Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's A Dogs Life

Meet Zoey and Ozkar.  They are good friends.  They both plan attacks on Ivy.  They meet in the quiet time of the afternoon.  They plan the casual meeting, I emphasise "casual", so no one in the house would suspect they are meeting and planning the strategies of their attacks.  They, nonchalantly lay down and pretend to be sleeping or resting.....but don't let them fool you.  They are Captain and Co-Captain of the forces around here.

Poor Ivy.  She is oblivious to what is about to happen to her.  She is content to look out the front door.  To enjoy watching the ducks and the geese fly south.  She listens to them honking and quacking.  She loves to breath in the fresh air.   She is relaxed.  She is counting her blessings.  She takes time to smell the roses.

Then, when she isn't looking, they pounce on her.  They devour her.  They bite, growl, and terrorize her. But she gives it right back to them.  She will lay down and let them bite and nibble and slobber all over her, and then suddenly she goes on the defensive.  Bam!  Bite!  Bark!  She gets them back, and they run for their lives.

The great thing about these playmates is, they never stop!  It is like having a miniature football team in your house.  The grunts, the growls, the running, the never stopping!

What am I going to do all winter when they can't be locked outside to do this?

I guess I will just go to my bedroom and lock myself in there....

Gott'a love the everyday joys.  Cuz I love these guys!-girls!

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