Friday, October 1, 2010

Bumble Bee & Ivy

My little 3 year old Ivy met with a naughty bumble bee today.

We call this sweet canine "Ivy Ballerina".  That is her registered name.  She is a dancer/prancer.

Today she stepped on a dandelion that was previously habitated by a naught bumble bee.

The bee won the wrestling match.

Ivy has a very sore right front paw.

My wallet is $75.00 lighter.

We have a new vet named Dr. Shoemaker.  A woman.  I am so impressed with her.  She even cut Ivy's long toe nails. 

But Ivy is fine.  After a cortisone shot, and some 12.5 children's Benadryl she is resting quietly.  Although, I have to say, she is resting with her head hidden between her two front paws.  She is embarrassed. 

Ivy was traumatized by the bee, but letting her bladder go in the vets office was just too much for her.  She is ashamed of herself, she is horrified that it happened, and the sweet new Dr. had to "pat the puddle". 

I assured her it wasn't the first time that had ever happened in the office.  I assured her it won't be the last.

As for me.  I am taking 3 Tylenol and going to bed with Ivy!

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