Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shopping Frenzy

Look at all this stuff!

I bought it today.
I spent $23.95.
I still have $26.00 in Register Rewards Money to spend at Walgreen's.
This is a true Science!

It is worth $232.89!!!
What a savings!

My friend Peggy taught me how to save so much money!
I bought things I would need... toilet paper, shampoo, razors...
But I bought them on Register Rewards from the Walgreen's ad.
And she had some coupons for me to add to the savings.

I got 3 Make Up Removers, 7 Dental Floss,  2 All Laundry Detergent...
9 containers of Shampoo/Conditioner.

I wanted to try a new brand, and so I found a couple today to try.
And I got them for FREE.

Just Look At The Stuff!

Toilet Paper.....12 rolls!!!!
And a potted Tomato Plant... to put in the dirt in Idaho!

These make up removers are the Best!  And they usually sell for around $9.00
I got 3 of them for FREE! 
Because I had 3 coupons and they were on the Register Rewards.

These Razors were FREE!!
They are normally $12.00 each!
Can you believe it!

So, check out your coupons.....
Check out your Walgreen's Ad and the Register Rewards items ....
And then you can be filling up your Years  Food and Stuff Supply.
The neighbors will come to your house for those "hard to find" items when times are tough.
You will have clean hair, your neighbors will covet....
You won't run out of toilet paper... (I don't want to know what your neighbors will use)....

So, the next time I have a niece's husband help me move, I will pay him in razors...
and body wash for men.

Next time my girls have a birthday, they get shampoo and face wash....

Are you catching the spirit of this...

We are saving money..
Yes, it takes a little time to figure it out, but heck, I am not working
so I am glad to save some money since I am home anyway...!

Let me close by giving thanks to Tyia, for her support
And to Peggy for teaching me,
And to my husband for buying me the Sunday Paper,
And all the little people who helped me get to where I am today..

PS.  I am trying to grow out my hair... any coupons out there for hair trim....
my family thinks I have a helmet head.. and hard hats and stuff...
Any suggestions...


  1. I want the makeup removers and razors for my birthday not body wash and shampoos :-) hahahaha! Great job MOM! I can't wait until Peggy teaches me! :D

  2. That was the weirdest infomercial/testimony/used-car-salesman thing I've ever seen bahahahahaha


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