Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Prelude

I have been anxious about the Thanksgiving Holiday this year.  I have had so many unsettled plans and it has been hard to know where to start.

About Tuesday the gears started moving and we were into the preparations.

I began with preparing two guest rooms.  I was expecting my son to be here, from San Diego.  Also, my brother to be with us.  I cleaned rooms downstairs.  I washed sheets and got the beds ready.  I found extra bedding as the temperatures were plummeting for the holiday.  We had been getting lots of snow a few days prior to the holiday and wanted to be ready.

We moved boxes, unpacked boxes, broke down boxes and hauled the boxes away.  As soon as we would do 5 boxes, 5 more would magically appear.  I don't know who packed all this stuff, or what they were thinking, but the boxes are like rabbits and multiply daily.

We moved furniture around.  We moved book cases.  We moved sewing machines and boxes of fabric.  We turned storage rooms into bedrooms.  It was magical.  The matching bed skirt, comforter, pillows and lamps made the rooms look homey and welcoming.  The fresh towels were ready.  Bars of soap and shampoo were in containers to welcome our guests.

All the while we were downstairs working and preparing for our guests, mother nature had been just as busy.  She freely deposited many inches of snow.  She let the wind blow and blow.  She allowed the temperature to drop.

When the guest rooms were ready, we faced the dilemma outside.  My brave husband put on his snow clothes and started to shovel off the deck for the dogs to go outside.  He shoveled off the driveway, and the walk way.  Within 15 minutes the snow was covering all the surfaces he had just cleaned.  It was a losing battle.  But, he was not to be out done by Mother Nature.  Oh, no.  He had other ways to tidy up our property and those who live by us.

So, "Brave Husband" got on the 4 wheeler.  Our dear friend and neighbor, Norman, has a 4 wheeler with a snow blade on the front.  Our other neighbor, Kenny does too.  There is a snow blower that we all share as well.  "Brave Husband" was ready to fight Mother Nature knowing he had all these tools at his disposal.

Meanwhile, the temperature is dropping.  All roads within 5 counties are treacherous and dangerous.  The weather forecasters are telling everyone to stay home.  Stay off the roads.  The roads are too dangerous to drive on.  Don't travel.  The emergency crews can't get to stranded motorists.  The visibility is 0.  We have a White Out.  Mother Nature is working hard to ruin any holiday travel and plans for thousands of people.

Back home, "Brave Husband" and his 2 helpers are plowing through the snow and trying to find pavement and driveways.  They are losing the battle.  It is snowing hard and it is so cold.  The pavement and driveways are ice.  They can't get the ice to move. 

We have a few phone calls with our son.  We decide it isn't safe to travel.  We want him here so badly we start to check for airline flights that might be affordable and available.  But, we find flights from $1,986.00 to $462.00.  We aren't sure the airports will be open either....many flights are being cancelled and passengers stranded.  So we finally throw in the towel and concede to Mother Nature that she wins.  Our son won't be joining us for Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile, in San Diego, preparations are being made at our middle daughter home.  She is going to host Thanksgiving for her older sister and family.  We know our son can join them and they will have a wonderful time.  The weather there is great.  They can plan on going to 6 Flags and playing all weekend!

Back at our house I am thinking about moving my sewing into one of the guests rooms.  But I wisely save that idea for another day.  I still have a dinner to prepare for the 3 of us and my brother.  So, I get into the cooking and list making mode.

Turkey is thawing.  The holiday is coming.

This isn't the end.  This is wonderful.  I love the snow, the cold, the wind, the brisk air freezing my lungs.  This is Thanksgiving for 2010.

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