Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

From me to those men in my life who I cherish!
This is me...
sending you my love!

Happy Fathers Day!

Wait.... I don't know who this is.... I recognize the face however.... it was a man I met in Tennessee last year... and he is someones father...So Happy Father's Day my strange friend....

But where are the guys I was looking for...?

Yeah, this guy is like the best guy ever!  I love him from the moon and stars... the stars you can't see ... yeah, to them and back, about a milllllion times.

He is the Father of my children.
He is the best example they could hope for.
He is patient, kind, loyal, forgiving, honors his priesthood, humours, giving, hard worker, and perfect, in all the ways that matter... He really is... 

He still gives my butterflies in my tummy.

He still takes my breathe away.

He is still the only man to completely understand me, and love me anyway, unconditionally.  Forever.

           This is My Father...and I love him!
He hates to have his picture taken.
He is always saying.... "Tawny, that is enough".  "Put your camera away".

At Christmas time he is a little more patient and will let us take his picture.
It is fun to have cameras with flip down viewing windows and you can aim a camera towards him and sneak a picture and he doesn't know you are going to do it....until the flash goes off... then he says something like, "Tawny, I said no more pictures." 
But I try not to listen to him when he says things like that.
I know he doesn't really mean it.
After all, it isn't life threatening, or something like that, so why should it matter that I take 403 pictures of him.
It shouldn't matter, right?

Yeah, this is my dad, my father, and I worship him.
He is a man of few words, and so when he says something, you can bet I listen.
Doesn't mean I will do what he says, (he learned that a long time ago) but I listen.
What he doesn't know is that I am also remembering.
Then I don't do what he said to do, and I make a mistake, and then I learn that I should have listened!
He is rarely wrong!
I ask him how to fertilize a garden, and he knows the answers.
I ask him how to invest my money, and he admits he doesn' know the answers.
I ask him how he is, and he is always fair to middle'n.

I love to play darts with my dad.
We play it every Christmas.
The best part of darts is listening to dad.
He is always laughing at us. (Why, because we are that bad at darts!)
He makes the funniest little comments under his breathe, when he thinks no one is listening.
Things like... "not a bad throw,  at least the dart didn't go over the fence".
Or maybe something like, "No, you can't stand that close to the target.  That is cheating."
He is always teaching, teasing, and loving us.

He is a good sport.  Even when he wins a casserole dish for a prize.

And to tell the truth, I have eaten a meal at his house and this dish was used to serve our food in.
See, playing darts with dad really pays off.
He feeds you!

So to the Father of my children... Happy Father's Day.
From the deepest depths of my heart!
I love you! N+2

And to the Father of my grandchildren.
Jeff Ritter, I love you!  Thanks for being such an incredible Father.

He is patient and loving, and forgiving... and so much like his Father in law!
I love him.

And to Rich.
Happy Father's Day.
You are the Father of our grandchild...we just don't have the grandchild born yet.... but it still counts...
Happy Father's Day Rich.
So to My Father: Loren
My Children's Father :Varcel
My Grandchildrens Father: Jeff
And Peanuts Father: Rich

Happy Father's Day!

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