Friday, June 11, 2010


It seems like just yesterday I got the news of a baby coming to our family.

It was on Thanksgiving day.  I was busy cooking.  The house was full of people.  Kattie wore a special T-shirt.  It was one she had made herself.  That is how she made the announcement.

The tee-shirt doesn't look the same on her now.  It has a tummy inside of it.

We had her shower.

And the months have passed by quickly.

She has washed and folded the baby clothes... yes, she is ready.

We have the Pack 'n Play ready. Yes, we are ready.

All these months later, she is ready.

She is ripe.  She is uncomfortable.  She is due.
She has leveled out her Gestational Diabetic condition, and has good numbers most of the time now.
Her contracting tummy is now free to accomplish something... she no longer needs medicine to stop labor.

But, I have to wonder if I am ready?
We took this picture just a few months ago.  Where has the time gone.
I knew this baby would grow, and he would come.....

Have I taught her everything she needs to know to be a mother?  Is she ready to give up her independence and her freedom and take on this task?  Does she realize this is FOREVER?  I wonder if she is fully aware of the emotional changes that are taking place, not just the physical changes...?  Is she ready?

Of course she isn't.  None of were.  Women give birth everyday, and most of them have healthy babies.  Babies, who in spite of their mothers, grow up.  This little baby is no different.  In spite of the mom, the dad, the grandparents, the family and the friends, and the environment, this baby will develop his own personality.  He will show his independence, just like his mom.  And I will love every moment, every memory, every thing about this journey.

I look forward to watching, and being a part of this little boys life.  I am waiting.... waiting..... please say goodbye to your heavenly friends, and come and join us on this earth for this adventure.... we are waiting.  We love you, we are ready for you. 

We are waiting for you.



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  1. Patience my dear Tawyna! I still have 4 1/2 months before my little angel gets here! How did you survive? LOL I'm so excited for you! Keep us all posted! Miss ya!


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