idea from another blog.  (Yep, I've been surfing again...)

Aren't they cute?

So, if you want to make these, or get the directions to make some of your own idea, go to:


You can get hooked on these...

When I made mine, I did not use Mod Podge.  I used a quick drying glue, one that dries clear.  It is one I use when I make books.  It is Tombo brand and it worked great.  I just put a little on the flat side of the glass and squiggled it around and then placed the cut out paper on the glue.  I pressed down firmly on the marble and you can watch the glue spread and disappear.

I love the idea of the maps for the magnets. 

So, go and have some fun and make some.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Favorite Artist has Good Thoughts

Recently, I shared with you some of the art work by Robert Duncan.

I told you about his calendars.

Well, there is more to tell.

Underneath each picture is a "thought".

For instance:  In his new calendar, for the month of February, he says this;

         " If you care about something you have to protect it -  If you're lucky enough to find a way of life you love,       you have to find the courage to live it."
                                                                      -John Irving

Another one of my favorites is:

          " The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man."

Each month is great.
Another is:

     "There is a way that nature speaks, that land speaks.  Most of the time we are simply not patient enough, quiet enough, to pay attention to the story".   - Linda Hogan

So, as you pick out the calendar you will be using for the next year, I hope you make it one you love to look at, and hopefully it will uplift your spirit and give you joy.  

   "When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses".  - Dr. Joyce Brothers

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You Know You Are In Idaho...when....

There is a saying in Idaho.... "If you don't like the weather, just wait 30 minutes".

It is true.

I can prove it.

Yesterday morning my DH and I headed to Pocatello.  It is about 50 miles south of Idaho Falls.  But that is the closest Cost Co.  We have a Sam's Club in IF, but I miss Cost Co.  So, we took off on an outing.

The first main road to drive on from our house to the Interstate is Sunnyside Road.  This is it!
The snow was huge flakes.  Wet.  Beautiful.

It wasn't long until the trees were gathering the fresh wet snow on their branches.
The sidewalks were covered within minutes.
The roads became slushy.

We were only about 25 miles down the road when we came to the end of the storm.
The cloud simply STOPPED.
It was weird.

In one mile this is what we saw....the Blackfoot Reservoir.

There was not exactly sparkling water and sunny skies, but the storm wasn't here.
It was just dry earth.
No snow or rain.
There was wind.
The sun was just starting to peek out from behind the clouds.

We continued on to our destination and did our shopping and headed home.
Three hours had passed.
The weather had remained the same where we were.
No snow...only scattered clouds.

Then we headed home.
It was apparent where the storm had been.
This is my "Taylor Mountain", which I love.
I think I have shared with you about learning how to ski on Taylor Mountain...many moons ago.

The elevation of the storm was obvious.
The foothills and mountains were white and beautiful.
The grass was still green a little lower down.

The wind had been blowing quite hard in the morning, but at sunset it had nearly stopped.
The clouds were still hanging around, but all the morning snow had melted on the grass.

The sunset was spectacular.

This is from my dining room window.
No, I am not a chicken to go outside.
But, I am no fool either.
It was pretty chilly and still a little windy.
Enough to keep me inside.

So, just remember when you come to Idaho:
Dress in layers.
Plan for all conditions and weather.
Get out and enjoy it, no matter what it is.

I just love being here.
I love the variety.
I love the fresh clean air.
I love day-light savings time.
I love going to bed earlier.

I even love the snow.....quite a lot!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Santa? Is that you?

One day last week this strange guy I know showed up at my house.  He had a vague familiarity about him.  Something about the twinkle in his eyes.  The round belly.  The white hair.  The red shirt. 

The mode of transportation was familiar to me.  I knew that red truck.  I would know that truck anywhere.  It was, however, something I didn't expect to see this familiar guy driving.  I was looking for something not driven by horse power, but rather, reindeer power possibly.

This guy seemed to know me.  Know everything about me.  He knew that I had a naughty streak in me, but that I was usually nice.  He knew I had been very very good.  I had been working hard.  I had been doing my chores, being nice to everyone, just the usual stuff.

His eyes-how they twinkled! his dimples how merry!
His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!
His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow,
And the beard of his chin was as white as the snow.

I slowly started to recognize this guy.  Because he seemed like someone I had met before I let him open the door to the shop.  He seemed surprised.  My youngest daughter has been working out there with some of her belongings and she has filled some of the floor and wall space with her belongings, but there is still space in the shop available for important things like tools, saws, wood, tool chests, and things that a man would want in his shop.  Especially men white white beards and twinkling eyes.

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,

The smile on this guys face.............................

 He had a broad face and a little round belly,

That shook when he laughed, like a bowlful of jelly!

He was chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf,

And I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself!
A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,
Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread.

Soon, I started to know who this guy was......

I had been waiting for him............................

He was finally with me..................................

He was finally home.......................................

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work..........

The end.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Thanksgiving Deco

He is home!!!
He is tired.
He has blood shot eyes.
His hair is really really long.
His beard is even longer than his hair!

He is Santa Claus.

Or Santa's Elf.

But first we have to have Thanksgiving, before we can do the Christmas stuff.

So today I want to share a little of my house with you.  I am getting ready for the next holiday.

I taught tole painting about 2,000 years ago.  When we moved to Arizona, in 1983, that was one of the first things I did - I took a Tole Painting Class for about 10 weeks.  I loved it.  I painted all the time.  I got my friend Judy to paint with me.  I would paint while I was camping in the mountains.  I would paint late at night.  I would paint while supper cooked and my little kids chattered to me.

I have loved looking at the things I have made.  My Pilgrims are one of my favorite centerpieces.   That is because my DH and I worked on them together.  I bought the pattern, and he cut out the wood.  He also made the base for them to be attached to.  We make a good team.  Yes, I think we do.  I am going to keep him around for awhile. He is going to be cutting lots of wood and making sawdust. 

I love my holiday decorations cluttering up my home.  I love the memories they bring.  I enjoy getting them out of the boxes, like seeing old friends and hanging out with them for a few days.  They bring back memories of going to Hobby Lobby with my friend Robyn.  We would go and over spend and not care a hoot!  Because we would get to see the pretty things in our houses.  The "Give Thanks" pumpkin is something I bought on one of those days with Robyn.  I liked it so much, I bought two of them.  I still have the second one.  I am troubled with the OCD on occasion and buy duplicates.  Just look at my garage and storage and you know how troubled I am with OCD.  My craft supplies are just as duplicated.  But, that means I have TWICE as much fun!  Right?  Yeah, that is right.  That's my story and I am sticking to it.

Judy and I even took children's coloring books and used those cute simple pictures for patterns for some of the tole painting we did.  We made a large set of Pilgrims one year.  That was so long ago....back when blue and mauve were all the rage in home decor.  So, I painted my little girl Pilgrim with mauve.... if I had it to over again I would stay with the traditional colors, black and gray and white.  But, back then I was young and adventurous.

The fireplace mantle is the home of the mauve Pilgrims....and I hide the color as much as possible by surrounding those cute Pilgrims with lots of green and orange.  It works.  If you look at the entire display and not just her hideous little mauve apron, it works.

These dear little people give my heart joy.  The "Give Thanks" gives me joy. They bring back the memories of  wonderful times with cherished friends and family.  Isn't that what Thanksgiving is all about.  Just To Be Thankful!  And for my life and the people who have been in my life I am thankful.  I am so blessed.  Their influence on me has brought me more education than setting in classes could.  They taught me to share, to love, to stretch, to try new and different things.  To try new things, and to do things on my own.  To have the courage to teach tole painting was a stretch for me.  It prepared me to be able to do other teaching.

I am so blessed to have my DH with me now.  To share this new home with.  To make new friends and new memories.  But, I will always cherish the past friends and memories I have.  To have these familiar decorations around me makes this new environment feel like my/our home.  I am so very thankful!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010



Tomorrow, tomorrow, he'll be here tomorrow,
he's only a day away..................
Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll hold him tomorrow,
he's on-ly a dayyyyyyyyyy aaaawwwaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Ahhhh...... yep, tomorrow!

OK, I promised you the story of the mittens.

I have to start at the beginning....

Kelsey lives in Juneau, Alaska!  I met her when my DH and I went there for 10 days.  Our youngest pip-squeak was working in Juneau, and I was desperately missing her.  Plus, I wanted to see Alaska.  So we took a 10 day trip.................NO I am not going to give you all those details.....

Kelsey worked with our youngest pip-squeak on a Whale Watching Boat.  The two of them are like two peas in a pod.  They have the same sense of humor, they both knit and crochet and do crafty stuff.  They are just so much alike!

Well, Kelsey has now perfected a pair of mittens. She sells them on Etsy.

Bella Mittens in Oatmeal      Bella Mittens in Blue Ming   Bella Fingerless Gloves in Fuchsia

She will make whatever color you want, or sell you what is already made up.

The fingerless mittens are great for those who text and stuff.  You can just pull your fingers up inside the mittens if you get cold.

They are long on the wrists, which is one of the best things, because that is where your coat and jacket always ride up and the mittens keep your arms warm.

I ordered a black pair.  They are so soft.  And so warm.  And so dang cute!!!

Bella Mittens in Wine/Tweed  They come in all different colors.

Go to http://www.etsy.com/shop/creativetides and check them out.

They are a good price for handmade, special order, and toasty warm mittens.

Be sure and tell her I sent you there. 

When my package arrived she had gift wrapped the mittens for me, and included a letter to me.  She is so thoughtful!  I just think of her as another one of my daughters.  However, I don't think she needs another mother, so I will be content just to love her as one of my own.

I hope you will look at her Etsy Shop and find something you like.  If you have daughters or relatives who live in the cold climate, they will be indebted to you forever if you send them a pair of Kelsey's mittens!!!  I promise!!!  They are that wonderful, special, cute, soft, warm, cozy, etc.


Tomorrow, tomorrow, he'll be here tomorrow,
he's only a day away..................
Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll hold him tomorrow,
he's on-ly a dayyyyyyyyyy aaaawwwaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2nd Day of Winter

Oh, the peace and beauty.  The thrill of the clean white snow.  The best part is getting to stay home and not going outside in all this beauty. 

Sleeping until you want to get up.  Eating breakfast when you want to.  Reading the Sunday paper on Tuesday.  Just simple life in the country.

Until the dogs want to go outside.  Then the plain simple life gets very complicated, very quickly.

After the first morning "potty" break for the dogs they were quarantined into the utility room.  There, one by one, I took the scissors to their legs and cut off any extra, not required to survive the winter, hair.  Each one baulked at me.  They tried to bite me.  They whined.  They snarled!  They were given treats and stalwartly I continued to remove the extra length of hair.

By the time I had 12 legs done it was time for them to go back outside.  Crap Dangit!

This afternoon the sun is shinning.  The sky is no longer cloudy and gray, but rather the familiar bright blue.  The snow is melting.  The rain gutter is dripping.  The driveway is dry.  The lawn is peeking through the snow in a place or two.  The deck is showing some clean spots without snow.  And I am actually kind of relived.   I know the snow will be back.  But this was a good wake up call for me.

I have compiled a list of things I need to survive this coming winter.  My list is quickly filling the small tablet I am writing in.

1.  Snow shovel.
     No, I do not intend to ever use it, but my DH will have to do something when he gets here.

2.  Snow boots.
     I would rather stay inside by the fire I think, but just in case of emergency I better have some reliable foot covering.

3.  Mittens
     My dear friend Kelsey's package arrived today.  I now have mittens.  They are soft and warm.  They are better than anything I have shopped for in the stores!  I will tell you, you must go on Etsy and get some of Kelsey's mittens.  Even in the house I can wear these mittens.

Tomorrow I will show you pictures of the mittens....

You will want some................

You might die if you don't get some......................

She used the idea of Bella's mittens from the recent movie, Twilight................

Yeah, I knew you would want some.....

Even if you don't live where you get 5 inches of snow in one day, you will want to have a pair or two of these wonderful mittens.

So come back tomorrow, I will tell you how to get some, where to get them, how much they cost, and show you what they look like on.

You will order some for your loved ones for Christmas!  And Kelsey can mail them to the person who needs them.....It is the best gift you will give this year!!

Come back tomorrow.... {by then I will have taken the pictures of them}

For now, Ta Ta :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Old Man Winter Arrived Today

Last night the weather man predicted snow in the night.  So, I didn't close my blinds in the bedroom.  I woke several times in the night, just to see the neighbors roof.  It was wet, but nothing worth staying awake for.

This morning I got up, it was still raining, but after about 8:00 am the little white flecks started to appear.  Slightly, infrequent, but they were there.  My heart rate increased slightly.

By 9:00 the flakes were falling, but not sticking.  I knew up north they were sticking.  But not at my house.

10:00 the ground was turning white.  The flakes were still small, the wind was picking up and causing the snow to be "flurries".

11:30 am I let my dogs go outside to play.  They romped, ran, attacked each other, sniffed, romped, ran attacked each other, sniffed,....and finally "did their business".

They loved every moment out there.  They didn't care that it was wet and sticking to their fur.  They didn't mind how deep it was getting.  They loved the snow.  They ate the snow.

They played cat and mouse with each other.  I just stood in my office snapping pictures of them.  I was waiting for one of them to lay on their back and try to make a snow angel.  I am sure Zoey will do that before this winter is over.  She loves the snow.  She will lay down and roll in it, of that I am sure.

Like I said, they romped and ran and attacked each other.

All day long it has snowed.  It has not stopped.  The wind comes and goes but the snow keeps coming.

My youngest daughter isn't home from work yet.  She went straight to shopping after work.  She said she needed shoes, boots, sweaters, pants, socks, and stuff like that.  She has enough hats, since she has crocheted about a ton of them.  She didn't imagine winter like this.....neither did I.  I will be shopping soon.  But, I am waiting until this storm passes and some of it melts.

6:30 pm.  It is still snowing.  The deck has about 5 inches on it. 

I had to let the dogs go potty again.  They repeated what they did earlier in the day.  I repeated what I did when they came inside.  Into the utility room they went.  Towels are on the floor to sop up the melting snow.  They have to stay there until they aren't dripping!  The bad thing is, they will need to go back outside before bedtime, yikes.....this might be a long winter.......

Norman came and shoveled off my driveway and walkway.  I knew he was a good man, but it is dark outside, and snowing, and cold....he is so wonderful!  I can't think of enough things to say good about him.  I will be indebted to him until I die! 

Right after I moved here I planted a Maple tree.  This is what it looked like earlier today.  I feel like the leaves of this tree.  Weighted down with blessings from Norman, and I will die before I can repay him.

My poor dogs are going to have a love hate relationship with winter.  Love to be out in the snow, and hate to be in the utility room until they are dry enough to come inside the house.  I think I might be in for a love/hate relationship with winter and my dogs, as well.

I know Oskar,
I know just what you mean!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Time Travel

To the discoverer,

If you have found this letter, I have succumbed to what I feared would be my downfall. My mind has been overcome with incomprehensible thoughts that I am failing miserably to make head nor tail of. As of date of writing I have been unsuccessful with my attempts to clear the clouded space that resides in my head and I fear that my sanity is fast waning.

The above words come from a letter written in 1889, by someone who was trying to become a time traveler.  They might have been written by me today.  The attempts to clear the clouded space that resides in my head are not working.  Nor have the attempts I have made to fill the emptiness in my heart been successful.

You see.  A red Toyota drove away from home late yesterday.  Inside that 4 wheel contraption were three of my most precious earthly possessions.  And now, the house is so quiet and empty with their absence. 

I am waiting for Thursday.

Please, hurry Thursday.

Friday, November 5, 2010

November 5th It Is Sring

Traditionally, in Idaho, in November, the human species should be wearing jackets, sometimes snow boots, the very least a hoodie.  Not this year.  We have spring! We are in the 60 degrees range again today.

In the spring strong men roto till their gardens.

Well, this year, strong men roto till their gardens in the fall - again.

You remember Kenny and Norman.
They are the neighborhood "hood".
And our gardeners and slaves.
We women stay far away from this project.
It is the guys world....
They are using big strong tools which require knowledge of filling with gas, and a start and stop button.
Things we women would rather not learn.

You remember Norman during the summer working along side of Kenny.
Remember the big shovel?

Yes, this is the one.
I think Norman does a good job leaning into the work, don't you?
He has good posture (for a man his age)  .
Ouch, Norman, don't hit!
I'll tell on you!

Yeah, just look at him.
He is still leaning....into his work.
He is giving Kenny the instructions to the proper use of the roto tiller.
Norman is telling Kenny how important it is to dig slightly deeper than it was dug last time.

I think Kenny already knows that.
He is kind of a quiet guy and won't argue.
He just keeps his eye on the dirt and slowly guides the roto tiller through the dirt, compost and grass clippings.

Ugh!  Norman found a rock.
Or he is "mooning" me.

I wonder if I should go point out all the weeds in the park to him...
I can't believe he hasn't noticed them.

I am hiding inside the house and they don't know I am gathering espionage material on them.
I am sneaky like that.

I am sure Norman is saying "Att'a boy Kenny.  You are doing great!  Keep it up.  You have many more rows to do, so keep your head down and keep going." 

I think I heard Kenny sigh.

Norman!  Really.  Halloween is OVER.

He just doesn't want to "crack" me up!

These two guys are great aren't they?
They want to remind me the joke is on me.
I am stuck inside the house, babysitting and they are outside getting Vitamin D.

Well, I am glad they are.
I will love the community garden and park.

They are hard working men and such nice men.
They look out for me.
They always smile and say "hi" and ask if I need anything.......
I don't mind that they start to walk away before I finish my list...

Next week there will be 3 men out there getting Vitamin D.

By then they could be shoveling snow!
So, dudes, enjoy the tee shirts cuz it ain't gonn'a last :) :) :)

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