Friday, November 5, 2010

November 5th It Is Sring

Traditionally, in Idaho, in November, the human species should be wearing jackets, sometimes snow boots, the very least a hoodie.  Not this year.  We have spring! We are in the 60 degrees range again today.

In the spring strong men roto till their gardens.

Well, this year, strong men roto till their gardens in the fall - again.

You remember Kenny and Norman.
They are the neighborhood "hood".
And our gardeners and slaves.
We women stay far away from this project.
It is the guys world....
They are using big strong tools which require knowledge of filling with gas, and a start and stop button.
Things we women would rather not learn.

You remember Norman during the summer working along side of Kenny.
Remember the big shovel?

Yes, this is the one.
I think Norman does a good job leaning into the work, don't you?
He has good posture (for a man his age)  .
Ouch, Norman, don't hit!
I'll tell on you!

Yeah, just look at him.
He is still leaning....into his work.
He is giving Kenny the instructions to the proper use of the roto tiller.
Norman is telling Kenny how important it is to dig slightly deeper than it was dug last time.

I think Kenny already knows that.
He is kind of a quiet guy and won't argue.
He just keeps his eye on the dirt and slowly guides the roto tiller through the dirt, compost and grass clippings.

Ugh!  Norman found a rock.
Or he is "mooning" me.

I wonder if I should go point out all the weeds in the park to him...
I can't believe he hasn't noticed them.

I am hiding inside the house and they don't know I am gathering espionage material on them.
I am sneaky like that.

I am sure Norman is saying "Att'a boy Kenny.  You are doing great!  Keep it up.  You have many more rows to do, so keep your head down and keep going." 

I think I heard Kenny sigh.

Norman!  Really.  Halloween is OVER.

He just doesn't want to "crack" me up!

These two guys are great aren't they?
They want to remind me the joke is on me.
I am stuck inside the house, babysitting and they are outside getting Vitamin D.

Well, I am glad they are.
I will love the community garden and park.

They are hard working men and such nice men.
They look out for me.
They always smile and say "hi" and ask if I need anything.......
I don't mind that they start to walk away before I finish my list...

Next week there will be 3 men out there getting Vitamin D.

By then they could be shoveling snow!
So, dudes, enjoy the tee shirts cuz it ain't gonn'a last :) :) :)

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