Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Have Vistors

I have two daughters who are sneaky. Really Really Really sneaky.

They make plans. They keep the plans secret. They are rotten to the core!

But, when they do these things, I love it. I love surprises. When you are my age you don't get many surprises. So, when I really do get a surprise, it is really a well kept secret.

This is my surprise......

It doesn't get any better for a grandma if this is the secret!
He is my adorable littlest grandson.
I love him.
I love his breath.
I love his toes.
I even love to change his diapers.

Hi Auntie loves him, too.
We have to fight each other several times a day to decide who gets to hold him.
It is easier to remember who is the strongest at those times....
I have bruises I tell you!
(not really, but we both sure like him)

I love this guy!
I love his mom!
I love all of his Aunt's!
I love his Uncle!
I love his Grandpa!

I love everything and everyone!

Can you tell, he makes me happy and full of love?


  1. oh he makes me giggle just to look at his monkey face!!! :) He is ALL HUNTSMAN!!! :) I'm so proud of Kattie! He looks healthy and HAPPY. It takes a devoted mommy to have happy kids. I would know. So would you. Thanks for being a good example so your daughters could be good mommies. :)

  2. His mommy better keep pumping and pumping because I have a feeling when she goes home he's not going with her muahahaha


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