Thursday, October 7, 2010

We Have Worms

It poured rain last night!  Poured I tell you!  Poured!
We had thunder and lightening to go with it.
It was a great storm.
The kind of storm I love.

I layed in my bed and listened to the rain pound on my house.
I let my two girls, Zoey and Ivy sleep with me, so they wouldn't be afraid.
We cuddled. We talked. We finally slept.

Then I woke up to blue skies and sunshine.  Of course there was sunshine, it was nearly 8:00 am. The sun is up by then.

I hurried and got dressed. I could hardly wait to go outside and smell the fresh air. When I opened the door, I was not disappointed.  It smelled spectacular. So clean and fresh.

I walked around to the side of the house to see if my new trees were still standing.
Before I got to the trees my attention had gone south, as in down to my feet.

I saw worms....lots of worms....night crawler type worms....

They were every where.  I don't know where they came from, and I don't know where they were going.  But I was going to make sure they went where I wanted them to go.

I called my sweet daughter, who does lots of things for me, to come and see.  She was as surprised as I was to see so many on the asphalt.  Why weren't they hanging out in the lawn?

We had to gather them.  I picked up dozens, and she picked up dozens.

It made me think of that song:
No body likes me, everybody hates me, I guess I'll go eat worms.
Big ones, little ones, skinny ones, fat ones,
Any old kind that squirms........

These made me think of Dr. Shelley.  He likes that song.  We both know the words to that song.  We have sung it together.  On insane days at work one tends to find new things to intertain ourselves.  He and I were great at entertaining each other......  I miss him.

But I have a compost, and it is getting pretty full with our trash that goes into a compost.  You know the trash I mean?  I have lettuce, egg shells, carrot tops, potato skins, cucumber skins, rotten zucchini, ... yeah, stuff like that.. It makes the best compost trash.  Even shredded paper can be added.  Did you know that?

You never put meat products or dairy products (like milk, sour cream, etc) into a compost.  Just stuff that will compose to good ole' everyday healthy soil. 

Yes, thanks for asking, yes, just like in Twilight.  When the kids went on the bus with their Science teacher and he took them to see plants, and he introduced them to compost tea....Yes.  Just like that.

My Compost came from Sam's Club.  It was pretty cheap.  We have it to the side of our house, but where the sun can get on it when the temperatures drop, and it will stay warm.  When it is warm the contents will decompose quickly.  Besides, it is handy there to take our "treasures" to be added.

A compost will make its own heat, as well.  Things stay warm and rot just wonderfully. And the worms just lay in all that food and eat.  That is their entire reason for living.  Just to eat.  I can identify with a worm.

So, today, our freshly picked worms got lifted from the grimmy asphalt and placed carefully into the compost.  They will eat like kings and queens there.  They will eat all the rubbish I have been collecting for them.  They will eat and eat and get very full.  Then they will poop.  It is the poop I am wanting.  That is what makes such good dirt.  Yep,.... I am making dirt!

So, today, I harvested worms.  I found a new home for them.  They will love me forever.  They will never know  hunger again.  They will never be eaten by a bird, or run over by a car, or drown in a puddle.  They are safe in  their new home.  They love their new home.  I heard them planning on decorating.  I think the lacy edges of the lettuce will be window treatments.  The carrots will be made into sofas.  They are creative little things, my new worms.

So, in a few years, when I am growing a garden, and entering food in the Eastern Idaho State Fair, and I win blue ribbons, I will remember to give thanks and show gratitude to my little worms.

PS.  Today, the mail man delivered 1,000 red worms for my compost.  I ordered them on line about a week ago.  Before it rained here, before I knew I could pick worms from my driveway.  Yeah, I had 1,000 delivered today.  Why do you ask?  It is necessary for my compost.  Somebody has to eat all that rotten gross food!

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