Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wednesday before Thanksgiving

My wonderful husband and I awoke early on Wednesday morning.  We dressed warm.  We fixed our thermos mugs with hot cocoa.  We hoped in the car and headed up north.  Even with icy roads and the sun wasn't up yet, we were anxious to go on a drive. 

When you live in Idaho you are used to having bad roads.  You know that when big storms hit the state the snow plows do their best to keep main roads open.  When really big storms hit, the snow plows can't keep up, and roads are closed, and roads remain icy.  And, as a native of Idaho, I know all of this.  And I want to see it.  No matter what the conditions there are "stupid drivers" in every state....and in Idaho, I am one of them and so is my Darling Husband.

You see, we have to be up north to give my brother a ride down to our house for Thanksgiving.  We know that this may or may not happen.  My SIL and all of her family and all of the grandkids and All of them are going to California for Thanksgiving, but my brother may or may not be able to make the trip.  So, we are the back up plan for my brother.  I have had mixed emotions about this.  I want to have him with me, but I know he needs to be with his family.  So, we have prepared for both scenarios.  Guest room is ready, food is ready, and we are off for a beautiful early morning drive.

The roads are very icy.  The drifts are along the roadways.  The remnants of blowing snow is everywhere.  People who have to be up and driving are creeping along on the slick roads.  We all allow 10 car lengths between the car in front of us.  We are all cautious.  We are all taking our time.  Our lives are in peril if we don't.  No clock it going to be dictating to us what time we have to arrive at our separate destinations.  We are smarter than that.  We are doing our very best to stay safe and to keep those around us safe.  That is how you drive in the winter around here.  You take your time.  You plan for the unexpected.

We saw the sun rising in the clouds trying to break through.  We watched as the shadows give way to the different contrasts in the snow.

There is  world out there that doesn't get snow in the winter.  I moved from that world recently.  I miss many things about that world, but I am enjoying this new world so very much.  It is easy to love this if you don't HAVE to be out in it.  When one isn't running off to work at a set time each morning.  When we don't HAVE to fight the slick roads and the traffic. 

To be able to take your time, and look around to see God's beauty is truly a blessing.  This is one of the many things I am thankful for.  Thanksgiving  helps us to remember to take the time and count our blessings.  Thanksgiving is a time for us to remember other years and other people who have touched our lives.  I am filled with gratitude this year, as I have new and familiar experiences, and count my many blessings.

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