Friday, October 22, 2010

Volleyball Princess

I just love Facebook.
It was the best invention.
It keeps me in the know of everything in the world like nothing else.
It lets me spy on peoples lives and not have to join in the conversation.

Facebook lets me keep in touch with my grand kids, who, don't live by me, but should.

I learned that my only grand daughter is sick by reading Facebook.
I realized how much I miss being with her.
I miss hearing about Volleyball, from her, but I get to read about it on Facebook.

She is number 14. 
She is the smallest one on her team.
But she has the biggest desire to do well.
She does VERY well when she plays volleyball.

The thing I love about this girl, is she is all girl.
She loves to paint her fingernails. She paints them bright colors.  Sometimes every nail is a different color.

She loves to wear funky knee high socks.  She shares her funky knee high socks with her friends.  She wears one sock from a pair and one sock from another pair.  So she and her friend are both wearing mismatched socks, which makes her match her friends. 

This little lady loves clothes.  Her room is proof of it.  Her closet is over flowing and her floor is covered, and her dresser drawers are hanging open with clothes flowing out the drawers.  And the best part it, she -just like every other teenager- knows where everything is.  She knows what is clean and what is dirty.  She is amazing.  She has a 6th sense!

My grand daughter has a radiant smile.  She lights up a room when she smiles. 
She wore braces for a couple of years to help make this smile. 
I give praises to her parents for shelling out the dough to make this smile.
Because this smile brightens my soul, my heart, my day, and my life.

I think she makes most people smile.
Just look at the faces of her team mates.  She makes them smile.  I smile when I am with her.

This princess is a great sister.  She takes good care of her brother.
When they were younger they would sit on little chairs their grandpa built for them. 
This sister would lovingly make sure her little brother was eating his food.
She would help wipe up his spills.
She would point out to him every mistake he made, so he could learn good manners.

Now she treats him with the same love, but shows it in a different way.  Now she humiliates him, yells at him, criticizes him, and they both love every minute of it.  He understands her way of communication and appreciates all the help she gives him. He just looks at her, and says, "yeah, OK".  He says it with the same monotone sound all boys us.  It is nearly a grunt.  It is their own special kind of language.  And, for them, it works.  If the parents use this same language on the kids, the reaction is much different.  It's weird how that works.  But it seems to be the norm to communicate like that in lots of families.  Most sisters and brothers have their own language.  It has been proven.  Over and over. I have outgrown that type of communication in my family, but I still use it on my kids.  I find it shakes them up a little bit still. 

I know this princess is giving me a "high five" because she loves me.  She thinks I am the best grandma in Idaho.  And she is right.  I am her best grandma in Idaho.  And do you know what else she knows.....that I love her and miss her with all my heart. ~ So, today, I hope she is feeling better.  Because, on Facebook I learned that she hasn't felt very good.

In honor of Facebook, I am saying thank you to everyone who stays close to me through this wonderful invention.  Just keep the random news, the funny jokes, the simple one liners coming.  I love every word.

I love Facebook.


  1. oh mom!!! You captured her perfectly! THIS is the girl I know who loves the game, her coach, her team. Recent events have clouded what she loves. I can't wait for her to read this and remember. Oh how I love that smile!!! Oh how I love that girl. She brightens my day too... dirty room and all (but don't tell her the last part ok? LOL)

  2. i love you sooo much nana!! you make me feel so important when i feel like i'm not. i miss you &your snugglie hugs &your laughter so much!! i couldn't ask for a better Nana :)

  3. And this is why I don't read your blog, woman! You make me cry!!! Madi I heart you. :(


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