Monday, October 18, 2010

We Are Waiting

I have a great dog.

She is a watch dog.

She is always watching.
Not a single neighbor can walk past our house without her telling us about them.
If there is a noise that is new or unusual she will let me know about it.

The dog has been such a loyal companion for me.  As a puppy I fell in love with her and nothing has changed.  She is a comfort, friend, doorbell, alarm system, and she warms my feet. 

However, I have realized lately, she is in love with some one else.
I find her cheating on my almost everyday.
She tries to hide it from me but I know.

I followed her the other day.  She tried to sneak into my closet, but I was on to her.  I hid so she wouldn't know I was watching her.  And I was astonished at what I saw.  It is a good thing I was hiding or she would have seen my mouth drop open.

There she was, in broad daylight, cheating on me.  She was laying on a shirt which had fallen off a hanger onto the floor.  A shirt that doesn't belong to me.  It is a man's shirt.  One of many that are hanging in my closet.  It has the scent of a man.  My darling dog is protecting that shirt.

I tried to pick up the shirt, and I got told, in no uncertain terms, that shirt was staying where it was!

So, to my darling, just know you aren't forgotten.  No one is more aware of your absence than this dog.  She is waiting for you.  She knows you have been gone far to long.  She misses you, as much as I do.

When I say "Where's daddy?" she cocks her head from side to side and then, like a streak of lightening she bolts for the front door.  And there she sits, and waits.  I have learned not to say that anymore.  It breaks my heart to watch her.  It breaks my heart to know she loves you so much, and she misses you, too.

So, we are both watching the calendar together.  We are crossing off the day.  We are anxious.

Just like you are!



  1. Eleanor loves to sleep on my pjs. even my stinky ones. I think she really really loves me.

  2. Just when I think I am not missing your girls you put up something like this. Now I know why Nikki boohoos when she reads your blog


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