Saturday, October 30, 2010

It Is Fun

1.  Being a Grandmother

2.  Being a wife.

3.  Being a mom.

4.  Having friends.

5.  Being alive when technology changes every year, and brings us all closer together.

6.  Watching seasons change.

7.  Knowing I will have my eternal mate with me in 12 more days.

8.  Sleeping in until 9:00 am.

9.  Waking up to clouds.

10. Knowing I have nothing to do today except be with my girls and grandbaby.

11. Having the food storage shelves full of food.

12. Sitting in front of the fireplace and reading a book.

13. Seeing piles of empty boxes instead of full boxes.

14. Knowing the holidays are coming and feeling the excitement build in my heart.

15. Being content with where I am in my life.

16. Getting Christmas gifts made ahead of time.

17. Skype and seeing my family who are far away, physically, but not emotionally.

18. Clean sheets, clean jammies, and showered, then going to bed.

19. Having laundry and dishes done at the same time.

And # 20...........................  Something that isn't fun................

Fixing a big cup of cocoa and putting it in the thermos mug, with the screw on top. 
Sitting down at the computer.
Typing and looking forward to that first yummy swallow.
Then take a big drink.
Discovering the lid wasn't screwed on correctly and being drenched down the front of the clean sweats outfit.
Hot, sticky, smelly cocoa dripping on the keyboard, ones lap, and the table.

Yep.  #20 isn't fun!

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