Saturday, October 30, 2010

It Is Fun

1.  Being a Grandmother

2.  Being a wife.

3.  Being a mom.

4.  Having friends.

5.  Being alive when technology changes every year, and brings us all closer together.

6.  Watching seasons change.

7.  Knowing I will have my eternal mate with me in 12 more days.

8.  Sleeping in until 9:00 am.

9.  Waking up to clouds.

10. Knowing I have nothing to do today except be with my girls and grandbaby.

11. Having the food storage shelves full of food.

12. Sitting in front of the fireplace and reading a book.

13. Seeing piles of empty boxes instead of full boxes.

14. Knowing the holidays are coming and feeling the excitement build in my heart.

15. Being content with where I am in my life.

16. Getting Christmas gifts made ahead of time.

17. Skype and seeing my family who are far away, physically, but not emotionally.

18. Clean sheets, clean jammies, and showered, then going to bed.

19. Having laundry and dishes done at the same time.

And # 20...........................  Something that isn't fun................

Fixing a big cup of cocoa and putting it in the thermos mug, with the screw on top. 
Sitting down at the computer.
Typing and looking forward to that first yummy swallow.
Then take a big drink.
Discovering the lid wasn't screwed on correctly and being drenched down the front of the clean sweats outfit.
Hot, sticky, smelly cocoa dripping on the keyboard, ones lap, and the table.

Yep.  #20 isn't fun!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I am thankful to have memories.
They sustain us when we need a lift.
They remain with us and give us a smile.

The past weekend when my girls and grandbaby joined me for a "drive" we had lots of smiles.  We made lots of memories.  We took more than lots of pictures.  I have noticed a few of them popping up on Facebook.  I might have to hog tie my youngest for posting without written permission. 

But, gosh, we saw some beautiful places.  Some of the most beautiful colors.  I have seen New England in the fall many times, and I discovered the same beauty here in Idaho.

And if we don't have enough to look at with the scenery, color, trees, running water, etc. we have to take pictures of each other taking pictures of us.  Is that an oxymoron? Or whatever....but everybody does it, don't we.  I have photos of my great Uncles taking pictures of my mom taking pictures of my mom taking pictures of my great Uncles.  It must be something in the gene pool.

So, we just laugh and laugh, and share our laughter with the trees, the river, the bushes, the frozen and dried berries still hanging on bushes.  We always laugh!  We have so dang much fun.  I love spending time with these crazy girls, and their sister (which I sorely miss) and all the grandkids, and my son in law and my husband and even a boy friend and girl friend.... Did I leave anyone out?  Whew!  But, we sure have so dang much fun!

Since finding such beautiful colors in Swan Valley, and near Palisades Reservoir, I am wondering where else I should have driven.  I will need to plan picnics next year with my Darling Husband.  We will pack a blanket, some food, a couple of cameras, binoculars, maybe the dogs (maybe not the dogs or the kids) and drive all around..... To Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  To Island Park.  Oh, how I am looking forward to sharing this with him.  I sure miss him, and have wished everyday that he was here with me, seeing the things I am seeing.  And, playing with his youngest grand baby, who-is-without-question-ever, the cutest  baby ever!!!

And then we will drive home just as the sun is setting.  We will shed our coats, sweat shirts, jackets, or whatever warm covering of the day has been.  We will light the fire (with a flip of a switch, which I am learning to love!) and curl up on the sofa, arm in arm, and relive our day.  We will talk about how we wished we could have shared it with our kids.  We will look at the photos we took.  We will realize how blessed we are.

We will be ever thankful for our memories!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's A Dogs Life

Meet Zoey and Ozkar.  They are good friends.  They both plan attacks on Ivy.  They meet in the quiet time of the afternoon.  They plan the casual meeting, I emphasise "casual", so no one in the house would suspect they are meeting and planning the strategies of their attacks.  They, nonchalantly lay down and pretend to be sleeping or resting.....but don't let them fool you.  They are Captain and Co-Captain of the forces around here.

Poor Ivy.  She is oblivious to what is about to happen to her.  She is content to look out the front door.  To enjoy watching the ducks and the geese fly south.  She listens to them honking and quacking.  She loves to breath in the fresh air.   She is relaxed.  She is counting her blessings.  She takes time to smell the roses.

Then, when she isn't looking, they pounce on her.  They devour her.  They bite, growl, and terrorize her. But she gives it right back to them.  She will lay down and let them bite and nibble and slobber all over her, and then suddenly she goes on the defensive.  Bam!  Bite!  Bark!  She gets them back, and they run for their lives.

The great thing about these playmates is, they never stop!  It is like having a miniature football team in your house.  The grunts, the growls, the running, the never stopping!

What am I going to do all winter when they can't be locked outside to do this?

I guess I will just go to my bedroom and lock myself in there....

Gott'a love the everyday joys.  Cuz I love these guys!-girls!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Swan Valley

When I was in High School I went to Swan Valley with my mom and dad all the time. 

My Aunt Carol ran a Lodge and Cafe there.  I used to wash dishes.  I learned how to put iodine in the rinse water and that would help make the dishes sparkle.

I have great memories about that little rural place.  It isn't even a town..  Just a neat place.

Then a little farther up the road is Palisades Reservoir. 

We would pick Choke Cherries there.  And I think Huckleberries, too.

Well, this past weekend I loaded my girls and grand baby into my car and we went for a drive.

Fall is just about many trees have lost their leaves.  But I saw the weather report predicted wind and rain starting on Sunday, so I new we had to go on Saturday. 

It was late in the afternoon, about 3:00 pm when we drove out of town.  That turned out to be a good thing, because once we were on the road we would have gone on to Jackson Hole Wyoming, if we would have had the time.

Words can't say how beautiful the drive was.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the pictures.
The River is the South Fork.

I know.  You are so jealous.  I don't blame you.  If I were you, I would be jealous, too.

We just pulled off the road, and took this photo and about 40 more photos of the same place.  I can't ever do just one of anything.  If I can get 1200 photos, I will.  

This picture was taken as we were driving.  It isn't as bright as it is taken with the window rolled up.  They are much prettier when the windows are clean.  But I have dogs who smear their noses on the window when they ride with me.....sorry, but the trees are beautiful, even through dog slobbers.

This is a Quaken Aspen.
I planted 5 of these on the side of my house this fall.
They will bring me and my loved ones joy every single day.

The little daughter who was driving me sure wished she had a fly rod with her.  And a legal fishing licence.

This green tree is a Cedar Tree.  They smell so good!

One year we cut one down for a Christmas Tree....but that is another story for another day.  Remind me to tell you about it.  It is a really good story.  From a long time ago!

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing just a few of the 285 pictures I took last Saturday.  And then the two girls took out their cameras.  I think between the 3 of us we must have about 900.  The middle daughter is worse than me!!!  And I am so glad she was willing to leave her window down, and hang her bare hands out the window and let them freeze until her fingers nearly fell off...., well, not quite that cold, but they were really cold.  I still have to download her pictures.  (Don't tell, but I have to go and get another external hard drive, because I have filled mine with pictures from the last 3 years.  Yep, I take a lot of pictures.)

So, as we prepare for the Trick or Treaters..... enjoy the weather where ever you are.  And stay out of the candy if you are counting Weight Watcher Points!  Good luck!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I Love Halloween

I love Halloween.

My kids know that.  So do the kids who grew up living in Bellair in Glendale, Arizona.
The kids who grew up in Arrowhead Ranch in Glendale, Arizona knew it too. So did their parents.

When my kids were smaller they would rather stay home and "do" Halloween with me than go trick or treating with their friends.  Soon, their friends would join us.

There were years that we spend weeks fixing the yard.  In Arizona you can do that.  The weather is nice, the temps are getting cooler, usually in the 80's some days.  The nights are wonderful.  So it is fun to be in the yard and make it "Halloweeney".  Yes, that is a word. 

We would make a graveyard some years.  We would make head stones and stuff old clothes to look like bodies were laying above the ground.  There were always a few head stones that had "REAL" bodies laying there.  My kids would do the makeup, wear the clothes and really get into the character needed for Halloween.

We had a brick walk in our front yard, and the trick or treaters would walk up the walk to the front porch.  I was usually dressed up and sitting near a pot of "dry ice" that was making mist.  I would welcome the little children in my best witch voice.  They would be shy, walk slowly, but couldn't resist my candy bars.  The little kids were so fun.  But as the trick or treaters got a little taller, and I knew they were punks out getting candy and having fun, well....they were our targets.

They would chatter amongst themselves and try to be cool and not act afraid.  They would gladly walk up the walk for the free candy.  As they were about half way up the walk, one of my "bodies" would s l o w l y raise up from the dead.

It was wonderful watching those 6th and 7th graders, who were moments earlier so cool and charming with each other, suddenly clutch each other and scream.  They were scarred to move, and scared they wouldn't get the free candy if they ran.

Then the body would slowly lay back down, and the candy grabbin' kids would continue on to the porch, but always looking over their shoulder.  As they left our yard they weren't sure how many of the bodies in my front yard were real and how many were pretend.

I loved those years.  I loved watching my kids get into the act.  They even brought friends in costume.  One year we had a Grim Reaper.  He had a sickle which had once belonged to my Grandfather.  It was Big and Very Effective!  I still have that reaper.

Our traditions have changed this year.  It is really Halloween here in Idaho.  The autumn air is getting pretty cold.  The leaves are brilliant and falling from the trees.  And I get to decorate with REAL pumpkins, not the fake Michael's ones.  Mine are truly pumpkins.  I get them at the Farmers Market.  Every week I get another one, and a squash or two.

I have decorated nearly every horizontal surface with real food.  Fresh, real food. 

I enjoyed pulling out my old Tole Painted decorations which I made 20 years ago.  The black cats, the smiling pumpkins, and the Cat in the Moon.  They bring me as much joy today as they did 20+ years ago. 

Each room has a new "table scape" of Halloween.  It will be easy to remove the Halloween painted items and replace them with Thanksgiving items in a few days.  To see the familiar decorations in a new home has been refreshing and exciting for me.  Before, I put the same thing in the same place year after year, and it was predictable.  This year I get to have a new adventure and see things in new places.  Because they are familiar to me they still give me the sense of "being home".  I have found great joy in remembering painting these little things, sharing my talent of painting with others, and made wonderful memories. Those memories make me smile today as I remember the friends who have sat hour after hour with me and painted.  Those who I taught to paint in my home and at the shop where I taught.

My darling youngest daughter has added her talent this year.  She has crocheted some bright colored monsters to help me decorate.  Or to be toys for our baby boy to play with.  Look back at the first photo.......I'll wait.......yep, she crocheted that a few days ago. (She planned on the baby being here, I thought it was a Halloween decoration....silly me!)

I have given away many of the things I have made for Halloween over the years.  But I treasure those I have kept.  Halloween is a holiday of many memories for me.

I welcome this holiday and the new memories of Halloween, possibly a white Halloween......!  Yep, I really do love Halloween.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cold Hands & Warm Heart

I have a very warm heart.
Since a certain baby was born, my heart has been warm and full.

He was very little, sick and in the hospital for a while after he was born.

Now, he is thriving!
And that warms my heart.
Over and over and over and over and over and over and over....etc.

I have cold hands.
It is getting to be winter here.
Today will be in the 60's and then by Sunday we will be in the 40's.
That makes cold hands.
That makes me happy.
Very happy!

But I don't want this guy to have cold hands.
I like seeing wrinkles on his wrist and relaxed fingers.
That means he is eating and digesting the nutrients he is fed.

When he was born he lost every wrinkle.
He lost weight.
He was so scary sick.

His mom was sick, too.
She didn't leave his side, not for a moment.
She didn't even want to shower.
She lost her wrinkles, as well.
She got very swollen and needed to be on bed rest.
But, when your baby has tubes from his head to his toe, moms don't rest.

We are so blessed to have a healthy baby now.
That warms my heart.

We have a few puppies at our house who keep like to watch this baby boy.
They like licking his hands, face, feet, clothes, and (insert gag  here) his burp ups.

Zoey really likes our baby.
This morning she was digging on the blanket with her paws.
Then she rubbed her back along the babies side.
She snuggled, snuggled, snuggled, snuggled.
And our baby laughed and laughed.
But when the baby got a hand full of white fur, I thought it wise to stop the snuggling.
What would you have done?  :)

This little man just thinks life is great!
And he is right.

We are keeping his hands warm, and his heart warm.
He is keeping my heart warm and my hands warm.

And a big smile on my face!
Life is so so so so so very very very good!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Volleyball Princess

I just love Facebook.
It was the best invention.
It keeps me in the know of everything in the world like nothing else.
It lets me spy on peoples lives and not have to join in the conversation.

Facebook lets me keep in touch with my grand kids, who, don't live by me, but should.

I learned that my only grand daughter is sick by reading Facebook.
I realized how much I miss being with her.
I miss hearing about Volleyball, from her, but I get to read about it on Facebook.

She is number 14. 
She is the smallest one on her team.
But she has the biggest desire to do well.
She does VERY well when she plays volleyball.

The thing I love about this girl, is she is all girl.
She loves to paint her fingernails. She paints them bright colors.  Sometimes every nail is a different color.

She loves to wear funky knee high socks.  She shares her funky knee high socks with her friends.  She wears one sock from a pair and one sock from another pair.  So she and her friend are both wearing mismatched socks, which makes her match her friends. 

This little lady loves clothes.  Her room is proof of it.  Her closet is over flowing and her floor is covered, and her dresser drawers are hanging open with clothes flowing out the drawers.  And the best part it, she -just like every other teenager- knows where everything is.  She knows what is clean and what is dirty.  She is amazing.  She has a 6th sense!

My grand daughter has a radiant smile.  She lights up a room when she smiles. 
She wore braces for a couple of years to help make this smile. 
I give praises to her parents for shelling out the dough to make this smile.
Because this smile brightens my soul, my heart, my day, and my life.

I think she makes most people smile.
Just look at the faces of her team mates.  She makes them smile.  I smile when I am with her.

This princess is a great sister.  She takes good care of her brother.
When they were younger they would sit on little chairs their grandpa built for them. 
This sister would lovingly make sure her little brother was eating his food.
She would help wipe up his spills.
She would point out to him every mistake he made, so he could learn good manners.

Now she treats him with the same love, but shows it in a different way.  Now she humiliates him, yells at him, criticizes him, and they both love every minute of it.  He understands her way of communication and appreciates all the help she gives him. He just looks at her, and says, "yeah, OK".  He says it with the same monotone sound all boys us.  It is nearly a grunt.  It is their own special kind of language.  And, for them, it works.  If the parents use this same language on the kids, the reaction is much different.  It's weird how that works.  But it seems to be the norm to communicate like that in lots of families.  Most sisters and brothers have their own language.  It has been proven.  Over and over. I have outgrown that type of communication in my family, but I still use it on my kids.  I find it shakes them up a little bit still. 

I know this princess is giving me a "high five" because she loves me.  She thinks I am the best grandma in Idaho.  And she is right.  I am her best grandma in Idaho.  And do you know what else she knows.....that I love her and miss her with all my heart. ~ So, today, I hope she is feeling better.  Because, on Facebook I learned that she hasn't felt very good.

In honor of Facebook, I am saying thank you to everyone who stays close to me through this wonderful invention.  Just keep the random news, the funny jokes, the simple one liners coming.  I love every word.

I love Facebook.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Breast Pump vs. Dog Chew Toys

Have you ever heard of a Medela Breast Pump?
In my humble opionion they are the best on the market. 
That is what my middle daughter thinks, too.

This is what they look like, kinda. 
It is a magic machine.  It does what babies do.  It collects breast milk.
Then it can be stored in the fridge or freezer to be used later.  Perferably by a grandmother who is baby sitting.

This breast pump is awesome.
They didn't make these when I was feeding my babies. 
I suffered with some caveman suction thing that nearly tore my breast off.  (sorry. TMI)

But, now days the new mommy has every convience. 

Well, I bet you are wondering where I am going with this.....

I have some dogs................. Yeah.  I knew you would figure it out as soon as I said that.

Yesterday, my daughter pumped.  We need a beverage supply for the baby.  I am babysitting Friday night and I need to be able to give the baby a drink.  So, my daughter has been pumping.

But, my daughter also works.  She works from home, or where ever she is.  And now she is at my home.  So, sometimes she can't just get up and do things, because she is on her computer and on the phone.  All day.  And sometimes into the night. 

So, yesterday, she pumped.  She took care of the beverage, but not the beverage making machine.  That was a big mistake.  She left it on the floor, next to her chair where she works.  She was busy.  She has a lot on her mind.  I was busy.  Her sister was busy.  And the dogs .....were bored.

The "chew toys" were discovered missing as we were getting ready for bed.  The first thing I thought of was, "Oh, Crap".  When things are missing at my house, they are usually never in the same condition.  I knew what the outcome of this was going to be.  And it was bed time.  Time I shouldn't be worrying about stuff.  It is the time of the day I should be relaxed and sleepy.

It was dark outside.  Very dark, and very cold.  I was barefoot.  I was in my nightgown.  But I am a brave independant woman, so I tiptoed outside and walked on the freezing grass.  Dang, there were the two cup things that attach to the mommy.  They were missing parts, were dented, had teeth marks...yep, the dogs had been chewing on them.  That is not good news to get at bedtime.! Because then I start to worry and can't sleep.

The youngest daughter went shopping and bought parts and pieces of the wonderful Medela Breast Pump.  Now we are back in business. {Well, I shouldn't say "we", rather "they".....}
Today, my dogs are not allowed in the office where she is working.

Today, I am going to be taking a nap.  With no worries....  HA!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Have Vistors

I have two daughters who are sneaky. Really Really Really sneaky.

They make plans. They keep the plans secret. They are rotten to the core!

But, when they do these things, I love it. I love surprises. When you are my age you don't get many surprises. So, when I really do get a surprise, it is really a well kept secret.

This is my surprise......

It doesn't get any better for a grandma if this is the secret!
He is my adorable littlest grandson.
I love him.
I love his breath.
I love his toes.
I even love to change his diapers.

Hi Auntie loves him, too.
We have to fight each other several times a day to decide who gets to hold him.
It is easier to remember who is the strongest at those times....
I have bruises I tell you!
(not really, but we both sure like him)

I love this guy!
I love his mom!
I love all of his Aunt's!
I love his Uncle!
I love his Grandpa!

I love everything and everyone!

Can you tell, he makes me happy and full of love?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Garden

I have a garden, a lovely garden, where.......(sorry, I can't remember the rest of the words to that Primary Song)...............where it is full of weeds and piles of compost (manure).

I also have a neighbor who takes good care of me.
You have seen him, and you are getting to  know him.
And he has a roto tiller.

He wanted to play with his roto tiller in my garden.
The last thing I want to do is offend my dear neighbor, so I said, "yes".
I did try to hesitate just a little when he offered, so I didn't seem too eager.

So, I got my camera, and just stood right there, directly in front of him, and snapped away.

It doesn't make sense to me that he didn't even care.

I think he needs his glasses cleaned, or his eyes checked, or maybe he just wasn't looking at me.

He didn't even care if my dogs were watching him, either.

Maybe he doesn't feel good.

Maybe I shouldn't have asked him to let me borrow his roto tiller.

Maybe, it is just the good guy he is.

Yeah, that is the real reason.

He is a great guy!

He even loves my barking dogs.
In fact, he has taught my dogs not to bark at him.

If they see him and bark, he says, "Hey, hey, hey.  Now wait just a minute guys.  You just stop that".

Then the dogs look at him.  If they stop, they get petted.  If anyone of them barks, they don't get petted.  He pushes their eager faces away and tells them, "NO, you get away.  You barked.  You, go away".

I have a wonderful group of neighbors.  This guy is hard to beat.  He is truly "the Salt Of The Earth".

If I wasn't already married to a pretty spectacular guy..............Just Kidding.............!!

So, just suffice it to say, "I am grateful for wonderful neighbors, who help me, everyday, and even help me get my garden ready for next Spring."

Thank you!

Monday, October 18, 2010

We Are Waiting

I have a great dog.

She is a watch dog.

She is always watching.
Not a single neighbor can walk past our house without her telling us about them.
If there is a noise that is new or unusual she will let me know about it.

The dog has been such a loyal companion for me.  As a puppy I fell in love with her and nothing has changed.  She is a comfort, friend, doorbell, alarm system, and she warms my feet. 

However, I have realized lately, she is in love with some one else.
I find her cheating on my almost everyday.
She tries to hide it from me but I know.

I followed her the other day.  She tried to sneak into my closet, but I was on to her.  I hid so she wouldn't know I was watching her.  And I was astonished at what I saw.  It is a good thing I was hiding or she would have seen my mouth drop open.

There she was, in broad daylight, cheating on me.  She was laying on a shirt which had fallen off a hanger onto the floor.  A shirt that doesn't belong to me.  It is a man's shirt.  One of many that are hanging in my closet.  It has the scent of a man.  My darling dog is protecting that shirt.

I tried to pick up the shirt, and I got told, in no uncertain terms, that shirt was staying where it was!

So, to my darling, just know you aren't forgotten.  No one is more aware of your absence than this dog.  She is waiting for you.  She knows you have been gone far to long.  She misses you, as much as I do.

When I say "Where's daddy?" she cocks her head from side to side and then, like a streak of lightening she bolts for the front door.  And there she sits, and waits.  I have learned not to say that anymore.  It breaks my heart to watch her.  It breaks my heart to know she loves you so much, and she misses you, too.

So, we are both watching the calendar together.  We are crossing off the day.  We are anxious.

Just like you are!


Friday, October 15, 2010

Plum Tucker'd Out

I hope Fall is nearly over...............NOT!!!!

This week I have filled many a jar of good garden greatness.
Now I filled some with good Plum Tree greatness.

My neice, Krazy Keersten showed up on my doorstep this week.
The first thing out of her mouth was, "You're gonn'a hate me."

She couldn't be further from the truth.
She came bearing gifts.
Gifts she knew I would love and appreciate.

She brought me a box of sweet Plums.
She had showed the Plum tree to me when I was at her house early this fall.
She told me they couldn't be picked until the first freeze.
The freeze makes them sweet.
She was SO right!!!

These lucious beauties are so good.  And the color, WOW, just look at that color.  Who wouldn't want to jump into that?  This is my Plums washed.

Take one Plum at a time and cut it open with a sharp knife.
Becareful, because you can easily cut yourself.
Just ask me how I know.
Remove the tiny little stone which hides inside the sweet Plum.

Discard the tiny little stone.
I cut 28 cups of Plums.
I measured them after I cut them, not before.
I had to know how much I had so I knew how many batches of Plum Syrup
I would be making.

Place the cut up Plums in a big pot.
Eight cups is a batch.
Add sugar.
The recipe called for 4 cups of sugar but I only used 3 cups.
The Plums were sweet enough with that much.

We made one batch using Splenda
and I still only used 3 cups.
That batch was a lighter red, not as deep of purple.
Interesting, don't you think?

After the Plums boiled just a few minutes, just long enough to cook down to
a soupy state, then pour them into a strainer.
I love this old strainer.
My grandmother and my mon had one like this.
So I got one, and my girls have one.
It's a generation thing.
We love old things.

Use the round wooden mallet and turn it round and round in the strainer.
The skins stay inside the strainer and the juice flows out the
tiny little holes.

Pour the wonderful juice into another pot.
Hire a maid to come and stir the pot.
It takes a little time.
Be sure and stand on a foam mat.
It helps your arthritic knees from hurting at the end of the day.

While the juice is slightly boiling, so it will thicken,
be sure and sterilize your canning jars.
Remember the trick of doing it in an electric fry pan?
Be sure and put a dish cloth on the bottom of the fry pan so the
bottles won't rattle and break, and drive you nuts!
Throw your flat lids in there too.
You can, I said so.

Now, the magic has happened.
Plums have their own natural Pectin (that makes it thicken).
Just by boiling it, it becomes thicker.
Sorry about the blurry picture.
My camera wanted to focus on the steam.
Dumb camera.
You can't can steam.
You don't want to eat steam.
Dumb camera.

I have a maid.
She stirs for me.
She wears an apron that I made for her.
She is a very smart, talented, good, hard working maid.
I like having her at my becon call.
She is a good stirrer.

When you have your magic juice thick enough,
get your maid to laddle it into the sterile jars.
Be sure your maid wipes off the rim of the jars
before she puts on the flat lids.
My maid always remembers.
She is the best maid I have.

Then you put the jars in the big blue cannister and let them boil for 20 minutes.
While they are boiling, clean up your mess.
Or go and sit down and let your maid do it.
That is what I find works best for me.

There is one problem with that.
You go and sit down, you rest, you relax.
You let your maid take the jars out of the canister.
She places them on the counter.
And you forget to take a picture of the finished product.

the sun has set.
I have no picture.
I will take one tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Taylor Mt. and Wolverine

It is Wednesday.  Another hump day.  A day I didn't want to stay home. 

I am a homebody, so when I don't want to stay home, that is a big deal!  A very big deal!

"Hey, youngest daughter, do you want to go for a ride today."

"Not really."

"Well, get your shoes on, cuz we are.  And while you are at it, get a shovel.  I am going to get us some gloves and a couple of boxes."

Youngest daughter gives me a look......and then she says, "That doesn't sound like a DRIVE to me."

So, in my most pleasant mother voice I answer, "We are going to go for a ride, and just in case we see a potato field we can glean, we will need the boxes and a shovel and some gloves."

Now, without any interruption I am going to share a few of the 142 photos I took today.

Sagebrush, pine trees, quaken aspen, fields, ahhhhhh.
We even saw two phesants today.
A hen and a rooster.
They flew away when we tried to take a picture.

I love old fences and barbwire.
I love old barns, too.

I love the rolled straw on the farms and ranches.

The mountain side looked like a patch work quilt with grain and hay fields.
The sun is low in the southern sky, and the air is cool.
I am in heaven.

My sweet baby and I got out and took a zillion pictures.
Isn't she just the happiest person on earth!
I love this kid!

There just are no manners outside of the city.
This guy should stick to licking salt blocks.

I can't believe our luck!
Are my eyes deceiving me?
Is that a real cowboy cow?
Isn't that just the prettiest sight you have ever seen?


"OH, look Baby Girl!  Some cowboys cows.
I never thought we would see this today!"

Look out ladies, there is a bull in town...
or rather, on the hillside.
I think he means business.
I told him I was sorry for taking his picture.
The cowboys said it was OK.
"Only $10.00 a picture" is what they said.

I am looking at the dogs, honey, honest!
Aren't they just the firmest dogs you have ever seen.
Don't they look great herding the cattle?
The dogs, honey, I am looking at the dogs.

It froze up here in the hills last night.
And some fool left the sprinkler on.
That fool probably saw cowboys cows in the neighborhood last night.
They must have lost there ability to consentrate on menial tasks.
On the left side you can barely see the sprinkler spitting out water.

These horse's made me think of the cowboys  dogs we saw earlier.
I thought you might enjoy seeing some more.

Just a few more horses, surrounded by beautiful fall colors.
They were running and putting on a show for us.

My Grandpa drove one of these on the county roads.
When I was little I always wanted to go to work with him.
He got to pack a lunch and be gone all day, just riding around.
Doesn't that sound like a great job for a grandpa?

The end.

That cow doesn't want the cowboy behind him.
He wants that cowboy out front,
so he can see what he is going to do.

I want that cowboy out front, too.

Really, this time I mean it...

The end.

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