Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Kattie

In Australia it is a day ahead of our day.  So, although it is April 9 in the USA, it is April 10 in Australia.  So.......


Ten favorite things about Kattie:

1.  You were my smallest baby  I gave birth to.
      6 hours after you were born I walked down to the nursery to see you.  The nurses didn't like it.

2.  You are the quietest of the 4 children I have brought into this world.
     You have a soft voice. You whisper more than anyone.

3.  You have courage! 
     You aren't afraid to try new things.  Like move to the East Coast, or another continent!

4.  You have a quiet sense of humor.
     I don't know of any other mother who uses their baby as a foose ball, ping, ping.
     You don't care if I don't know how to spell foose ball....loose/foose, whatever!

5.  You love different ingredients to cook with.
     You experiment and taste new seasonings and make the dish "your own".

6.  You can light up a room with your smile.
     I have never known a day with you, that your smile hasn't warmed my heart.

7.  You aren't afraid to dream.
     "But, I want to be a butterfly".  "Mom, I need a costume for the school talent show".

8.  You are the middle child and made the best of it.
     You are best friends with all your siblings.  Each one of them love to be with you.  You love always!

9.  You entertain your guests with style.
     Your home is so welcoming.  We all feel loved and spoiled when we stay with you.

10. You are Asher's Mom.
      You share your most valued possession with us all.  You let him explore, learn, and get dirty.  Both you and Asher love learning new things together. You let me hold him more than you hold him!  You are so in tune with what he is doing and what he is learning.  You are a great mom!

Happy Birthday my darling! 

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