Monday, June 28, 2010

Come on "Already"

Was it only yesterday that we took this picture....?

It seems like forever ago!

19 hours we have been waiting, since the little pill was placed to induce labor.
19 hours have pasted.
I got 2 hours of sleep last night...
Kattie and I kept texting.....

6:30 this morning I called her....
Nothing happening...
So, we jumped in the car...

Now it is 2:55....
And still Kattie is keeping us waiting...

So I keep thinking about the memories...

Sadie has been Kattie's baby for a long time.
Sadie is getting a brother...a real brother....the one who has a pe____.
Good luck with that Sadie.
Good luck with that Kattie.

Ok, now it is 3:20
Kate has been checked, poked, blood tests for her sugar levels...
Cervix checks, IV bags replaced, short naps,
Beeps, giggles, laughing..

And a Shamu show...
Yep, I should have taken a photo of that...
Water everywhere!
On the nurses scrubs and shoes,
And on the anesthesiologists shoes (who was on the other side of the bed)
A water fall off the side of the bed!
Yep, it was an event!

At this rate we will see the end of the World Cup,
Not just the game between Argentina and Brazil....
Which Argentina better win!
But the end of the whole game!

Well, room 310 is waiting... waiting... laughing..... walking down memory lane..
And watching Kate sleep.
She is doing great.
She wants it over...
We all want it over.

Oh, her sugars are low.... 61.
She is 23 hours since eating....
We all went to dinner at Nattyia's for Thai Food yesterday afternoon.
Best ever!!

Kattie, we are praying.... we are hoping.... we are cheering....
and we are waiting...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pre delivery day of Peanut

It is time.... it is the Induction day.....
It is finally here.

Kate wanted a photo shoot of ....her tummy....
So we did.

Her nails look so pretty...... she hasn't been working so she could let the prenatal vitamins work on growing those nails...

She is ready..................
Peanut is ready...........................
Grandma and Grandpa are ready.......................

Peanuts Auntie is ready................
She is the peanuts biggest fan................

Auntie will do most anything for Peanut......................

Grandma would do most anything....for Peanut.......
Even come to this humid climate and ruin her perfectly good hair do.....

After a wonderful meal .......
It is time to hug the soon to be mommy.....
The tears were near...........
The fears were near.................

My daughter is so dear.......................

Good Luck my daring daughter.

Now, off you go to the hospital, get checked in, get the little pill placed..........

And I will see you soon.

I      L O V E    Y O U

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bloggers who make art.... my bff

Bloggers are special people.

Artist Bloggers are the best late night entertainment.

Give away things by these artists are even the best of the best.....

Check out:

It is great.

Then, when you have about 3 weeks with nothing to do, you have to follow the Where Women Create, hosted by Karen Valentine. 

I have been droollllliiinnnggg for many late nights as I look at some wonderful studios of artists....
Go to

Scroll down the page and watch on the right side bar... you will see a list of hundreds of studios to snoop in.

I have found great peace and comfort window peeking in these studios.... while moving, birthing babies, and all that is going on now in my life.  It is a great escape for me.

Have a wonderful time.... pour a diet coke, get a cookie and enjoy!

Friday, June 25, 2010

What's around the corner....

Oh, bother..... this is just how I feel today.

Boxes, boxes, boxes, everywhere.
Studio is a shambles.
Kitchen is the remains of a recent disaster.
Closet look like a seperations in progress.
And baby still in the oven.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baby's schedule = waiting = work

All babies have their own schedule.

I know this. I have given birth, I know they come early, and late. I have been there, done that.
I have the tee shirt!

But it doesn't make the waiting any easier.

It is like knowing we will all have to do somethings in our life that we have to wait for. Wait for the wedding day. Wait for the new oven to be delivered. Waiting for the magazine in the mail. Waiting until our favorite store has a coupon we need. Waiting until we can lift that weight we have trained for. Waiting for the marathon we will run. Waiting for our husband to come back home after he has been gone on a long trip.

There are so many milestones in our life that we wait for.

Waiting until we are 16. Waiting until we drive a car. Waiting to be 21 years old. Waiting,,,,, waiting...... waiting~~~~~~ waiting..... it is so NOT fun.

We have been waiting for Kattie's news. Now we got the news that Kattie will be induced next Sunday evening.

Then we wait for Monday to hold the new baby. Then we wait to get the baby and his mom home. Then we wait to be the one to change the diaper. Then we wait for the day we leave the mom and baby. Then we wait to drive to Idaho Falls. Then we wait until the storage is all unloaded. Then we wait until everything is put away, and we are settled. We wait. We wait until the AZ. house is sold. We wait for retirement. We wait to be together.

Then......... we work to make those things happen.


That is the end result of waiting... Work. Four letters WORK.

Work to give birth. Work to learn how to be a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc. Work to drive to the destinations. Work to unload the boxes. Work to put the beds together. Work to get settled.  We Work.

Then we wait again.
Wait to decide.
... what color to paint?
Wait to buy it.
Wait to do it.
Wait for the phone to ring.
Wait for news of the baby.
Wait to rearrange furniture.
Wait for baby and mom to visit.
Wait for the holidays.
Wait for the snow.
Wait for company to arrive.
Wait to open presents.

Then it all changes to WORK.
Buy the
Paint the
Decorate for holiday... work.
Feed and entertain
Put away presents.... work.

Life is made up with two words.


Hummm.... I'm wondering what is the hurry .... to wait and to work.....

I like the saying....
Live for today
.....for tomorrow will be more waiting and working...

Yep. That's life...

It's just like a babies schedule...

Baby's schedule = waiting = work

I wonder why I am waiting and so excited to have the baby born?

Because I like to wait and work.

That's life.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

From me to those men in my life who I cherish!
This is me...
sending you my love!

Happy Fathers Day!

Wait.... I don't know who this is.... I recognize the face however.... it was a man I met in Tennessee last year... and he is someones father...So Happy Father's Day my strange friend....

But where are the guys I was looking for...?

Yeah, this guy is like the best guy ever!  I love him from the moon and stars... the stars you can't see ... yeah, to them and back, about a milllllion times.

He is the Father of my children.
He is the best example they could hope for.
He is patient, kind, loyal, forgiving, honors his priesthood, humours, giving, hard worker, and perfect, in all the ways that matter... He really is... 

He still gives my butterflies in my tummy.

He still takes my breathe away.

He is still the only man to completely understand me, and love me anyway, unconditionally.  Forever.

           This is My Father...and I love him!
He hates to have his picture taken.
He is always saying.... "Tawny, that is enough".  "Put your camera away".

At Christmas time he is a little more patient and will let us take his picture.
It is fun to have cameras with flip down viewing windows and you can aim a camera towards him and sneak a picture and he doesn't know you are going to do it....until the flash goes off... then he says something like, "Tawny, I said no more pictures." 
But I try not to listen to him when he says things like that.
I know he doesn't really mean it.
After all, it isn't life threatening, or something like that, so why should it matter that I take 403 pictures of him.
It shouldn't matter, right?

Yeah, this is my dad, my father, and I worship him.
He is a man of few words, and so when he says something, you can bet I listen.
Doesn't mean I will do what he says, (he learned that a long time ago) but I listen.
What he doesn't know is that I am also remembering.
Then I don't do what he said to do, and I make a mistake, and then I learn that I should have listened!
He is rarely wrong!
I ask him how to fertilize a garden, and he knows the answers.
I ask him how to invest my money, and he admits he doesn' know the answers.
I ask him how he is, and he is always fair to middle'n.

I love to play darts with my dad.
We play it every Christmas.
The best part of darts is listening to dad.
He is always laughing at us. (Why, because we are that bad at darts!)
He makes the funniest little comments under his breathe, when he thinks no one is listening.
Things like... "not a bad throw,  at least the dart didn't go over the fence".
Or maybe something like, "No, you can't stand that close to the target.  That is cheating."
He is always teaching, teasing, and loving us.

He is a good sport.  Even when he wins a casserole dish for a prize.

And to tell the truth, I have eaten a meal at his house and this dish was used to serve our food in.
See, playing darts with dad really pays off.
He feeds you!

So to the Father of my children... Happy Father's Day.
From the deepest depths of my heart!
I love you! N+2

And to the Father of my grandchildren.
Jeff Ritter, I love you!  Thanks for being such an incredible Father.

He is patient and loving, and forgiving... and so much like his Father in law!
I love him.

And to Rich.
Happy Father's Day.
You are the Father of our grandchild...we just don't have the grandchild born yet.... but it still counts...
Happy Father's Day Rich.
So to My Father: Loren
My Children's Father :Varcel
My Grandchildrens Father: Jeff
And Peanuts Father: Rich

Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Baking.... when I am nervous...or worry....

I have to be out of my mind. 
I have to be waiting for a baby to be born.
I have to stay busy, or I will go crazy.
I have so much to do, and no one to organize me.
I have to just.... bake.

Cinnamon Rolls sounded so good today.
I knew I would regret it before I even started it.
It is so hot outside, and inside, too.
It isn't Christmas, or Thanksgiving, or anything special.
So, Why Why Why would I suffer in this heat and bake?

Because when I am nervous, I eat.
And there isn't anything good to eat in this house.
So I baked.
I baked something really good to eat.

I made some without nuts.
I made some with pecans.
I am the only one in my weird family who likes nuts baked in things.
It is because I live with nuts!
If you don't believe me, read Facebook today....
I am shamed.....

But I digress...

So I baked.

And the house was hot,
and I was sweating,
and I was wondering
"what the ____ was I thinking?"

But then the house smelled so good.....

So, while the rolls were cooling I mixed up some Cream Cheese Frosting.
It is so Delicious.
You want to get a spoon and just eat it, spoon full after spoon full.
Forget the cinnamon rolls, just eat the frosting.

That is exactly what a certain "last" daughter did today.
She just couldn't wait until the gooey frosting was laden all over the rolls.
She couldn't wait.
**I couldn't either, but I had the camera..**

And this is what happens when one certain "last" daughter won't wait.

The gooey, lucious, luciously, deliousciously (I am sure those are words) frosting drips off ones fingers.

And there it sits.... waiting to be eaten.

I'll bet you are thinking... "I sure wish I was her neighbor..."
I wish you were my neighbor too.
Because I have 7 of these bad boy trays....
and I would love to share with you!
If you don't help me eat them, who will???
I sound like "The Little Red Hen".
Well, did you help make them?
I thought not.

So, sit back and wish your sweet little life away,
while I pile the sweetness of this gooey, sugary delight, this calorie filled goodness all over the various parts of my body.... yeah.....
That'll show you for not being my neighbor!

There is someone.....
Someone who can't wait....

who is sneaking a roll....

or a bite of a roll.....

whew... it was only a bite...

Whoever it is must be nervous too...
Tired of waiting for a certain "middle sister" to have a baby...
So this person just has to find things to occupy herself...
by eating the fruits of
My Labors!

Leaving evidence of the sneaky little trick...

But, I am not worried.
We have plenty.
Plenty for her and for me and for him.
And for our neighbors.
And for you.
With nuts.
Without nuts.
Yep, there is plenty for everyone.
Everyone, Except...

The one who isn't having her baby!
With her, I am not sharing..
She is making me wait,
and be nervous,
and bake,
and eat,
and it is all her fault!

Nope, no sharing with her.
She has to suffer,
and do other things.

She has to have a baby, and if she hurries, there just might be a little crumb for her to eat when she is done.
But, then again, there might not be.

I really don't think  she has room,
not for even a crumb!!!
Not one crumb!!

Oh, My Gosh!

I am going to go and eat another cinnamon roll....
Now I know why I am nervous.....
and waiting....
and trying to think about how hot it is....
and baking.....
and not think about this!!!!


Why would I think about this?
Why would I be nervous?
Why would I bake?

But she sure is purdy, huh?

There is a Peanut in there.


"Peanut"...can you hear grandma...?

Come Out!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shopping Frenzy

Look at all this stuff!

I bought it today.
I spent $23.95.
I still have $26.00 in Register Rewards Money to spend at Walgreen's.
This is a true Science!

It is worth $232.89!!!
What a savings!

My friend Peggy taught me how to save so much money!
I bought things I would need... toilet paper, shampoo, razors...
But I bought them on Register Rewards from the Walgreen's ad.
And she had some coupons for me to add to the savings.

I got 3 Make Up Removers, 7 Dental Floss,  2 All Laundry Detergent...
9 containers of Shampoo/Conditioner.

I wanted to try a new brand, and so I found a couple today to try.
And I got them for FREE.

Just Look At The Stuff!

Toilet Paper.....12 rolls!!!!
And a potted Tomato Plant... to put in the dirt in Idaho!

These make up removers are the Best!  And they usually sell for around $9.00
I got 3 of them for FREE! 
Because I had 3 coupons and they were on the Register Rewards.

These Razors were FREE!!
They are normally $12.00 each!
Can you believe it!

So, check out your coupons.....
Check out your Walgreen's Ad and the Register Rewards items ....
And then you can be filling up your Years  Food and Stuff Supply.
The neighbors will come to your house for those "hard to find" items when times are tough.
You will have clean hair, your neighbors will covet....
You won't run out of toilet paper... (I don't want to know what your neighbors will use)....

So, the next time I have a niece's husband help me move, I will pay him in razors...
and body wash for men.

Next time my girls have a birthday, they get shampoo and face wash....

Are you catching the spirit of this...

We are saving money..
Yes, it takes a little time to figure it out, but heck, I am not working
so I am glad to save some money since I am home anyway...!

Let me close by giving thanks to Tyia, for her support
And to Peggy for teaching me,
And to my husband for buying me the Sunday Paper,
And all the little people who helped me get to where I am today..

PS.  I am trying to grow out my hair... any coupons out there for hair trim....
my family thinks I have a helmet head.. and hard hats and stuff...
Any suggestions...

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