Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Garden

I have a garden, a lovely garden, where.......(sorry, I can't remember the rest of the words to that Primary Song)...............where it is full of weeds and piles of compost (manure).

I also have a neighbor who takes good care of me.
You have seen him, and you are getting to  know him.
And he has a roto tiller.

He wanted to play with his roto tiller in my garden.
The last thing I want to do is offend my dear neighbor, so I said, "yes".
I did try to hesitate just a little when he offered, so I didn't seem too eager.

So, I got my camera, and just stood right there, directly in front of him, and snapped away.

It doesn't make sense to me that he didn't even care.

I think he needs his glasses cleaned, or his eyes checked, or maybe he just wasn't looking at me.

He didn't even care if my dogs were watching him, either.

Maybe he doesn't feel good.

Maybe I shouldn't have asked him to let me borrow his roto tiller.

Maybe, it is just the good guy he is.

Yeah, that is the real reason.

He is a great guy!

He even loves my barking dogs.
In fact, he has taught my dogs not to bark at him.

If they see him and bark, he says, "Hey, hey, hey.  Now wait just a minute guys.  You just stop that".

Then the dogs look at him.  If they stop, they get petted.  If anyone of them barks, they don't get petted.  He pushes their eager faces away and tells them, "NO, you get away.  You barked.  You, go away".

I have a wonderful group of neighbors.  This guy is hard to beat.  He is truly "the Salt Of The Earth".

If I wasn't already married to a pretty spectacular guy..............Just Kidding.............!!

So, just suffice it to say, "I am grateful for wonderful neighbors, who help me, everyday, and even help me get my garden ready for next Spring."

Thank you!

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  1. I think I have figured out how to be me! Just when you start talking about the other man in your life. I guess you know how to motivate me, as if you haven't known for the last 40 some odd years. I think I won't let Norm know when I get home, could save me a lot of work.


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