Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cold Hands & Warm Heart

I have a very warm heart.
Since a certain baby was born, my heart has been warm and full.

He was very little, sick and in the hospital for a while after he was born.

Now, he is thriving!
And that warms my heart.
Over and over and over and over and over and over and over....etc.

I have cold hands.
It is getting to be winter here.
Today will be in the 60's and then by Sunday we will be in the 40's.
That makes cold hands.
That makes me happy.
Very happy!

But I don't want this guy to have cold hands.
I like seeing wrinkles on his wrist and relaxed fingers.
That means he is eating and digesting the nutrients he is fed.

When he was born he lost every wrinkle.
He lost weight.
He was so scary sick.

His mom was sick, too.
She didn't leave his side, not for a moment.
She didn't even want to shower.
She lost her wrinkles, as well.
She got very swollen and needed to be on bed rest.
But, when your baby has tubes from his head to his toe, moms don't rest.

We are so blessed to have a healthy baby now.
That warms my heart.

We have a few puppies at our house who keep like to watch this baby boy.
They like licking his hands, face, feet, clothes, and (insert gag  here) his burp ups.

Zoey really likes our baby.
This morning she was digging on the blanket with her paws.
Then she rubbed her back along the babies side.
She snuggled, snuggled, snuggled, snuggled.
And our baby laughed and laughed.
But when the baby got a hand full of white fur, I thought it wise to stop the snuggling.
What would you have done?  :)

This little man just thinks life is great!
And he is right.

We are keeping his hands warm, and his heart warm.
He is keeping my heart warm and my hands warm.

And a big smile on my face!
Life is so so so so so very very very good!

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  1. I cannot wait for Thanksgiving when it's MY TURN to play with him :D


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