Monday, November 22, 2010

#3 Joins the Gang

I have introduced you to our neighbors Norman and Kenny.  While my DH has been MIA these two men have been watching out for me.  I showed you pictures of Kenny tilling up the community garden, while Norman watched him do it.  That is just how these guys are.  Always doing something.  Well, my DH is #3 and he has joined the "men's club".

You can tell I was spying out of my bay window at these two.  The blurry part is the blinds, sorry about that.  But it is the faces I want you to see.  Just look at my DH.  He is SO serious.  I think they were talking about the wind.  It is apparent that this day the wind was blowing.  We had gusts up to 40 mph.  That is enough to mess with your hair..

But these two guys had been in the "shop".  Kenny needed some plastic.  It seems he has a water leak in their basement.  Somehow the rain and melting snow is coming in and he is trying to figure out a way to prevent it from continuing.  So, these two buddies are solving the worlds problems...... and their own.  They are really discussing it with gusto. 

I love watching men.  They are so different from women.  They are men.  And they do things in a different way.  Even if it is just talking to one another.  They don't interrupt.  They listen.  While one is listening they give support and validation to the talker.  I enjoy watching men.  The way they stand, the hands in the pockets.  You know what I mean.....

So, I am glad #3 has joined the pack.  I know these 3 men will change the outcome of the world. (At least my world).  They will do great and marvelous things.  Kenny and DH are both retired.  Only good things can happen when men retire and have a buddy to hang out with.

Kenny fishes.  DH fishes.
Kenny works with wood.  DH has a shop and ever tool known to mankind.
Kenny likes to make things.  DH will make things, too.

The world will stay on its proper rotation now that #3 is here and joined the pack.

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  1. You give a whole new meaning to "hunts man" hee hee hee. Stalker :D


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