Friday, October 8, 2010

Hard Working Neighbors

The neighbors I have are very hard working.  They have set the bar really really really high for the new kids on the block.

I have told you about Norman already.  He is a great guy.  He is always puttering at stuff.

Now you have to meet Kenny.
He is another neighbor who works continually.

Norman is in the faded red shirt.  I don't dare say "dark pink", he might read this.
Kenny is in the white shirt.  With the ball cap on.

First I have to ask a question.... why do men wear white shirts to do yard work?  They all do it.  I don't know why. 

Norman likes his big shovel.  He likes to lean on it. 
Kenny likes his hoe.  A hoe is a gardening tool used to dig up weeds, or make trenches in the dirt. ( I know you were thinking that so I just wanted to be sure ......)

In the beginning we had  a small pond in the asphalt where we have a low spot.  When Norman added all this compost (manure) on the garden spot, it prevented the water from draining into the park grass.  So the pond grew and grew as we got more rain.

The neighbors have told me they had ducks in the low spot last spring.  That tells me it was really low at one time.

The grass is growing in the park and it is looking very nice.  I can hardly wait until next summer when we can have parties on the lawn.  We are building a fire pit, and will eventually get some play equipment for our grandchildren to play on.

But for now the trees are really little, the grass is really new, and the garden is in it's early stages of being a garden.  And the asphalt collects the rain water.  So.... Kenny and Norman shoveled the water onto the garden and the park and dug trenches so the water could drain into the park better. 

They have too much time on their hands to worry about this stuff.
When men retire this is the kind of thing they do.
My man will be here next month and he will be standing out there with them.
Except there will be snow then.
My man will shovel snow.  Yikes!

I say, let the water evaporate.  But, this isn't the hot Arizona desert anymore, and it is raining everyday, and so my mind has lots to learn.

So, I sat on my rump in my living room today and watched Norman and Kenny work. 
Norman wore his irrigation boots, and Kenny wore his gloves.
Aren't they the smartest guys to know how to wear the working attire?
Except for the white shirt.

They worked hard enough they had to take a break.
A long break.
They had to admire the results of their efforts and discuss it.  And discuss it.  And discuss it.

And I had to sit on my rump and admire them admiring themselves.

Oh, I think Norman heard what I was thinking.  He turned just then and looked almost at me.
I sat very still in my chair.  I hardly moved.  I hoped he didn't see me.
He wasn't listening to what Kenny was saying. 
I know Kenny was talking, look at his hands.  He talks with his hands, too.

Sorry Norman and Kenny.  I love you!
I love your hard work!
Thanks for shoveling the water so ducks won't come and get a drink or poop on our asphalt.

Now, quit looking at me.
Get back to work!

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  1. I can't wait to start my new career of leaning on a shovel. It is so much more manly than sitting at a desk. This is the longest month of my life.


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