Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Taylor Mt. and Wolverine

It is Wednesday.  Another hump day.  A day I didn't want to stay home. 

I am a homebody, so when I don't want to stay home, that is a big deal!  A very big deal!

"Hey, youngest daughter, do you want to go for a ride today."

"Not really."

"Well, get your shoes on, cuz we are.  And while you are at it, get a shovel.  I am going to get us some gloves and a couple of boxes."

Youngest daughter gives me a look......and then she says, "That doesn't sound like a DRIVE to me."

So, in my most pleasant mother voice I answer, "We are going to go for a ride, and just in case we see a potato field we can glean, we will need the boxes and a shovel and some gloves."

Now, without any interruption I am going to share a few of the 142 photos I took today.

Sagebrush, pine trees, quaken aspen, fields, ahhhhhh.
We even saw two phesants today.
A hen and a rooster.
They flew away when we tried to take a picture.

I love old fences and barbwire.
I love old barns, too.

I love the rolled straw on the farms and ranches.

The mountain side looked like a patch work quilt with grain and hay fields.
The sun is low in the southern sky, and the air is cool.
I am in heaven.

My sweet baby and I got out and took a zillion pictures.
Isn't she just the happiest person on earth!
I love this kid!

There just are no manners outside of the city.
This guy should stick to licking salt blocks.

I can't believe our luck!
Are my eyes deceiving me?
Is that a real cowboy cow?
Isn't that just the prettiest sight you have ever seen?


"OH, look Baby Girl!  Some cowboys cows.
I never thought we would see this today!"

Look out ladies, there is a bull in town...
or rather, on the hillside.
I think he means business.
I told him I was sorry for taking his picture.
The cowboys said it was OK.
"Only $10.00 a picture" is what they said.

I am looking at the dogs, honey, honest!
Aren't they just the firmest dogs you have ever seen.
Don't they look great herding the cattle?
The dogs, honey, I am looking at the dogs.

It froze up here in the hills last night.
And some fool left the sprinkler on.
That fool probably saw cowboys cows in the neighborhood last night.
They must have lost there ability to consentrate on menial tasks.
On the left side you can barely see the sprinkler spitting out water.

These horse's made me think of the cowboys  dogs we saw earlier.
I thought you might enjoy seeing some more.

Just a few more horses, surrounded by beautiful fall colors.
They were running and putting on a show for us.

My Grandpa drove one of these on the county roads.
When I was little I always wanted to go to work with him.
He got to pack a lunch and be gone all day, just riding around.
Doesn't that sound like a great job for a grandpa?

The end.

That cow doesn't want the cowboy behind him.
He wants that cowboy out front,
so he can see what he is going to do.

I want that cowboy out front, too.

Really, this time I mean it...

The end.


  1. I do believe I know them cowboys!! I lived in Taylor for 7 years when we were first married. I really, really, love that area.
    Love the pics!

  2. You know those cowboys???? Seriously???? Because they were GORGEOUS!!!!! :D


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