Thursday, November 4, 2010

Favorite Artist

I have a Favorite Artist.

I have loved and collected his paintings for years..... well, not his original paintings, I can't afford those.
But I have a drawer full of his work as a reproduction on paper.

I have a big framed picture that I am waiting for my DH to help me decide where to put it.

But, I want you to love the work of this artist as much as I do.
He paints my life, and my love of this country.

His name is Robert Duncan.

Robert Duncan has a studio in Midway, Utah.  I have been there.  I bought note cards and stationary.

But every year I get one of his calendars.
The pictures on his calendars are big enough to frame.

Robert Duncan captures my world as I grew up.
I grew up living around cows, and fishing, and wildlife.
Chickens and fresh eggs, and farms, and streams.
We had gardens and flowers and kitchens were the heart of the home.

Where I grew up, there was a railroad.  It went right through our little village.
I loved the whistle of the train.  To this day, I stop and listen when I hear a train whistle.

We used to climb on the back of the sofa and look out the high window in the living room and watch the train go past.  All of my brothers and sisters loved the train as much as I did.

I would lay in bed at night, downstairs, where it was cold, and I had 4 quilts on my little body, and wouldn't go to sleep until I heard the train go through town.

I remember one time my brothers had just got some gold fish.  They loved them.  They shared everything with them.  Including the train.  The problem with sharing the train with the fish was-the fish needed to stay in their bowl to be shown the train.  My little brothers didn't know that.  They got the wet squiggly fish out of the water and held them up to the window to watch the train.  The fish were not safe.  They didn't make it through the night.  But I think the bottle of perfume the boys poured into the bowl of water had something to do with that, as well.

Robert Duncan knows about painting things like that.  He knows children.  He understands mothers, and grandparents.  His paintings hit the center of my heart!

Robert Duncan understands the weather and the seasons.  He gives us the best of all of it.
He shares with us the love of families.
He understands moods, and needs. 
He paints them better than any other artist that I know.
He has a softness to his work.  But clarity in the message.

When you see his paintings or pictures, you can feel and hear the snow crunch under the snow boots.
You can hear the children sniff because they have cold noses.
You can hear the animals breath, and see the breath in the cold air.
You can feel the heat of the hides on the horses and cows and down feathers of the geese.

Nature and family...........that is the theme of his work.

Go to and order your calendar today.
If you are lucky enough to live by Porter's in Idaho Falls, they have them.

Robert Duncan has a new one out this year. 
I can not wait 7 more days to share it with my DH.
He will be here in 7 more days...... JUMPING WITH JOY!

So, until my DH arrives, I am swooning over the talents of Robert Duncan.
I hope you will check out his work.

And may it bring you the joys of your memories, the Love of your family, and the desire to slow your life down, just a little, and smell the roses.

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