Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Family around the fire

Is that the face of some one who is really concentrating?? Yes, as it has been awhile since he picked up his guitar... Oliver has it.... so he is playing Tyia's.
As we gathered around the fire and enjoyed the cool evening and roasted our hot dogs, we are the family who strums together, as many of us are vocally challenged. These are the best FHE's.
A sneak peek into the moods,... Tyia is strumming, Kattie is roasting her hot dog, while her little real dog (Sadie) is cuddled on her lap, and Madison is looking on.

I keep telling Madison.. "Smokes follows beauty", and she isn't buying in on that. She just hates the smoke..
Nikkie was crocheting away, and staying on her diet! What an inspiration in the battle of challenge. Keep up the good work my dear, your influencing all of us..
So, that is a little glimpse of a quiet and fun hot dog roast in the back yard.... making memories.

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