Saturday, October 2, 2010

For My Love

My Darling Husband,

Sorry to make this love letter public, but there just doesn't seem a better way to be efficient and effective and get it done.  You and I both know we have to share everything with our children eventually anyway, so I thought this might save us both some time.

First:  Gosh, I miss you.

Ty and I watched Conference today and the entire time I was thinking about what you were doing.  I know it was being DVRed for you, but it is magical when we watch it together, or at the very least, at the same time.  I like to discuss the messages with you, and I really missed that today.

Second:  Fall is in the air.

Last night I went outside just as the sun was setting.  The colors from the sun were orange and yellow and it looked like everything was on fire.  I took my camera with me as I walked around the yard.  I want to show you the dragon fly that was on Diane's apple tree.

There were two of the dragon flies but one left before he was in focus.  I never tire of the amazing things I am seeing.  Right in our yard, everyday things, they just amaze me.

Although the temps are still in the 80's it feels like fall.  The whole angle of the sun thing.  You remember that.  And the shade is really much cooler than when I stand in the sun.  Tomorrow is supposed to be our last warm day for about a week.  Rain and cooler temps are in the forecast for the week day.  I am planning on one day of baking.  I think I will grind wheat and make bread, and a homemade soup.  I wish you could be here with me to share it.

Third:  Halloween is coming.

I used the large post you made to decorate the porch. And the welcome sign you carved. And the wooden vase. I had picked some wheat when we picked corn with Ashley, and that is there, too. The pumpkins are the Michael's special that I have had for years, but today I bought a real one at the Farmers Market. I only paid $2.50 for it. Oh, I think it is still in the back of my car. I have to get that out and add it to the "artistically placed plastic" ones.

 I decorated the straw bales you got me.  Thank you again for that fun surprise.  You truly are a gem in my life.  It is fun to be reassured you are listening to  me when I ramble off the list of things I want.  It seems never ending these days.

 I actually carried them by myself and put them next to the garage.  Our poor scarecrow wouldn't scare a crow anymore.  The hat is gone.  I have looked, but it is gone.  So he has a farmer in a base ball cap.  The dogs keep barking at it.  I like to confuse poor I kept moving the straw bales with the scarecrow, and it drove her crazy.  But her barking drove me more crazy so I put it where she can't see it.  Now I hope to get some piece and quiet again.

I got this picture after the sun had set.

Sometimes I think you are with me.... if not you, it is someone..... You know how much I love Halloween.  I hope I can get inside the house and decorate around some of the cardboard boxes I still have sitting around... Joke!!  I really am getting a few things done.  You would be proud of the pile of boxes at the bottom of the stairs that I need to break down.  They used to hold food, but the food is now on the shelves in the storage room.  It looks great in there.  We have a few meals to carry us through the long hard winter we will have (or so I have been told).

Forth:  Norman won't quit working.

I took this photo a couple of days ago.  The grass in the park is coming up.  In the foreground is the garden.  It doesn't look like that now.  Now Norman has been there.

Today, while I watched conference, Connie and Norman went and got some (compost) manure.  The place smells great tonight.  But he spread it all out on the community garden, then rototilled it, and then watered it.  He had plenty, so wouldn't you know it, he filled the wheel barrow 5 times and put some on our garden for us.  I told him I would spread it out and he said he will till it for me.  That guy just never lets dust settle on him.  He is constantly working.  I am thinking about telling him he is old now, he had a birthday last week, so he should slow down and let us younger ones do the hard work.  How do you think he will handle that?  May be I shouldn't say anything, and just reap the rewards of all his work.

Fifth:  Connie and I went to the garden.

Connie and I went after conference.  We dug red potatoes, carrots, onions, picked beans, cucumbers, and spaghetti squash.  They are so good to share the produce with us.  So for dinner I made a salad that was the best I have eaten in years.  You can't buy produce from a store, not organic, or any produce that tastes like fresh picked.  Tyia made Turkey enchiladas so we ate like royalty.  We invited Dad over for dinner but we were late calling him, as he had gone out to eat earlier.  So, we invited him to join us tomorrow.  We invited Reggie to come, too.  I hope he brings her.


I mailed the FedEx package today.  I hope Monday is the end of all the paper work.


I still haven't heard anything from the City regarding the meeting Norman and I had with the City Council President and the Engineer.  We expressed our willingness to attend the City Council Meeting next Thursday, but they seemed to think the issues would be resolved before then.  I sure hope so.

Eighth:  I miss you.

I need to make some decisions, just little ones, like,..... where should I put some Halloween decorations in the house.  I need to bounce it off you and you aren't here.  Where do you think you would want some?  On the fireplace mantel, and the dining room table?  Any in the main bathroom, or is that tacky?  How would you feel about spiders (I mean "stickem's") going down the stairs?  It's our downstairs, so the resident down there shouldn't have a vote, right?  I think you should be here and help me make these pressing decisions.

Ninth:  Where do I get the car washed?

The car really looks bad.  I thought I would get it done this past week, but it never made it to the top of the list.  It is supposed to rain next week, so I think I won't put it in the garage and just let mother nature wash it for free.  How does that sound to you?

Tenth:  I really really miss you.

Our bed is getting bigger every night you aren't with me.  It is big and lonely.  So I am letting the dogs take turns to keep me company.  Last night I had Ivy and Oz.  Oz wouldn't go downstairs.  It was weird.  I think he wanted to be sure Ivy was okay.  Which, she is.  She is putting weight on her foot today and seems fine.  We dodged a bullet on that one, I think.  The bad thing about letting the dogs up on the bed is.....sand.  Remember the sand we got for the lawn..well.....yeah.....the bed is a little gritty.  Maybe it is not smart to tell you about this stuff...but I just want to share my life with ya.  I don't want you to miss a thing... Isn't that the name of a song?  Who sings it?  I thought you would know that....hummmm.  "I don't want to miss a thing"  hummming...humming....

OK, enough....

It is getting late, the TV is chattering in the back ground and no one is watching it.  The sun has set and my eyes are getting heavy. 

Just know how much I miss you.  Life just isn't worth living without you....or Oppsie!

With all my love,
Yours.....all yours!


  1. I love this letter and glad to hear that I'm not the only woman still in love with her husband after 30 years.

  2. There is not a greater gift a child can receive from her parents then the security to know that they are in love. It is just one more thing in the long list of heirlooms that my parents have given us. Thank you for sharing this with us mom. Thank you for your example of a what a good strong marriage is all about. I love you!
    Oh, and stickems on the stairs gets my vote!! LOL You said stickems :D hee hee hee

  3. I am going to try this one more time,(this is third and final answer). Oh how I love and miss you. Know that your postings are what sustains me through these lonely days. I don't care how many people know how in love we are!!!


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