Monday, March 29, 2010

Cowboy fixin's

Tonight we had the best dinner.
I stole a recipe from It is Marlboro Man's favorite sandwich.
I even put my computer on the kitchen counter and follow all the directions and pictures....
So If you want to know what we had for dinner, you can check it out under the cooking tab...
And the reason for cooking the dinner, was to help immerse myself even more into the live of MM and Ree.... as I am reading her story.... Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. It is taking days to read it, and I am spell bound. It is good stuff!! Really good stuff... The kind of stuff that makes me look at my husband with the gray hair in an entirely new way.... Man, I love that man!
He holds me tight, he tangles his legs in mine when we are in bed. He has a twinkle in his eye. He avoids conflict. He is a hard worker... even mowed our lawn today (without a riding lawn mower like MM gets to have). And he rubs my back, and nuzzles my neck and gives me goose bumps. And, well, I should keep the rest a little respectful and stop now. But know . . . . . . .
I love that man!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

5 months huh?

I was given permission to post these photos.... I know, I was surprised, too. But they are just too good not to share.
The man, who will remain nameless, and the daughter who is 5 months pregnant.
It just doesn't get more real than this, does it?
And who said a picture was worth a thousand words... well, they were right.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Ivy is on the left, Ozkar is on the right, and Sadie is trying to be discreet and not ruin the photo and is hanging out in the back. She is trying to look camera shy, but she isn't... she is just doing the ploy thing... or planning her next attack.
Ivy loves to play.... she loves to let Zoey (my white micheivious Bishon, who is the Alpha in every sense of the word) be mean to her. Zoey and Ivy are always doing things like two 4 year old boys would be doing. Laying on the floor, rolling on top of each other. Growling and taking turn being on top and being the boss. (Nothing sexual remember, this is a family blog!) Zoey is always bossing Ivy around.
Then Ozkar gets in on the action. He is big, much bigger than Ivy and doubles the weight of Ivy. He plays nice, though. He lets her make high pitched noises, lets her bite and squiggle all around him. He opens his mouth and nearly swallows Ivy's head. Ivy doesn't mind. She is playing with her big brother, (he really isn't her brother and it younger than her, but he is large of stature) and the two of them have wonderful times... and slobber all over each other.
When the cousin, Sadie is here...Sadie is really Ivy's sister, and younger and shorter, but not smaller... they weigh about the same and they love each other. They, too, roll on the floor, and make squeaky noises, and open their mouths as wide as they can get them, and slobber on each other...but Sadie doesn't slobber as much as Zoey, and Zoey slobbers less than Ozker. (have I lost you yet? Are you getting the picture of who is the bottom of the food chain around here?)

So Ivy has to have a bath, usually more frequently that the rest. If she doesn't get the bath, she smells the worst. It isn't her fault. Her personal hygiene is impecable, but her siblings/cousins/house mates are the ones who are to blame. Little miss Ivy would be perfectly content to prance around the yard and tip toe in the rocks and grass if the others would just her be! But she is forced to roll around the floor and be mauled by everyone else. She tries to hide under the couch, but the others have figured out how to squat low and go in the dark and find her.
Poor Ivy.

So Ivy gets to have a bath. In the kitchen sink... where it takes forever to get hot water. Where everyone can see her naked. Where she would rather not be.....

For here it is humiliating. She knows all of her curves are in sight, plain sight. She is vulnerable. She gets water in her eyes. And she knows that by tomorrow whe will stink again, because all the other dogs are just waiting for her. They are on the floor near the sink watching. Waiting. Plotting. And she knows it.

And without her hair done, well... you know how you feel, and she feels the same way.

She knows when it is over she gets a "Greenie", but sometimes it might not be worth a "Greenie".

She doesn't hate her baths bad enough to shove the faucet into her eye... that is just a badly composed photo and my part.... but you can see how sad she is. Yes, she hates it.
But in the end, she will be able to hang out with her family again, and get cuddled, and smell good,...... at least for a few hours..... until she get mauled again.

I love you Ivy. I love how forgiving you are to those who pester you.

I love you.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Family around the fire

Is that the face of some one who is really concentrating?? Yes, as it has been awhile since he picked up his guitar... Oliver has it.... so he is playing Tyia's.
As we gathered around the fire and enjoyed the cool evening and roasted our hot dogs, we are the family who strums together, as many of us are vocally challenged. These are the best FHE's.
A sneak peek into the moods,... Tyia is strumming, Kattie is roasting her hot dog, while her little real dog (Sadie) is cuddled on her lap, and Madison is looking on.

I keep telling Madison.. "Smokes follows beauty", and she isn't buying in on that. She just hates the smoke..
Nikkie was crocheting away, and staying on her diet! What an inspiration in the battle of challenge. Keep up the good work my dear, your influencing all of us..
So, that is a little glimpse of a quiet and fun hot dog roast in the back yard.... making memories.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kattie's bump = peanut

I have so many feelings about this event.
Please allow me to ramble.

As women, we are blessed to nurture.

By being mothers, sisters, friends and by our eternal bond with God's plan we get to share our experiences with those we love.

I love my girls and my son.

I love babies.

The smell of a baby, their soft skin, their ability to be so helpless that grown men are brought to their knees in wonderment of these sweet bodies who house sacred spirits.

I love being a mother and grandmother.

And "Peanut".... oh, how I love you and your mom!

Monday, March 22, 2010

I love these eyes

When I look into these eyes I can not hide. She knows me. She sees my moods, my thoughts, everything about me...... and inspite of all the things I lack, she loves me. She loves me unconditionally. I feel bad sometimes, because I don't always love her that same way.
She barks. She barks when someone is too close to our home. She keeps me safe. But I tire of listening to her bark.
She licks. She licks me whenever she can. Her licks are her kisses for me. But licks are gross.
She cuddles. She likes to be near me, and touches me and gives me comfort and security. But sometimes I need more space.
She loves me!
And I love her.... my Zoey.... I love her with all my heart.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Girls will be Girls: in my bed!!

For some reason my kids just love my bed. They always seem to "hang out" there.

This past week we had Kattie and Sadie to stay with us. We had such fun. Some of the new "skills" that we taught Kattie are: crocheting, canning grapefruit, and sewing.

Here are the two giggly girls who just kept me laughing all week. We crocheted the most wonderful bags. They can be used for beach bags, produce bags ie: at the super market and forget all the plastic stuff. They really are great! So then Nikki joined us and learned how. As usual I can't do just one of anything, so I am now on my 4th bag. I have Red, Turquoise, and 2 Yellow. They are bright and cheerful, and so much fun. I might just have to give a few for gifts, as they are so neat..... I wonder if making them makes me think they are neater than they really are..? No, they are neat!

The pink quilt has been mine since I was 16 years old. My great grandmother, Grandma Johnson made it for me for my birthday. I have saved it in a drawer for all these years, and decided it must be used, Gently Used,.... I wish and hope and pray it does.... inspite of all the love on top of it.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Sister" Book finds a new home.

I made this book, and donated it to Rebecca Sower's Etsy page for HaitibyHand. All proceeds go directly to aid the women in Haiti, and further their ability to do hand work, sew, and enjoy crafting all things beautiful... just like I do. The book sold and today, off the book goes, to a new home. I wrapped it in pink fabric..

... tied up in lace.....

.... into the box,....

Afixing the address: would you believe it, it is going to Phoenix, Az. Near Chandler!

And into the mail it goes... off to another home. I hope my book is as loved having it, as I loved making it.

I am grateful for the chance to add a little love to someone else's life. It is a blessing to share my art, and my "outlet" to create. I thank Rebecca Sower and all of her hard work in giving me and others our chance to share. And remember, the women in Haiti, the families in Chile, and where ever there is disaster and sadness. I count my many blessings to be spared these trials.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Studio Things

The "fabric" to our lives is as diverse as the fabrics we see in stores, or shopping. We have colorful, textured, silky, linen, soft, vintage, and every other type imaginable. However, each was created from a thought, an idea, a need. Some can be frayed, a little rough around the edges, or just plain worn out. Others are new and shinny and happy. Some are wrinkled, some are smooth, some are opaque, and some are transparent, some are forgiving and stretch when we need it to..... but each serves it's purpose. And each is useful, at different times. But each is loved.

The people we come in contact with are just as diverse. Whether these people are friends, family, or neighbors. Each is useful. Each has their own divine purpose. Each is different....some are wrinkled, some are worn out, some are happy and shinny and some are transparent.... some find it more difficult to stretch....but each serves......each is useful..... and each is loved.

I am so grateful for all the "fabrics" of my life. Those who I see often, those who I don't see often, those who I talk to often, those who I don't talk to often, and those who accept me for who I am, and for those who don't. I am thankful to be given many diverse people in my life, who help me grow.... Who help me forgive....... Who love me..... Who I love..... Who teach me patience.... Who strengthen me.... Who lift me.... Who understand me.... To each of those people/fabrics... I love you!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Things in my studio

I love thread. I love wooden spools of thread. I love old thread that was cheap on wooden spools.

Monday, March 1, 2010

I am embroidering again

I go from mood to mood with my desire to create. Lately I have enjoyed embroidery. I haven't done much for a few years, until I made the "Textile Book" which I have for sale on Etsy, for the Haitibyhands site. After working on the book, I bought a set of cloth dishtowels and an updated "chef" pattern to sew on them. I got it started while watching th olympics.... The "chef" makes me smile. I hope by the time I get the set done, I will use them... as I have a hard time using things like this.

I have a set of dish towels my Great Grandmother gave to me when I got married . I have never used them.

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