Friday, June 18, 2010

Baking.... when I am nervous...or worry....

I have to be out of my mind. 
I have to be waiting for a baby to be born.
I have to stay busy, or I will go crazy.
I have so much to do, and no one to organize me.
I have to just.... bake.

Cinnamon Rolls sounded so good today.
I knew I would regret it before I even started it.
It is so hot outside, and inside, too.
It isn't Christmas, or Thanksgiving, or anything special.
So, Why Why Why would I suffer in this heat and bake?

Because when I am nervous, I eat.
And there isn't anything good to eat in this house.
So I baked.
I baked something really good to eat.

I made some without nuts.
I made some with pecans.
I am the only one in my weird family who likes nuts baked in things.
It is because I live with nuts!
If you don't believe me, read Facebook today....
I am shamed.....

But I digress...

So I baked.

And the house was hot,
and I was sweating,
and I was wondering
"what the ____ was I thinking?"

But then the house smelled so good.....

So, while the rolls were cooling I mixed up some Cream Cheese Frosting.
It is so Delicious.
You want to get a spoon and just eat it, spoon full after spoon full.
Forget the cinnamon rolls, just eat the frosting.

That is exactly what a certain "last" daughter did today.
She just couldn't wait until the gooey frosting was laden all over the rolls.
She couldn't wait.
**I couldn't either, but I had the camera..**

And this is what happens when one certain "last" daughter won't wait.

The gooey, lucious, luciously, deliousciously (I am sure those are words) frosting drips off ones fingers.

And there it sits.... waiting to be eaten.

I'll bet you are thinking... "I sure wish I was her neighbor..."
I wish you were my neighbor too.
Because I have 7 of these bad boy trays....
and I would love to share with you!
If you don't help me eat them, who will???
I sound like "The Little Red Hen".
Well, did you help make them?
I thought not.

So, sit back and wish your sweet little life away,
while I pile the sweetness of this gooey, sugary delight, this calorie filled goodness all over the various parts of my body.... yeah.....
That'll show you for not being my neighbor!

There is someone.....
Someone who can't wait....

who is sneaking a roll....

or a bite of a roll.....

whew... it was only a bite...

Whoever it is must be nervous too...
Tired of waiting for a certain "middle sister" to have a baby...
So this person just has to find things to occupy herself...
by eating the fruits of
My Labors!

Leaving evidence of the sneaky little trick...

But, I am not worried.
We have plenty.
Plenty for her and for me and for him.
And for our neighbors.
And for you.
With nuts.
Without nuts.
Yep, there is plenty for everyone.
Everyone, Except...

The one who isn't having her baby!
With her, I am not sharing..
She is making me wait,
and be nervous,
and bake,
and eat,
and it is all her fault!

Nope, no sharing with her.
She has to suffer,
and do other things.

She has to have a baby, and if she hurries, there just might be a little crumb for her to eat when she is done.
But, then again, there might not be.

I really don't think  she has room,
not for even a crumb!!!
Not one crumb!!

Oh, My Gosh!

I am going to go and eat another cinnamon roll....
Now I know why I am nervous.....
and waiting....
and trying to think about how hot it is....
and baking.....
and not think about this!!!!


Why would I think about this?
Why would I be nervous?
Why would I bake?

But she sure is purdy, huh?

There is a Peanut in there.


"Peanut"...can you hear grandma...?

Come Out!!!

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  1. Someday, somehow, you will remember that i ADORE nuts in and on everything too. So please save me a roll with the peacans!!!! Oh, it has been well over a decade, if not TWO, since i had the guilty pleasure of devouring a bodacious bun!!! Once he is here, and i'm free and clear of this gestational diabetes saga, i call dibs. I call dibs on the rolls you slaved over, in the heat, to pass the time. I swear i can smell them right now!!! Ohhhh, luckies!!! I love you mom, and nuts. :) xoxo


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