Friday, March 19, 2010

Girls will be Girls: in my bed!!

For some reason my kids just love my bed. They always seem to "hang out" there.

This past week we had Kattie and Sadie to stay with us. We had such fun. Some of the new "skills" that we taught Kattie are: crocheting, canning grapefruit, and sewing.

Here are the two giggly girls who just kept me laughing all week. We crocheted the most wonderful bags. They can be used for beach bags, produce bags ie: at the super market and forget all the plastic stuff. They really are great! So then Nikki joined us and learned how. As usual I can't do just one of anything, so I am now on my 4th bag. I have Red, Turquoise, and 2 Yellow. They are bright and cheerful, and so much fun. I might just have to give a few for gifts, as they are so neat..... I wonder if making them makes me think they are neater than they really are..? No, they are neat!

The pink quilt has been mine since I was 16 years old. My great grandmother, Grandma Johnson made it for me for my birthday. I have saved it in a drawer for all these years, and decided it must be used, Gently Used,.... I wish and hope and pray it does.... inspite of all the love on top of it.

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