Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bloggers who make art.... my bff

Bloggers are special people.

Artist Bloggers are the best late night entertainment.

Give away things by these artists are even the best of the best.....

Check out:

It is great.

Then, when you have about 3 weeks with nothing to do, you have to follow the Where Women Create, hosted by Karen Valentine. 

I have been droollllliiinnnggg for many late nights as I look at some wonderful studios of artists....
Go to

Scroll down the page and watch on the right side bar... you will see a list of hundreds of studios to snoop in.

I have found great peace and comfort window peeking in these studios.... while moving, birthing babies, and all that is going on now in my life.  It is a great escape for me.

Have a wonderful time.... pour a diet coke, get a cookie and enjoy!

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