Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baby's schedule = waiting = work

All babies have their own schedule.

I know this. I have given birth, I know they come early, and late. I have been there, done that.
I have the tee shirt!

But it doesn't make the waiting any easier.

It is like knowing we will all have to do somethings in our life that we have to wait for. Wait for the wedding day. Wait for the new oven to be delivered. Waiting for the magazine in the mail. Waiting until our favorite store has a coupon we need. Waiting until we can lift that weight we have trained for. Waiting for the marathon we will run. Waiting for our husband to come back home after he has been gone on a long trip.

There are so many milestones in our life that we wait for.

Waiting until we are 16. Waiting until we drive a car. Waiting to be 21 years old. Waiting,,,,, waiting...... waiting~~~~~~ waiting..... it is so NOT fun.

We have been waiting for Kattie's news. Now we got the news that Kattie will be induced next Sunday evening.

Then we wait for Monday to hold the new baby. Then we wait to get the baby and his mom home. Then we wait to be the one to change the diaper. Then we wait for the day we leave the mom and baby. Then we wait to drive to Idaho Falls. Then we wait until the storage is all unloaded. Then we wait until everything is put away, and we are settled. We wait. We wait until the AZ. house is sold. We wait for retirement. We wait to be together.

Then......... we work to make those things happen.


That is the end result of waiting... Work. Four letters WORK.

Work to give birth. Work to learn how to be a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc. Work to drive to the destinations. Work to unload the boxes. Work to put the beds together. Work to get settled.  We Work.

Then we wait again.
Wait to decide.
... what color to paint?
Wait to buy it.
Wait to do it.
Wait for the phone to ring.
Wait for news of the baby.
Wait to rearrange furniture.
Wait for baby and mom to visit.
Wait for the holidays.
Wait for the snow.
Wait for company to arrive.
Wait to open presents.

Then it all changes to WORK.
Buy the
Paint the
Decorate for holiday... work.
Feed and entertain
Put away presents.... work.

Life is made up with two words.


Hummm.... I'm wondering what is the hurry .... to wait and to work.....

I like the saying....
Live for today
.....for tomorrow will be more waiting and working...

Yep. That's life...

It's just like a babies schedule...

Baby's schedule = waiting = work

I wonder why I am waiting and so excited to have the baby born?

Because I like to wait and work.

That's life.

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