Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ok already

OK Already!

Tax day was 2 months ago today.
My anniversary, celebrating 41 years of marriage was yesterday.
Let's get this baby here...... soon.
My calendar is filling up.

I am meeting a dear friend at Walgreen's to Coupon Shop at 2:00 today.
I am doing up all the laundry today.
I am surfing designers blogs..... that is really important today.

I am writing cards to friends today.
I am filling 2 more boxes today.
The studio must get more organized today...we are out of time there!

I should wash my hair to day.
I should fix a good dinner for my man today.
I should have my bags packed to travel to SD and IF.
I should be a little grateful we are enjoying 100degrees + some today.

But what I want is....
drum roll..........

Kattie to have her baby on Thursday.

I am too busy until then.

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