Monday, November 8, 2010

Old Man Winter Arrived Today

Last night the weather man predicted snow in the night.  So, I didn't close my blinds in the bedroom.  I woke several times in the night, just to see the neighbors roof.  It was wet, but nothing worth staying awake for.

This morning I got up, it was still raining, but after about 8:00 am the little white flecks started to appear.  Slightly, infrequent, but they were there.  My heart rate increased slightly.

By 9:00 the flakes were falling, but not sticking.  I knew up north they were sticking.  But not at my house.

10:00 the ground was turning white.  The flakes were still small, the wind was picking up and causing the snow to be "flurries".

11:30 am I let my dogs go outside to play.  They romped, ran, attacked each other, sniffed, romped, ran attacked each other, sniffed,....and finally "did their business".

They loved every moment out there.  They didn't care that it was wet and sticking to their fur.  They didn't mind how deep it was getting.  They loved the snow.  They ate the snow.

They played cat and mouse with each other.  I just stood in my office snapping pictures of them.  I was waiting for one of them to lay on their back and try to make a snow angel.  I am sure Zoey will do that before this winter is over.  She loves the snow.  She will lay down and roll in it, of that I am sure.

Like I said, they romped and ran and attacked each other.

All day long it has snowed.  It has not stopped.  The wind comes and goes but the snow keeps coming.

My youngest daughter isn't home from work yet.  She went straight to shopping after work.  She said she needed shoes, boots, sweaters, pants, socks, and stuff like that.  She has enough hats, since she has crocheted about a ton of them.  She didn't imagine winter like this.....neither did I.  I will be shopping soon.  But, I am waiting until this storm passes and some of it melts.

6:30 pm.  It is still snowing.  The deck has about 5 inches on it. 

I had to let the dogs go potty again.  They repeated what they did earlier in the day.  I repeated what I did when they came inside.  Into the utility room they went.  Towels are on the floor to sop up the melting snow.  They have to stay there until they aren't dripping!  The bad thing is, they will need to go back outside before bedtime, yikes.....this might be a long winter.......

Norman came and shoveled off my driveway and walkway.  I knew he was a good man, but it is dark outside, and snowing, and cold....he is so wonderful!  I can't think of enough things to say good about him.  I will be indebted to him until I die! 

Right after I moved here I planted a Maple tree.  This is what it looked like earlier today.  I feel like the leaves of this tree.  Weighted down with blessings from Norman, and I will die before I can repay him.

My poor dogs are going to have a love hate relationship with winter.  Love to be out in the snow, and hate to be in the utility room until they are dry enough to come inside the house.  I think I might be in for a love/hate relationship with winter and my dogs, as well.

I know Oskar,
I know just what you mean!


  1. oh what a difference a weekend can make huh mom?
    On Friday your post says it's Spring and on Monday we have Winter. Typical Idaho weather. Stick around for a few minutes and it will be summer again. :-)

  2. hahahahaha. I have the cutest dog ever!!!!!!!!! :D


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