Thursday, October 28, 2010


I am thankful to have memories.
They sustain us when we need a lift.
They remain with us and give us a smile.

The past weekend when my girls and grandbaby joined me for a "drive" we had lots of smiles.  We made lots of memories.  We took more than lots of pictures.  I have noticed a few of them popping up on Facebook.  I might have to hog tie my youngest for posting without written permission. 

But, gosh, we saw some beautiful places.  Some of the most beautiful colors.  I have seen New England in the fall many times, and I discovered the same beauty here in Idaho.

And if we don't have enough to look at with the scenery, color, trees, running water, etc. we have to take pictures of each other taking pictures of us.  Is that an oxymoron? Or whatever....but everybody does it, don't we.  I have photos of my great Uncles taking pictures of my mom taking pictures of my mom taking pictures of my great Uncles.  It must be something in the gene pool.

So, we just laugh and laugh, and share our laughter with the trees, the river, the bushes, the frozen and dried berries still hanging on bushes.  We always laugh!  We have so dang much fun.  I love spending time with these crazy girls, and their sister (which I sorely miss) and all the grandkids, and my son in law and my husband and even a boy friend and girl friend.... Did I leave anyone out?  Whew!  But, we sure have so dang much fun!

Since finding such beautiful colors in Swan Valley, and near Palisades Reservoir, I am wondering where else I should have driven.  I will need to plan picnics next year with my Darling Husband.  We will pack a blanket, some food, a couple of cameras, binoculars, maybe the dogs (maybe not the dogs or the kids) and drive all around..... To Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  To Island Park.  Oh, how I am looking forward to sharing this with him.  I sure miss him, and have wished everyday that he was here with me, seeing the things I am seeing.  And, playing with his youngest grand baby, who-is-without-question-ever, the cutest  baby ever!!!

And then we will drive home just as the sun is setting.  We will shed our coats, sweat shirts, jackets, or whatever warm covering of the day has been.  We will light the fire (with a flip of a switch, which I am learning to love!) and curl up on the sofa, arm in arm, and relive our day.  We will talk about how we wished we could have shared it with our kids.  We will look at the photos we took.  We will realize how blessed we are.

We will be ever thankful for our memories!


  1. These pictures are truly stunningly gorgeous! And honestly (at risk of offending the Idaho-lovers), all the times we've driven through ID en route to UT from OR and back, it's never struck me as a very beautiful place...BUT that was before I saw these pics!!! Wow...wherever it is that you're driving in ID, I want to come too. : )


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