Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Diva

This is Sadie.

Sadie is "The City Dog".

She likes to be indoors.
She likes to be next to her momma every second.

Sadie likes her snuggles.
She gets lots of snuggles.
I don't know who likes them more Sadie, or her momma.

Sadie is a Diva!

She likes to sit on her mommas lap vs. the grass.
If there is carpet or a rug, Sadie will park her little behind on it.
Her bottom doesn't touch cold kitchen tile, or cold patio cement
She likes soft.
Her favorite pillow is an orange fuzzy pillow.  That is her throne!
If another dog guest sits on her pillow she isn't happy.

She pouts.

She's a Diva.

Sadie likes to play beauty Shop.
She gets regular grooming at the real beauty shop and from her grandma.
She likes her long eyelashes.
Sadie is a Diva!
Sadie is all Girl..

Sadie is a barker, and keeps everyone aware if a human walks on the sidewalk.
She lets us know if the neighbors are in their yard.
She Tells us if she is hungry.
Sadie is a Diva with attitude.
And as sweet as can be!!

We love Sadie!

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  1. How Sweet! We had a dog named Sadie. She was a cocker and Harley's best friend. Jim went to a car interior shop today to check about getting his car seat fixed. There in front of him was a little Harley puppy.. He said it looked exactly like her and he immediately started crying. He held her for awhile until he could pull it together enough to talk. Man, I miss her still! Hope you are doing well.. I miss you.


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