Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You Know You Are In Idaho...when....

There is a saying in Idaho.... "If you don't like the weather, just wait 30 minutes".

It is true.

I can prove it.

Yesterday morning my DH and I headed to Pocatello.  It is about 50 miles south of Idaho Falls.  But that is the closest Cost Co.  We have a Sam's Club in IF, but I miss Cost Co.  So, we took off on an outing.

The first main road to drive on from our house to the Interstate is Sunnyside Road.  This is it!
The snow was huge flakes.  Wet.  Beautiful.

It wasn't long until the trees were gathering the fresh wet snow on their branches.
The sidewalks were covered within minutes.
The roads became slushy.

We were only about 25 miles down the road when we came to the end of the storm.
The cloud simply STOPPED.
It was weird.

In one mile this is what we saw....the Blackfoot Reservoir.

There was not exactly sparkling water and sunny skies, but the storm wasn't here.
It was just dry earth.
No snow or rain.
There was wind.
The sun was just starting to peek out from behind the clouds.

We continued on to our destination and did our shopping and headed home.
Three hours had passed.
The weather had remained the same where we were.
No snow...only scattered clouds.

Then we headed home.
It was apparent where the storm had been.
This is my "Taylor Mountain", which I love.
I think I have shared with you about learning how to ski on Taylor Mountain...many moons ago.

The elevation of the storm was obvious.
The foothills and mountains were white and beautiful.
The grass was still green a little lower down.

The wind had been blowing quite hard in the morning, but at sunset it had nearly stopped.
The clouds were still hanging around, but all the morning snow had melted on the grass.

The sunset was spectacular.

This is from my dining room window.
No, I am not a chicken to go outside.
But, I am no fool either.
It was pretty chilly and still a little windy.
Enough to keep me inside.

So, just remember when you come to Idaho:
Dress in layers.
Plan for all conditions and weather.
Get out and enjoy it, no matter what it is.

I just love being here.
I love the variety.
I love the fresh clean air.
I love day-light savings time.
I love going to bed earlier.

I even love the snow.....quite a lot!!!

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  1. Thanks for the road trip mom! That was cool. :-) And it's a good thing you like snow cuz you have a whopper of a storm this weekend. Can't wait to see the new pics!! Love ya!


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