Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November, already?

Finally, the month I have been waiting for.  Yep, just like I waited for October and September.  But .......... November this year, which is different from other years, is it the sign of the end. 
The end of my husbands job. 
A sign we have had in our sites for several years, and now it is here.

There are many ends we all face.
End of a life.  No one looks forward to that one.
End of a day. I actually look forward to that some days, and dread it on other days.
End of the week.  Who doesn't like weekends?
End of the milk.  That just means another trip to the store, but do-able.
End of the thread.  That never happens at a good time when I am sewing.
End of the meal.  That means I am well fed and happy. I like being filled and be full.
End of the month.  Meaning this year October ended.
Beautifully.  Beautifully.  Beautifully. Beautifully.  Beautifully. Beautifully.

My sweet middle daughter enjoys nature as much as anyone I know.
She notices the slugs or snails on a sidewalk just as much now as she did when she was a little girl.
She shares the Idaho sunsets with me almost everyday.

On Halloween night we had a spectacular sunset.
We didn't expect it.  It was cold and a little windy and the sky was clearing from the days rain.
But when the sun set, we grabbed our cameras, shoes (not a coat) and went outside.

The colors were as gorgeous as ever.
Every sunset is different.
And different as the months pass.
But this one was really really special.

Yes, it was an end of the month.
The end of a day.
Nearing the end of fall.
And nearing the end of my daughters visit.  I dread when the last day is here for her and the baby.

I'm crying.

When she arrived she was not a blond anymore.  Since she has been here she has gone a little darker in her hair.  And she tells me she will be going darker yet.  I really like it.  She looks gorgeous.  But, really, when doesn't she.  Am I a mother and a little bit bias?  Could be.  But is is in the eye of the beholder, right?

Where are the Kleenex? 

I have loved sharing my little piece of the world with her.  Letting her get a taste of rural.  Seeing the colors.  Shopping in Thrift Stores and finding treasures....lots of treasures.

Eating healthy fresh tasty foods.  Cooking yummy meals.  Being satisfied with how we feel.

Even getting some crafts done.

Yep, I will need medication when I have to take her and that darling baby to the airport.....

I just have to keep my eye on the ball....so to speak... and remember..............................................
My Darling Husband will be with me in 9 more days!!!!!!

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  1. What a beautiful sunset.... almost Arizonaish, maybe better! I saw Varce in church last week. He was so excited to be back home with you. I still miss you and know what it's like to have a sweet grandbaby go far away. But he will take part of your heart with him, and leave some behind to warm yours. Hugs, and merry Fall.


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